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Digital marketing and communication has its impact in every possible industry one can think of. It is now a primary mode of promotion for every business in this developing world (Armstrong et al. 2015). Australia has already attained its development and a huge number of the Australians are actively participating in social networking, regardless of age. They have completely accepted the technological innovation and using it as an integral part of their social life (Ryan 2016; Tiago and Ver?ssimo 2014). The selected business for the fulfilment of the report is ‘Chefs of Tandoori – Second Innings’, one of the famous Indian restaurants present in Adelaide. The key plans that are appropriate to address the situation are mobile marketing, SEO, social media marketing, search ad campaign, email marketing and content marketing. The reason of adding “Second Innings” is to demonstrate the revival of their business after the 2011 fire, which caused them, shut down the business. The significant cause, however is to put essence in the name as most of the customers are cricket lovers ( 2017).

Harry and Sandy, the owner of the Chefs of Tandoori – Second Innings have came a long way from India with their experience of working in five star hotels and restaurants in India and abroad. Their primary mission is not only to make ‘Chefs of Tandoori’ one of the best Indian Restaurants in Adelaide, but also the finest Indian Cuisines available in whole Australia.

For the completion of their mission, the company has done something no other restaurant thought of. They have transcended the cultural and regional boundaries of Indian food and accumulated all under a single menu to present the diversified flavours and cultural specialities in Adelaide. This strategic implementation has surely paid them well as they are one of the top known Indian restaurant present in Adelaide. Moreover, both the owners are cricket lovers and incorporated this as an integral part to attract their customers. It facilitated them to build a customer base that loves both Indian and the Australian cricket.

Moreover, they have implemented a diversified strategy for operating in the Adelaide market. They not only serve as a traditional restaurant, but also accept online order through mobile application. They have strategies to create value with this that would be discuss in the later part. Besides, they take orders for all kinds of functions and parties ( 2017). They also have banquet service and prepared separate menu accordingly to serve the customers accordingly.

Operational Area

The company operates not only in traditional table service, but also involve themselves in organizing functions and parties or even serve banquets ( 2017). They are now taking online order for better serve their customers. This is a great way of influence the target customers in the competitive market as they are doing something different from their competitors.

A considerable number of Indians have opened their restaurant business in Adelaide that are serving Indian food. However, they are limited to only one or two cultural cuisine. Taj Tandoor, Namaste Nepalese Restaurant, New Indian Restaurant are some of the major competitors that Chefs of Tandoori has in the market that have potential to challenge them ( 2017).

It is important to identify the strength, weakness, threats and opportunity posed by the market and competitors for every industry. It helps the company in setting the marketing strategies accordingly(Grant 2016).

While discussing about the strengths and weaknesses, it is worth mentioning that the diversified food menu for both the table and the banquet and parties is their primary strength that no other restaurant serve in the area of operation. On contrary, the massive fire that caused complete shut down of the business for nearly a year has posed devastating impact on the business (Bohari, Hin and Fuad 2017). Moreover, their food menu is prepared to attract the Indian customers to their restaurant that could also be count as a weakness. The menu and the strategy fails to attract the Australian origins.

Threats and Opportunities

The competition that other Indian restaurants pose on them is the biggest threat for the organization. Some of the main competitors that are mentioned earlier in the report poses accountable threat in their operation. On the other hand, the diversified food menu, online order and booking, digital marketing and use of digital medium for value creation provides them opportunity to grow faster. Moreover, growing number of Indians in Adelaide provide them an opportunity. The business has prepared their menu to attract Indians belonging from every region and culture that creates them opportunity to explore more. However, they need strategies to attract the Australian population to their doorsteps (Grant 2016).

The business has already made their presence in the digital world with incorporation of social media marketing. Company has build their own website with details of their business and the products and services available in their restaurant. Moreover, they have build mobile application for their customers enabling them to order food online and book table in their restaurant. They utilize their facebook other social networking pages to update their customers of their latest events and promotion. What more the company do is to encourage their customers to provide their expert opinions over these social networking sites to understand and modify their services accordingly to meet the requirements. It also serves as a value creation process for the company.

They are following a different marketing strategy in their second opening. They are now focusing on digital promotion, which successfully benefited them over this time. They are utilizing popular social networking sites for both promoting their products and getting feedbacks for the services provided to the customers. It facilitates them in value creation of their business. In addition, their facilities for making purchase using the mobile application enable their customers earn points that will provide them extra benefit on future purchases.

The well-organized company website successfully communicates the products and services offered in their restaurants and specifically identify the target customer segment. Their lucrative food menu distinguishes them from other similar businesses in the area and states exactly why the customers should go for their product.They have properly positioned their product in their website. The products and services are easy to find in their website and clearly communicated to the customers.

