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The following report chronicles the entire journey of healthcare accreditation based on American Hospital Dubai, UAE. Healthcare accreditation is a public recognition of a standardised practice in a hospital or any health care unit. A hospital’s standard operation is recognised by the fact whether the respective government body in a country accredits the hospital. Most of the global hospitals and diagnostic centre in a country strive to be accredited by Joint Commission International. JCI (Joint commission International) accreditation is based on the practising standards and environment in a healthcare and medical organisation. The achievement of Gold Seal Approval by JCT is always objectified by most of the international hospitals ( 2017).

The following report strictly focuses on the policies of SOP of American Hospital Dubai and further identifies the effort to achieve national and international health care accreditation. The major body to accredit the hospitals in Dubai is the DHA (Dubai Health Authority). Since the American Hospital is an international organisation, it tries to fulfil the criteria prescribed by the JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation and Healthcare Organisation). The operations standards set by the American Hospital (Dubai) are almost common to most of the international level healthcare organisations. The American Hospital Dubai started its journey on maintaining the American standards in the operations procedure. The basic focus of the hospital was to venture for the affiliation of medical and non- medical leadership so that it could meet the range of strategic objectives. In the year 1996, American Hospital Dubai started to maintain the Joint Commission standards and emphasised on the narrow development strategies. Each of the healthcare segments was being noted down and internal assessment was in progress. According to the JCAHO guidelines, the healthcare organisations strictly need to possess clinical laboratories in order to practise antimicrobial tests (KA 2017). American Hospital Dubai established a set- up of such clinical laboratory in order to test the antimicrobial resistance. IT was done following the guidelines of NCCLS ( National Committee of Clinical Laboratory Standards). The specified standards of the American Hospital Dubai differed from that of the other standards and it was rather higher in maintenance and practice. Finally, the clinical Laboratory was structured by the year 1998. In order to apply for the national and international accreditation, a hospital needs to confirm the authority about the persistency of the quality of infrastructure and medical facilities. From the very first year of its establishment, AHD (American Hospital Dubai) focused on the development of its infrastructure and healthcare associates (American Hospital Dubai 2017).

While applying for accreditation, a hospital or other healthcare organisations are to ensure their fair practice on their employees as well as the development and facilitation of the core infrastructure. Infrastructural components are the availability of the medical practitioners, the doctors, technological advancement, and management intervention of the entire quality assurance process and so on. with the effective and intensive care unit, American Hospital Dubai has gone up to the next level thus ensuring the quality assurance of the entire process. During the first couple of years, American Hospital Dubai lacked few guideline executions because of sudden changes in the guidelines of JCIA (Joint Commission International Accreditation). However, in the later years the hospital authority took the venture to bring every possible change in the realm of healthcare and cure unit (McMahon 2015).


In the year 1999, the accreditation task force of JCIA visited the hospital site. Consequently, the task force recommended few renovation in the medical and governance structure of the hospital. However, the entire survey result was quite satisfactory as the hospital managed to receive more than nine points out of ten. Following recommendations were suggested by the Joint Commission International Accreditation surveyors to American Hospital Dubai:

The surveyors suggested the hospital authority to organise a management body on information. The team highly recommended acceptance of ICT (Information and Communication Technology). However, the hospital, in the later years developed a skilled management body in order to handle the ICT sphere.

The other recommendation made by the commission was to improve quality management of the hospital that was duly met in upcoming years.

Since healthcare industry is directly customer and client oriented, the healthcare institutes are supposed to ensures their facility management and safety management. There was a strict recommendation from the commission that the hospital is supposed to enrich its safety and facility management body with quality infrastructure.


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