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There are some doubts that the studio 'Universal Pictures' expected success of the drama 'K-PAX', released in 2001 to the year. The fact that it was an Englishman director Iain Softley, who is more focused on independent films, and commercially profitable projects, and he almost was not, despite the fact that the audience is pretty well accepted work Softley. And declared starring Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges actors are talented and original, but most dramatic, but it is not always a condition for attracting the audience masses to movie theaters. And so it happened: 'K-PAX' does not justify the investment in the creation of its budget (under 68 spent painting has gathered 65 million). But, nevertheless, 'K-PAX' clings to the Top250 at KP, and it already means a lot
The film is based on the book Gene Brewer and his genre -. Drama, which, relatively speaking, is associated with a fantasy. But expect action games totally not worth it, then that plan is fantastic. Judge for yourself: at the train station if out of nowhere appears a man in dark glasses. When he is addressed police, he said that his name is against it, and it came from outer space. For a long time law enforcement guards have not been reviewed and sent newfound alien in a psychiatric hospital, where Prot is taken for Dr. Mark Powell. He is skeptical about considering a new patient, how much longer will these sweat 'aliens'? But against gradually raises doubts about the doctor that he - the client psihuschki. Calm and reasonable against multiple prove his sanity and even surprising knowledge of astronomy and live among his people, if he did not continue to assert that he is an alien from K-PAX.
Touching friendships are tied at the doctor and his patient and the viewer between puzzle over who is actually the mysterious Prot. For his easy smile, mesmerizing eyes, calm reasoning is hiding something, why any scene involving the character if it is absorbed and you monitor it closely, listen, give heed. This is a fantastic atmosphere on the emotions and stresses the more noticeable the highlights, creates the effect of great length of each item on the setting of the scene. This finding adds though fiction film, as if it all somewhere in the world, refracted, and this finding is necessary to praise the creators of 'K-PAX'. And we can not ignore a wonderful enigmatic soundtrack. The official list of pending composer Ed Shirmor, but apart from him to compose a melody of the film had a hand Sheryl Crow himself Elton John. So, combining these components, 'K-PAX' looks like an enveloping and penetrating film.
Even despite the fact that the picture captured the melancholy notes, it is impossible to break away from him. And this is achieved largely due to the plot of 'K-PAX', which so wants to solve the mystery of mind, and if he has really an alien, then let them all they will be, not the monsters of the 'Alien' and 'Independence Day'. To play this role, Kevin Spacey acknowledged that the image he created, writing off with his frontman 'U2' Bono. You can immediately see the similarity, when Prot appears in black sunglasses. But in addition to the individual features of character reserve the long trail of memories. Again about his calm judgment, a clear expression of thought, but its mystery - it is some chat phenomenon that causes the monitor and watch over him. No worse than Jeff Bridges played, but his role was more common or something, but here you can applaud his doctor Powell because he persistently tried to help other patients. And we note the emergence of masters episode Alfre Woodard, who in their short appearances showed rather succinct way
'K-PAX' -. A fascinating movie. After viewing, you can think that it is a little slow, but it is not tedious at all, more detailed. Perfectly matched atmosphere that emphasizes enigmatic soundtrack makes the picture even more beautiful. And the actor's talent of Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges will make you believe what is happening, and sincerely and with all the interest to follow the proceedings. It is only due to not such strong expressive character vtoroplanovyh reduced by one point and total:
9 of 10

PS: Kevin Spacey has a special jazz vocals, and Jeff Bridges is committed to He writes poetry and songs. Could join forces to make raisins picture soundtrack.

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