Judged by faith Essay

On August 26",1994, at approximately 6:45PM, a man who can be identified as Father John, a priest who was in training at the St. Mary’s church in Delhi, was found dead lying next to a man named Father Timothy, the priest of the church with a tall figure, who was also proclaimed dead by Officer Naidoo, the commanding officer of Keshav Puram police station in Delhi. Officer Naidoo said, “We found both bodies near the alter under the statue of Jesus Christ and in the hand of one the bodies was a gun. It’s unclear on what happened exactly but our investigators think it must have been some sort of suicide murder scene. There is more to this scene that needs some digging into.”

Witnesses aren’t to sure on how this all began, there was one boy who goes by the name Ram, an orphan boy who was taken in by Father Timothy, around 8 years old with silky black hair and dark skin, seemed to have a somewhat clear explanation. Ram said, “I saw something strange that had confused me because I didn’t understand what was going. I saw Ian, a sixteen year old boy from York who’s has only been here for a few days, taking his clothes off in front of Father John in his room. I knew something was wrong so I alerted Father Timothy. He told me to go to my room that night.” The boy says what he saw the next morning drove him to tears. Mrs Goncalves, a cleaner at the church, alerted the authorities at 05:35AM after seeing the crime scene that morning.

Investigators believe that a fight between murder suspect Father John and Father Timothy had started and had escalated into a massive argument. Reason for them being in the alter could have been that Father Timothy had dragged the fight to the alter. It got so out of hand that Father John took a gun out of his pocket and shot Father Timothy in the head. Investigator Ali, head investigator of Keshav Puram police station said “In Father John’s room there were drugs found in his cabinet. So what we think is that he killed himself to avoid getting caught.”

The orphan boy had been moved to a Juvenile Home, as there was nobody to care for him anymore. And the sixteen year old’s, Ian, whereabouts are left unknown. The members of the church say they longer feel safe going to the house of God. This church had now become the bloodbath of unknown secrets.

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