"Kalina Krasnaya" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

A screen adaptation of the novel by Vasily Shukshin ' Kalina red ', set by the author of the book, interested, affected and was loved by many generations of Soviet and now - and the Russian people. We have to admit that since childhood, nurturing love and weakness in Soviet films, works of similar Shukshin and Gaidai people, no, no, yes, and see some good old Soviet films, giving thus preference to foreign or modern paintings of this genre . At school and classes on literature were known to me the glorious name of Shukshin, I knew firsthand about his works, as well as similar impersonation in filmmaking.
' Kalina red ' for the first time looked, unfortunately, not as desired or the call of the heart, but because of having to go through the school curriculum of the domestic writers in 20 threads. However, when he saw a picture once, I could not forget her ever, still trying and wanting to look, to see, to watch this great movie Basil Shukshin, delivered based on the original story written by him. Bright, informative and quite convincing film came out, revealing the problem and the lack of the Soviet, indeed, any other society - honesty, correctness of the lives of the human race, interrupted robbery, banditstvom and violence, which does not seem to eradicate from this mortal world forever, but ...
got hold of this, at first glance, a simple, but a three-dimensional and moving to the core, the story of the life of the Russian peasant, about the life of the Soviet citizen, in fact, is no different from hundreds and thousands of the same people, I poisti not carried away, interested, and now nasegodnya, hard work Shukshin loved his films and written works that look or read vzapoy, not looking up and more and more interested.
So what makes the main character ' Kalina red ', Egor' Mount 'Prokudina from others? Perhaps the knowledge that he - a former thief and jailbird, or maybe just the fact that he has a stamp in the passport of incurred criminal responsibility for old past? But be that as it may, this wonderful, interesting and apparently nice man, after incurring penalties for their actions, decides to fully start a new life - to return to their homeland, to live happily ever after, so good ever after, tying with a criminal record and his friends. Especially, and found a penfriend - lonely, but so sweet, noticeable and very kind woman, who also do not mind a familiarity with Egor Prokudin, bygone, but not the current thief
Yeah, like, life is getting better., becoming clearer and lighter than previously thought dark future, but ... old buddies Egor find and try to get him back in the swamp of infidelity, filth and dirt. By all means Egor, known among his ' Woe', tries to tie, to end its shameful past and low, but not so simple - the world will not let anyone of his strong, sinewy arms. End of whether it, or just start ?!
seriously affected and more than an exciting story just could not pass by me without prompting reflection and giving due this wise and very intelligent man, taught life - Vasily Shukshin. This and many of his works take the raw honesty, sincerity and truthfulness - is a lot of unrealistic TELL? Is such events do not occur in our lives? Yes, themes and ideas raised in the novels and stories Shukshin quite informative and worth repeated study and periodic review in order to improve their spiritual and moral culture.
sad ending, which will not leave indifferent even the most biased, the experienced and stable audience It will be the end point, the apogee at such an exciting situation, reflecting a well-known and relevant even today the question. Death to the story of the hero beloved audience - Egor Prokudin, this reformed, honest and good man, open, pure and righteous heart, who decided to devote his life to faith, truth and honor, can not but cause a tear or schemlenie in the heart of the observer, that is, .e., a conventional viewer who has received such a wonderful opportunity to see this film.
well, finally, I would urge anyone who somehow interested in these ideas, be sure to watch this film. I assure you, Dear friends and moviegoers, this picture will not leave you indifferent, frustrated 'pointless conducted by time' or sad from uninteresting or irrelevant topics. Not at all! ' Kalina red ' will appear before you in this light, which is sure to priglyanotsya and make you reflect a little on leisure, definitely read this story than a dozen times. Moreover, I am more than sure that you will enjoy and work of the famous Soviet writer and a good person Vasily Shukshin, which may be called the corrected worthiest of the worthy! .. So let us give the memory of this man who I lived my life honestly, decently and properly!
Dedicated VM memory recall Shukshina ...

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