Integrated Marketing Strategy

Even though the company has implemented the core principle of digital marketing in their business, they are failing in obtaining maximum benefits out of it. They are facing several challenges in their operation. The above discussion shows that they are only focusing on facebook as their social network marketing. There are various other platforms used by the by target segment. Some of the popular social networks are Instagram, twitter, Pinterest they can incorporate in their marketing strategy. The next identifiable challenge that the company face is the poor quality of content in their website (Pulizzi 2012). However, they have successful stated their offerings, target customers and the benefits; they fail to attract the customers due to its dullness. While visiting their website, it was noticeable that the company has enabled their customers to order over internet and delivery by Uber Eats. However, there was no facility provided to the customers for making online payment. Beside these challenges, the company has made a section for the customers to make any enquiries that also via email. No fast process is incorporated to meet the customers enquires. These are due to their lack of knowledge in digital marketing application and under qualification of the staffs hired. Necessary recommendations are made below to overcome the challenges mentioned (Leeflang et al. 2014).

Recommendation and Justification

The most important issue that requires attention is the content on the website. It is said that the first impression is the last. Hence, they need a more attractive website that capture the customers’ attention and make them read the full of its offering. It is a part of strategic marketing, which generates relevant, valuable and persistent content for attractingthe customers and build customer base to generate revenue.Hence, the business should hire a content developer with more knowledge of the field and can properly arrange the content and make it interesting(Pulizzi 2012).

Making the staffs compatible for digital marketing is another necessary requirement as every employee plays important role in promotion. Staffs’ customer service skills should be develop accordingly to meet the need.

They are currently promoting their business only through facebook, which is a major drawback for the business. The target segment explores other networking sites that are mentioned in the above section. The company needs to tap into them as well for gaining desired results. This requires more experts in the field of promotion to keep up tracking (Tuten and Solomon 2014).

The company should start a help online help desk to provide fast assistance to the customers. Email assistance is surely not up to mark for modern day digital marketing. They immediately need to start customer helpline over telecommunication.

Online payment is another important issue identified in the report. Chefs of Tandoori is in urgent need of enabling customers to make online payment. They need to make collaboration with the popular payment channels like paytm or directly collaborate with banks for providing safe payment options to the customers.

Finally, they need to advance their search engine optimization, as it is the first necessary step towards digital marketing. This is a field, where the business is reluctant to spend money on. They need to invest more in pay per click search marketing to reach the customers. Moreover, they need to track the online traffic to develop understanding the flow of the viewer. It will help them to understand the ration of interested and rejected customers (Kritzinger and Weideman 2013).

Digital Marketing Plan

The digital marketing ways have been embraced by the business organizations nowadays not only to attract the customers but also to gain competitive advantage in business with ease and effectiveness. Digital marketing is nowadays one of the most effective ways or marketing the products and services delivered by a company, enhance customer satisfaction, and even allow the company to generate good amounts of revenue in business. The online world seems intimidating for the business organization, because it can help the business to grow and develop, furthermore market the products and services with ease (Chauhan and Pillai 2013). The products and services would be accessible to the customers online, just as the case of the restaurant here, for which the customers could easily order the food items and get delivered to their doorsteps and even book their seats prior to coming to the restaurant for enjoying a relaxing dinner. The digital marketing has influenced the ways customers think and perceive the products of Indian restaurant of Adelaide named Chefs of Tandoori - Second Innings by including mobile phones, display advertising and even other forms of digital medium (Wymbs 2011). Within the business environment in the present century, the competitors and potential customers have become online and it proves that a proper digital marketing plan can make a business stay ahead and ensure business growth consistently within very less time and with lesser financial resources.

It has been seen that visual content created by a restaurant always grabs the attention of customers easily and they are influenced to try out the delicacies at least once. This act as free marketing techniques, as a very less cost is required to do so and the efforts are also lower when compared to other traditional marketing techniques (Miller 2012).

The objectives that were needed to be achieved included increase in sales revenue and utilize the major performance indicators for tracking the progress of digital marketing. The restaurant also wanted to retain the existing customers as much as they could for generating more income and improve the business effectiveness. By implementing the digital marketing strategies through use of content marketing, social media channels use, etc., the restaurant aimed for higher traffic rate. This would be done by optimizing the search engine properly (Tiago and Ver?ssimo 2014). The company made sure that people who watch the advertisements and promotions done through internet does not leave midway and rather check the entire website, furthermore continue to the next steps to obtain more knowledge and information about the services offered by Chefs of Tandoori - Second Innings in Adelaide. Thus, in order to achieve this objectives, the organization decided to use few major assets for enhancing the effectiveness of digital marketing techniques and make the India originated business to successfully function within the new business environment in Australia (Holliman and Rowley 2014). Few of the major tools that could be used were Social media marketing, Search ad campaign, content marketing, email marketing, Search engine optimization or SEO and Analytics ( 2017).

Social media marketing

The restaurant in Adelaide has wanted to engage with the customers and for that they have chosen the social media marketing plan as an useful one. It has helped the organization to gain more customers and even retained the existing ones. The social media marketing has been added to the marketing mix elements of the company to increase the brand awareness and create a sense of motivation to engage the customers with the food items offered by the restaurant (Hyder 2016). Chefs of Tandoori - Second Innings has promoted its business by thinking like the customers and made a clear statement for which the customers want to visit the restaurant. People nowadays are most likely to involve with the social media networks and due to this, social media marketing tool is effective for the business to grab the attention of customers easily and allow them to focus on the food items offered (Chaffey and Bosomworth 2012). The company has a Face book connected website where the cover page include photos of delicious food items and customers enjoying the food. This is a quite relevant way of marketing business for free and even the cover page can be changed anytime.

