"Judgment at Nuremberg (1961)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The film is an episode from the "court" the old man, a Jew, "desecrate" the German woman through intercourse. Purely documentary fact - in reality a German woman named Fru Sailer. She got on the court for 2 years. A 69 (!!!) - the summer "roommate" Katselbergera gilotnirovali
judges so wanted to please "Fuhrer", even exceeded the limit provided for in this Article (the death penalty does not provide)
After the defeat of the "Third Reich.". judge this (and many similar) "processes" have merged into a Nazi reserve organized in Schleswig. In 1969, two of them (Hoffman and Fereber) were still convicted.
Although it was rather a farce, a concession to public opinion.
I noticed this time because the process of Nazi judges Ferber and Hoffmann held after the film's release. In the same hall
And a couple of refinements -. Yaninga prototype served as Oswald Rothaug. Before the Nazis came to power, he languished on the fourth cast, while the new "order" sdedal quick career to "Nuremberg" cases (the persecution of dissidents and "non-Aryans"). Unlike the on-screen alterego, his repentance will not fall. Served for 12 years, then he was released and "mercy».
most Irena Sailer at the meeting was not a tribunal within two years. She sent the GDR affidavit. So, the Nazi replay by "superadvokata"
did not happen, however, before the film's authors had a task to sit on two chairs -. Show the abomination of Germans fall and avoid the distribution of "hawks", who believed that even aspiring Nazi scum come in handy in the confrontation with the Soviet Union.
Hence, such "Shakespeare's" passion.
As the same remorse matergo Nazi, in reality, made a career on the corpses of "enemies of the Reich", and do not even realize what he was to blame.
The key phrase of the film are the words, stories e Colonel prosecutor: "If we want to get the support of the German people, we should not be judged strictly German criminal »
Thereby he accepted collective responsibility and complicity of the entire German people in heinous crimes "third Reich».
the same prosecutor, quite correctly noted that the Eskimos did not commit these crimes, and the Germans themselves. There were 6000 different camps, "institutions" SS, the Gestapo, the "people's courts" and other places to destroy the "Reich enemies." They served 100 thousand (!) The Germans, regularly carry out their "work". And everyone else knew it, and approved or took for granted
Scientists, sociologists, criminologists, psychiatrists, philosophers ponder:. What is it? What - heredity, education, the environment, the external environment, historical predestination, the criminal will of the leaders? What is it? How it happened? Embryonic traits of racism, which seemed comical in the statements of second-class professors charlatans and miserable provincial theorists Germany last century, the contempt of the German philistine to the "Russian pig" to "Polish cattle" to "prochesnochennomu Jew" to "depraved Frenchman" to "huckster Englishman "to" ape Greek "to" doodle Cech "whole halfpenny bunch of pompous, cheap German superiority over other nations of the earth, good-naturedly mocked publicists and comic writers - all of a sudden, during the ie several years of "children's" devil turned into a deadly threat to humanity, his life and freedom, became a source of incredible and unprecedented sufferings, blood crimes. Here is something to think about! Such terrible war as the present. Germans enormous shed innocent blood.
V. Grossman, a military journalist, a writer, a war veteran and a witness of the events.
The Germans should not build illusions, because all over the world it is clear that World War II was used for criminal acts with which nothing can compare to our time. Unprecedented in scale criminal murder disgraced the name of the Germans in the eyes of the world.
Willy Brandt, German Chancellor
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