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Yesterday, once again revised its favorite film. And once again opened up a new side of this amazing, no matter what is not similar to the mysterious man (or alien), carrying the good of all those around him ..
This film is special, it is not similar to any other movies, so in an unusual way it combines two of the genre - science fiction and space life drama. What genre of still more important - it's up to the viewer. How and by whom is - against an alien from a distant K-PAX, who lives in the human body, or still an ordinary person who has lost a family ... It seems to me, by the director enables viewers to make choices, and gives ground for reflection, and not only about the plot of the film, but also many other things - about the human and family values, about unusual people and whether the person needs a lot to be happy ... This film encourages viewers to see the happiness in the little things, which we usually have little pay attention, it seems to makes us think about the m, which is the life around us, there are many beautiful, but we often just close our eyes to these little joys of life ... This film is laced with rays of goodness, which brings with it the protagonist of the film, and it is these seemingly insignificant at first glance, moments, makes the film so special and attractive ...
I looked up a lot of movie fiction, drama, etc., but the 'K-PAX' remains for me the best movies of all browsing, though really liked and even loved ones I have a lot of movies. But this Movie: The special. To some degree with him, and began my love of science fiction films, though ironically he 'Ka-PAX "I do not think pure fantasy. And fans of space fiction (about travel to other planets, aliens, etc.), this film may well not like it, because in it are quite different accents and other feed material. Although the film is recommended for viewing for everybody, because in it one finds something of their own, and this is one of the main advantages of the film.
Personally, I appreciate the 'Ka-PAX' 10 out of 10, and I think that is the only drawback of this film (of course, for me personally) is that it goes less than 2 hours. Extra 15-20 minutes of the film would not be damaged, because the dynamic plot in such films is not necessary, but better to reveal the characters, plenty of time to pay some of the little things - such as talk against it, and Mark, really would not hurt. But this is my nagging, of course, and the whole movie for me more than good. He's unusual. He cozy. It's all like a ray of light, which now and then tells the protagonist. And those rays of light, which now and then appear on the screen, added to the film even more originality and comfort
In general, you can talk a lot, but for me in this film almost everything is perfect -. From the plot and acting games and finishing with a magnificent soundtrack, which is also perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the movie. The dialogues of the film are smart, a lot of smart and deep thinking can be found in them, with all of this is shown without too much pathos as often happens in other movies also aimed at to do good to the audience. Then it all seem simple and close even for viewers who simply watching an interesting movie, not wanting to dig deep in some abstruse philosophy. And at the same time in the 'Ka-PAX' with no busting 'snotty' or tragic, all given in moderation, without any inflection
game Actor -. Single point that would also like to draw attention. Kevin Spacey had to give an Oscar for this role, for the image against what he donos all 200% !!! Only one scene with a banana is worth something! Jeff Bridges was also good and well showed all the emotions and doubt Mark. The other actors also failed in their roles, while 'K-PAX' is, of course, theater actors 2 -. Spacey and Bridges, which in any stage did not disappoint the audience, to cope with their tasks in the five-plus
List the pros this movie I can to infinity, but ... it's time to call it a day, and so I will say only one thing - 'K-PAX' is a movie that wants to revise again and again, and which, in my opinion, will never become obsolete, if not obsolete and human values ​​such as kindness and love ...
10 of 10

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