In Facebook, the tabs have been used to influence the users visit the restaurant. The tabs are clicked on because those show the content and relevance of the website including few popular food items along with menu items that are featured and food deals. The photos of foods are posted on the Facebook page, which are liked by people and commented upon. The positive feedbacks and responses of few customers make others look into the restaurant and try the food items (Strauss 2016). Exclusive deals and offers on foods are provided by the restaurant for the customers if they will like the page while social coupon promotions are used to create more fans and followers, further make people share the deals with their families and friends and become follower of the page as well. Ads on facebook suffer as good niche marketing tools that can target specific groups of people within a particular geographic location while the embedded videos could demonstrate he company’s sustainable approaches followed during the production of food items. This would create positive mindset among the services users too (J?rvinen and Karjaluoto 2015). The negative comments and showing appreciation for the positive posts of the webpage could create a transparent and friendlier persona online and engage more customers easily. This would also promote word of mouth and with customers hash tagging about the food items and the restaurant, the digital social marketing plan would tend to be successful for Chefs of Tandoori - Second Innings ( 2017).


The Search engine optimization of SEO technique and Analytics could be used by Chefs of Tandoori - Second Innings to create a Business webpage on Google and attract more clients. It would be easy for people to locate the restaurant and even find out other details regarding booking, menu and availability of seats of the restaurant online (Chaffey, Smith and Smith 2013). The customers would be able to Google the business name and find out information about the restaurant. The organization should use Google Posts so that those could be accessible with the help of Google and even allow the company to post a minimum of 300 words with a picture of the food item for which the restaurant has been specialized (Baltes 2015). People would be able to reserve, sign up, buy as well as gain offers and beneficial deals for every purchases made. Additional links would be created by using the SEO and Analytics along with reservations URL, which should save a lot of time for the staffs. Citations are important for generating more traffic in the website managed by the restaurant. The FourSquare and Yelp listings should be managed properly for creating a cost effective solution to customers services. The reviews should be responded to properly and the restaurant would be able to create a strong online brand presence. SEO could help too add menu in the search results and enable the customers to search the menu of the restaurant on Google and immediately obtain results in the form of column wise list of food items on the Google page only (Berthon et al. 2012).

The mobile marketing uses the sponsored bulk SMS services to reach more customers in business and attract them quite easily. The providers of this service can be supported by financial investments done by sponsors and thus the SMS sent to customers include the ads of the sponsors. Mobile marketing allows for engaging the customers through surveys, pools and opinions, there making them part of the business and identifying their needs properly. The SMS sent to the customers include location-based deals that are irresistible for the customers and they can even look out for the major deals offered by the restaurant within the operational area (Scott 2015). A mobile website could be created for enabling the customers to navigate through the website, find out the products and even order those in case of pursuing a home delivery. Nowadays, use of mobile apps could also reach wider audience group and target the younger generation to know the recent activities of the restaurant. This would enhance brand awareness and drive the sales for the restaurant too (Saravanakumar and SuganthaLakshmi 2012).

Emails could also be sent to the clients’ web mails where they would be getting direct links to the website and look for the food items provided by Chefs of Tandoori - Second Innings ( 2017).

Developing content is an essential component of digital marketing that not only drives the sales by attracting more customers, but also generates more profit in business. A blog can be created for creating a pathway for generating more network traffic and share company related information like the recipes, secret ingredients, etc. A short video consisting of the cooking activities and sustainable approaches followed by the restaurant could also be a useful content for spreading positive message to customers (Leeflang et al. 2014). Social media is an effective platform that can help to personalize the content anytime and provide visual representation to grab attention of customers. Therefore, these are the various tools used for creating an effective digital marketing plan by Chefs of Tandoori - Second Innings to influence consumer buying behavior and generate more revenue in business ( 2017).


It is clear by now that the digital marketing implemented by the company is ineffective due to its incompatibility to address this issues. New marketing plan is required for them to develop customer base. The need to develop their website content and make it more attractive for convincing the customers. Secondly, they need to increase their presence in other popular social networking sites. Attention is also require in the mobile networking. They have tactically implemented in encouraging the customers in placing online order via mobile application that will gain them points. These points will benefit hem in future purchases. However, they did not enabled them to make online payment that is necessary part of online purchase. The proposed method described the necessary modification needed in mobile marketing. Other marketing plans that are mention in the discussion are also relevant in gaining customers’ attention and attract them for visiting the stores. Moreover, the proposed fast customer helpline for assisting customers over phone will facilitate in building customer loyalty and value creation. Product positioning is also important, as it will make it easier for the customer to find the right product in the right place. It will increase the customer satisfaction level that will in turn facilitate in building customer loyalty.

It could be concluded that Chefs of Tandoori that is located in Adelaide needs serious modification in their current digital marketing process. The strategies incorporated by the company is serving the company well. However, it is failing in growing the profit margin. Modification required for the business are recommended in the report. It is recommended to use the social media strategies to reaching wider audience group and attract more customers.


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