"Kalina Krasnaya" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I'd like to be an evil man, I would not lie to people, I would not lie, but all my life I'm lying, I must be evil and cruel, but I feel sorry for people sometimes ...
(Vasily Shukshin)
Artist inquisitive and insightful; A person with extremely thin spiritual instinct that allows him to see in every phenomenon its deep human meaning; Soviet writer, actor and director Vasily Shukshin with age are increasingly insistent gravitation toward depth philosophical reflection on reality, to a wide and decisive creative synthesis. This noble impulse, a year before his death was poured master in the movie "Kalina Krasnaya".
"Kalina Krasnaya" at all is not a movie, and soaring art, where Shukshin-filmmaker organically penetrates Shukshina writer, where prose it is visible, and the film literature; reading his books we see on the screen of the author, and, looking at the screen, remember his prose. A rare diversity of content and form of different types of art in the work of one person may find an explanation in the nature of an exceptional talent Shukshina, in particular perception of reality, the pulses of which are constantly updating it, conditioned complex internal processes of observation accumulation of knowledge about the people and a spiritual experience. That is why his work - is the property generously left them and serving us eternal textbook of life, as nothing else can transmit his words, become also a testament: "If we do something powerful and really smart, so it's a good thing to do", adapting to "Kalina red": staying at least compassionate, and forgiving are suffering ...
merciless fire SHukshin exposes human nature, dotting his work, the whole bulk being in the person of vices, bringing with it the gloomy merciless sentence, sarcastically asking, Thus we are able to whether to be pleased or not? It would be naive to believe that the people will be met out-of-jail Egor Prokudin, hoped to start a new life, struggling to hide aspects of the past, open arms - is not the essence of man to forgive, well, is not peculiar to him the realization of the second chance, after all he is a man digs yes sniff. It is foolish to think that the hero of the film explain to others what it means to the present holiday - snickering madly humanity Bring something material, which is already here birch ... And it is absolutely not necessary to hope that the former buddies Egor leave alone - so do not leave even envy standard set of human qualities, the data at birth, and only finding in years their infinite development
So it is not known yet who from whom isolate, landing in prison. felts society from the offender, or omitted contrary ... in any case it would be the wild communication error. amb film only aesthetic attitudes towards former prisoners to man. In his later work SHukshin explores the most terrible of human misery - loneliness. Throughout the entire movie, the hero is entirely aware of the irreversibility of the incident: his alienation from the people, his mother, working on the ground, and the finale of the drama reveals a deep spiritual crisis tearing the hero of evil, repentance from consciousness of guilt, severe self-condemnation and torment of conscience as a result, the willingness to make amends own blood ... and this idea all the grand and mighty talent Shukshina that even with regard to his character, demanding and self-possessed, because he himself "committed follies" and therefore should answer for their mistakes and caused lo. Each of us, only one showing passivity and weakness, going to compromise and after having made the fateful act is able to break his destiny, as there is not again recall the words of Shukshin, given above, it would seem, are indirectly related to our film. So let's looking this movie to remain strong and steadfast in the face of the insidious temptation
surprising that in the film there is no hint of propaganda of Soviet life are often found in the works of that period, even on the contrary -. 'Kalina Krasnaya' from the first to the last frame of humanity and tells the story of ordinary people who live with us in the neighborhood, whose cruel features found in each of us.
of course, the film is not without flaws director's, and the literary genius still pulls the blanket, but the emotion "Kalina" is more than a computer ensiruyut all deficiencies. Shukshin, in my view, succeed importantly, create a very emotional statement - at the same time deeply intimate and at the same time widely popular. Everyone here will find something of their own, and be sure to refer to the film in the future. And how he plays himself. ... In view of the master transmits a whole range of emotions, so much so that in the words there is no need to sometimes. In his eyes, as in a mirror, reflected the virtues and vices of men, becoming a much more visible and apparent. And certainly this deeply tragic tape will bring into the world a lot more of this goodness than any Hollywood razmusolennaya cranberries.
No words can not convey the charm of this magical pictures and sensations that it produces. This spiritual, humane and deeply tragic film, show all sides of spiritual warfare, was and is a real gem of world cinema.

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