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What is actually "K-PAX", perhaps the most underrated film of the century, perhaps fiction movie about aliens from distant worlds, perhaps another psychological drama about a patient clinic for disabled citizens.
Only here against non-citizen, he was not even a person, it is something higher that came from outer space to study the Earth, its life, its culture, its people. Faced with a variety of people, he could evaluate our society objective view, and cinema have long proved that in a psychiatric hospital can collect different contingent; in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and "Awakening" is not enough colorful characters (although the foreground one), not so far from the people. But in the "Planet of the Ka-Pecs" a character one, it Spacey character, played perfectly, but the hero Robert De Niro is a lot more emotion, probably not the execution, and the image
What Prot -. Something higher, than a human being, we have determined its goals and motivations, also seems to be obvious, but one for which he in the hospital? The reasons may be different: from the already called "divine" in which Prot is something like the Messiah. Or maybe "social" reason, people who have lost hope, only one need - hope. Prot gives its people, the sick, the physician, even his dog, against a wide soul ... creature.
wait and hope urged more Count of Monte Cristo, but there is nothing harder to expectations, and is worse than unfulfilled hopes. Especially when you have to wait for something incredible and hope turns, almost in a dream. Hardly between these words can be put an equal sign, still hope to account for something specific, and dreams ... dreams - is something complex, the belief in the incredible, more likely, though, when dreams do not come true, there is hope, and when true, not so "unreal».
and when there is no hope, when you are deprived of your loved ones, when, after a loss of self-control and an action ... there is only emptiness inside, t. e. a complete lack of emotion, goals and motives, in fact, is the end of life, there is nothing to wait longer, and therefore, no hope . Religion says that only after the actual death comes eternal life, and science will tell you that only death will stop after legal rights and duties of the person and if the person has not paid the debt to society? Now suppose that even in this body another creature.
Fiction? And that, in line film genre, and it is written, fantasy, mysticism and drama, but still fantastic, and whom to believe - official filmmakers or their eyes; that draws in one bottle, two story, one other interesting, each created for the discussion, and skillfully intertwined. But what then is the faithful, someone was able to completely solve the ideas creators?
it really remains to examine every detail of the film as a separate element in the complex mechanism, does not have the point where all these details are, so to speak, of the central nervous system of the film . Maybe it is, but it clearly does not lie in a fantastically mystical side of the picture, for me, for example, the dramatic component of the film is preferable, in my opinion, all the roots of the ideas in it. And if you start to consider them in terms of "yes, man, you're crazy," you get a trite, because per-view film is left only deep feelings and puzzles.
And, solving them, turns a simple story. A guy could not bear the tragedy, it is not actually gone, in its place there was actually another person did not arise from nowhere, and arose from the past, from hobbies and other interests, was a passionate man that went to sacrifice, to give preference to the family and household. The foundation of the new man was, and here we are faced with the problems of split personality, immersion in dreams (reviewing a line with the name of the director, I can assure that there are no hands Lynch), explosions in houses, we have a case with a deep shock to human, which could not receive another display, a reference to the episode, due to which Robert Porter was named the proto; true what they say - water gives and takes life, apparently, and gives new life
As much as I wanted to believe in the theory of a fantastic film, the occurrence of Prot in the world, announced themselves against, the facts say otherwise.. Doc, as a good detective, unravel the mysteries against life, a life that seemed very difficult, turned out to be easier in practice, but an episode in the observatory - is something
whether the film a masterpiece.? Unquestionably only in respect of the benefit performance of Kevin Spacey and good works Bridges in the background, without them the movie would not have left and half of sensations, and with them came the incredible tangle of finding the meaning of life in the elucidation of the personality of the hero, expressed in exciting conversations about other worlds and planets. Probably a lot of different references can be found on a variety of historical and speeches against non-only events, but I can not do it, and who wants to? Do
movie masterpiece? And then!
only what happened to Beth?

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