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Removing the «K-PAX», the director Iain Softley has not received return of this magnificent drama with a bend in the science fiction nothing, neither fame nor box office, which might be able to pay back the already small budget. What can we say about the discontent of Film Critics, sulkily to redness and folded his hands a cross, like a boy who is not pleased tempting candy. Explain the failure of the painting during its release in rent is not easy, due to the contradictory circumstances. Attractive and troupe of actors, is equipped with an inimitable Kevin Spacey and neat in their game Jeff Bridges, and the fact that the film adaptation of the revered novel Gina Brewer, who wrote a series of "man tangled history with Ka- PAX ". Ultimately, to view pulls promising genre, which, incidentally, justifies its subtlety and depth. A spectator of this "genre juice" somehow not what did not come to taste, but it was not actually tasted. But over time, sprout planted Softley in cinema soil sprouted up cult known to feed reliable and unscrupulous film fans.
Action gathering around colorful performance art than it takes some detective fascination with the process beating chest intrigue. plot geometry is such that it is likened to a cone, the end of which is moderately narrowed to a climax the entire interchange. With the curtain film starts from afar about axiom elusive, and we have no arrivals and departures from the theme encounter with the central character. Tape smoothly moves up and along with this tireless movement increases the degree of complex clues as Chinese alphabet puzzle made up all sorts of assurances of the hero that he is the one for whom it receives and does what he does in front of everyone. Skill "lightness brush" is felt in intelligibility and clarity of interpretation completely abstruse, astronomically entangled thoughts, which since this drama, and with their presence, she remains faithfully is drama, not jump on the podium fiction, although its hollowness does not leave until the very end. The drama is especially concretized already at the end, when the film is dictated by several strong philosophical quotes, however grotesque echoes the philosophy of sound from the first to the last frame
- against. Question mark on the legs. And the glasses. Riddle, above which is not a sin willing to speculate, gets out of his belief that he is not only as a visitor from another planet, algebraically, but cute named «K-PAX". Natural ka-peksyanin as the hero and be named himself visited our tiny planet of intellectual standards with the only purpose to know her orders and record all calculations in izrisoval drawings and the book. Surprisingly, they have packed itself against the head, which serves as a compelling reason of concern of its extraterrestrial origin. Prot has its appearance on the screen begins to impress the audience, because he figure described circuits charming mystery. No one, especially a psychiatrist with appendages skepticism, does not indulge this "kooky guy." That's just too much convincing message about the existence of the planet, floating in the space of a thousand light-years, all painted in a warning sign of caution. Not madness, but the meaning of the unknown, hidden under the words of a stranger, encourages him to listen earthlings. Vzdorgivaetsya consciousness inevitably thought of the distant, but so near the planet K-PAX. After all, here it is - the representative of "his home" - sitting in front of you and without ardor, with extreme tranquility makes us listen to his stories about the culture and scientific knowledge "homeland»
Prot -. It is a miracle that has come because for a long time about it the mankind forgot about. And I still have no idea when in a separate room alongside a woman drinking tea at a table in the 11-year-old waiting for her partner, when an elderly man bursting with glee, fixing eyes on the blue bird, when a girl becomes a silent stone, constantly thinking about the smoke that could topple from her mouth when an ordinary young man is afraid of germs and viruses in any innocuous things. Prot was the herald of a belief in mankind was afraid to believe and what not to want to recognize. Prot can lead people who have lost hope - the meaning of life itself. Yes, against - a miracle. But it is a miracle, no matter how beautiful it may seem, there is a spawn of suffering and torment which are prepared ruthless life to share a peaceful man. No one knows, he turns to the one who takes the world with love and grace - in mind. And then he left us, saddles and a beam of light is lost in space that separates the Earth from such a strange but alluring planet K-PAX ...
9,5 from 10
"K-PAX" - a charming drama with high thoughts and their most simplest exposition. Undoubtedly, the movie worthy of the title "cult."

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