"Judgment at Nuremberg (1961)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

He was a scientist - Stanley Milgram, which is an experiment named after him, which blew up the scientific world. He first described it in 1963. The purpose of the experiment: to clarify the question as German citizens in the years of Nazi domination to participate in the destruction of millions of innocent people in the concentration camps. Milgram experiment was going to work in the US and go to Germany, to put it there. But after the experiment became clear that will not have to go.
essence of the experiment. Employ a person allegedly an assistant to the experimenter, but in fact, this man is the object of the experiment, he just does not know it, will continue to call it 'assistant'. The experimenter gives him a man who is, as alleged, the experiment object, though in fact it is just an actor, and we call it. Assistant plant for the product allegedly beating electrocution actor, where a number of buttons, and beneath the signature as which button gives the voltage. Actor placed elsewhere, is assistant eye. Assistant given the task - to check the memory of the actor, and an incorrect answer to his current hit, and for every wrong answer is to increase the voltage. Moreover, under the signature of the last button that stress is life-threatening. Naturally, the actor gives wrong answers, for which he punishes his assistant, increasing tension. Actor shouts, bangs against the wall, and on the last button is no longer signs of life. And the experimenter requires the assistant to continue the experiment. People start to protest, they feel bad, they clearly do not want that, but still continue to experiment, because it requires the experimenter. There are those who refuse to continue, but only 35% of the total. The rest continue to torture and kill another person simply because it is required by the experimenter, a man they see, perhaps for the first and last time in my life.
This experiment was repeated in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria and Jordan, and the results were the same as in the US. Read more about it, see Wikipedia.
The film, which was released prior to this experiment, people are judged for what they obeyed the orders and laws. Yes, someone did it with great zeal, than is needed, someone stepped through. But submission to authority - a fundamental property of human nature, that's what we are. Milgram proved this
You can not judge a person for what he simply obeyed the order or the law, it is my opinion
If otherwise, then what to do with the military, the exact execution of the orders in which -.. A necessary component of their service? A criminal orders during combat operations - to implement them or to disrupt military operation and risk their lives and the lives of his comrades-in-arms? And what about the man, the chief of which is obviously wrong, causing him to commit acts that are contrary to its principles? Quit and look for another job?
and funny sounds US prosecutor who accused the judges in illegal sentence, to send people to be sterilized. It's no secret then and now, that from 1907 to 1974. in some US states have acted on the sterilization laws, which were sterilized thousands of 'defective'. Details can learn by looking at the Wikipedia case Buck v. Bell. The judge in the US has the audacity to admit guilty nationals of the other country for that in his country it is legal? And why the lawyer did not use this argument in defense of the accused, limiting the reading of the opinion of one member of the US Supreme Court?
But overall not a bad film, puts a very important moral questions to which there is still no response, makes you wonder.

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