Judgment And Decision Making: Decision Support Systems Essay


Discuss about the Judgment and Decision Making for Decision Support Systems.


There are so many organization initiated with data processing system that support processing of transaction and develop information system of management to sustain strategic and tactical decision making. Decision support system is the new kind of system which attained popularity in the field of information system. It is a system which was helpful to interact with the user in the decision making. Yes decision support system affects the quality of strategic decision making in Organizational Management. There are so many problems in the Organizational Management which can be solved by using DSS. DSS is able to manage and deal with semi structured as well as unstructured problems (Li, et. al., 2016). DSS have some unique implication which influences the organization management. DSS system is effective because it is able to help by reminding the decision maker what is strategy of choice are perfect for the issue as well as facilitating to manage and represent the information. It builds information about the past, present. The main support of decision support system is that it helps to decision making process by facilitating the user evaluate and explore alternative by various modeling techniques. The effect of that procedure on organization might consequences in few closure of the structure of organization as for effective teams that able to meet anytime anywhere (Bonczek, Holsapple and Whinston, 2014).

The role of decision support system in strategic decision making is crucial because it is proper design interactive software based system that is proposed to facilitate decision makers compile Useful information from a combination of documents, raw data, business model and personal knowledge to recognize the issue and resolve the problem. It has several benefits such as speedy competition, increase productivity, analyze the risk, improve flexibility and create a competitive advantage over the competition. The influence of DSS on organization management is effective. It helps to enhance the profit by providing knowledge about the cost benefit to the managers. With the help of DSS, organization is agile to adapt to amending situation easily and quickly. DSS represents the value of the independent variable such as the expenses of advertising, would have to be in a term to generate a value of target of a product. In the context of statistical analysis and Management, will be able to give certain utilize management models such as time series analysis and regression. These models will be helpful in the strategic decision making to evaluate safe for the future (Fick and Sprague, 2013). The effect of DSS on strategic planning is that it can help to share the planned information and links strategic and tactical planning processes. Data driven system of DSS proposed for performance scrutinizing can facilities recognize the troubles that need strategic analysis. With the help of DSS prior decision of the organization can be revised and monitored rapidly in a decision support environment. DSS is able to analyze the risk and provides the probability that will be helpful to measure the profit of the organization.


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