"Kalina Krasnaya" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

What Whatever wrote Vasily Shukshin, which he created, is always passed through a censor author of conscience and demands that the output we get a brilliantly polished material. That film 'Kalina red' - the result of this selectivity. Not only that, he gathered the best actors, so also shown real life stories. See Shukshin movie for me - it's great fun, and the work of the soul. No word as clear and close to his characters as pleasant humor and expensive every word. Zaplutali people seeking hope and finds it in a simple village woman, the one for whom he changes everything, all his thieves to remove. Heroes Shukshina someone may seem ridiculous or incomprehensible. But this is a real characters, the ones that live among us. Kalina Krasnaya, birch - symbols of Russia. And her soul - the people. SHukshin is very loved his people and once again showed little story of one man, ne'er-do entangled, but such a pure soul that just want to howl. How?! Why ?!
amazing emotional, honest and profound film. SHukshin was able to lift it over time - we still look and compassion for the lost restless human soul, even though we live in a completely different time. Painting highly and so when this is authentic, that chronicle actually shot and played skillfully episodes are inseparable from each other. There is nothing complicated about the heroes 'Kalina red' - surprisingly easy their words are simple things, but for everyone - the universe, the soul space immense and unknown. And, of course, Russia, with its vastness, songs, poignant and undying compassion to all beings. That's why this film is included in a variety of men's hearts, if not noticing raid cynicism, and other realities, behind which we hide their true selves. After Egor Prokudin moving, lose yourself man, but he seemed a part of each of us and in the same way as we strive to live in a strange, wrong, but no less beloved world.
According to the general impression, in spite of the tragic denouement, the film leaves a light show and inspirational feelings. Why? My answer to that question is - a man whom he had not been in the past, is always able to make a choice in each case to the side of evil or good. To a man could show the best human qualities, other people (in this case, Luba, her relatives and villagers) can also create the conditions for each other by example of life, their attitude - an understanding, magnanimity, true love
In. film 'Kalina red' - special atmosphere. The film is very vital, realistic. Hero Basil Shukshin, Egor - it does not 'screw the system', it is a living person. He would be happy to live like human beings, but it is - 'do not fit', 'not fit', or something ... any criminal world or in 'normal life'. But - there is hope, he meets the woman he loves. He wants for her, really - to start a new life. And this without pathos, without any lofty phrases, promises. And, on the contrary, it turns out very naturally. Egor at first he did not even know - he will return to the village or not. And back, because I just - drawn; he really wants to. Temporary 'holiday' is not satisfied, the soul asks for something completely different. And it starts - a very different life. But the past is inexorably pursued, the former 'mates' do not want to let him go to another, a normal life. They themselves are still the 'Overboard' everyday life and they do not like his desire to break out of this vicious circle ...
The film raises questions about the choice of their place in the world and society, on how to build their lives. Just - of life itself. This movie, like this man embodied in itself the essence of the Russian soul. It has everything -. The pain, the breadth, the passion, the ability unusually strong love and suffer This movie tells about the difficult fate of man. The film was shot in 1973, back in the year, but like many others is the "film of all time." You look, and tears veiled eyes. So this film is humane and peace. With what awe and compassion we observe the fate of the main characters. After all, where affected by human emotions, pain, unsayable, there is always a place of empathy. Vasily Shukshin failed and was good to reveal the internal transformation of the person.
Have fun! This film is a priceless treasure of the Soviet cinema, and the glory of the Lord, that he was created, and we have the opportunity to enjoy this piece, soak it, to know and love. A low bow to you Vasyl Kravchuk for this masterpiece.
10 of 10
PS 'Yes-ah ... shuffled like!' ...

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