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Also manufacturing other computer related devices like: motherboard chipsets, network interface controllers and integrated circuits, flash memory, graphics chips, embedded processors. During the 1990s, the company heavily invested in new microprocessor designs nurturing the speedy development of the computer industry (Company Overview, 2017). They became a dominant supplier of microprocessors for PCs during that period. Their aggressive and anti-competitive tactics helped in creating a marketing position, mainly against Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). Intel is consequently involved in expanding the business operations by acquiring new business. Vision of Intel is to become the market leader. The purpose of the organization is to gain competencies and to develop the flexibility in the business. The efficient control system of Intel allow in gaining competencies (Booth, 2015).


  • Intel is a globally recognized brand name with a strong brand loyalty.
  • It is a pioneer of micro processor for Pc. Well-known producer of semiconductor chip
  • It has currently occupied 80 percent of the market share.
  • The strategy of the company is merging with the international companies in order to gain competencies.
  • It is considered as world’s top 100 most influential brands.


  • Intel was using divisive strategies to gain a competitive position against other.
  • After 2000, Intel has lost the position of a leading business in the field.
  • Reformation in 2006 has led to a dismissal of 10,500 employees
  • Intel has not achieved economies of scale throughout the long history.
  • The retail price is higher than the other competitor in the market.
  • The company is confined to a small sector and still has not occupied the Ultra-mobile processor market (Christensen and Christensen, 2003).


  • They should focus on developing customer competencies by customizing the product accordingly
  • Product development and market penetration is important for the business on a long run.
  • Advancement of technology helps in offering better product to the people
  • Intel is changing at a rapid pace developing innovative strategies. In such a condition it has to lead the way through better market strategies.
  • Diversification is important for the business in order to gain competencies in growing market segment
  • They can focus on backward and forward integration to improve the quality of the product.
  • They can incorporate changes in a better way through improvement in the technology and mechanism.


  • Advancement in technology affects the ongoing products and facilities
  • There is a strong price war in between the companies
  • Lack of brand loyalty
  • Currency changeability creates a problem
  • There is a strong competition in the market
  • They are facing strong political turbulence due to market instability.


Intel has been facing issues at the time when the CEO Otellini took over. The company was facing difficulty from the Netburst (microprocessor). Due to this situation, the company lost a market position incurred loss. The expenses of the company were increasing that created a concern. Under Ortellini’s direction, Intel lost the chances to be the main manufacturer for low-power chips. Krzanich, the recent CEO of Intel, didn’t institute the right strategies to get better profit. The cause behind the unsatisfactory pecuniary situation and its need of achievement in the Smartphone and tablet market was its incompetency to serve the regular market need (Bradley, 2016). The Mobile phone service providers were focusing more on the organization such Amazon, Facebook and Google and supplementary parallel company. The company is deficient in enhanced mobile services which resulted in a decline of buyers. In the recent time the business option of mobile device has increased (Bridges and Bridges, 2017). Plans and Techniques are used to solve the Issue taking place in the International Consumer electronics. The new division of Intel processor needs to feature effective measures by making various add-on features. The new devices made by the company are attractive to the customer and the end-users. They have to add on functions to solve the end users’ problems. In order to gain market competencies, it is recommended to form venture with the other business organization (Cameron and Green, 2015).

Old Web Culture

By the end, Intel is planning to bring the final products to the general market. The company management has decided that Intel would provide products as per the market needs. The business has to devise examine, plan, and widen strategies to develop the wearable device. The plan is to develop an effective market strategy in order to gain competency. There is a constant need to develop quality product to gain quality chips market. The company wants to pace up the complete procedure of assembling novel chips in order to gain lower-power goods. They have invented new processor, Quark, to incorporate into every appliance. The Wearable expedient mobile devices are probable market for Intel to focus upon (Cummings and Worley, 2014).

Most importantly, Intel’s factories are better gadget for moving the business into the new market. This is helping Intel to perform in a better way in meeting its vision. This has clearly provided with a vision to attract energized people. This help in creating meaning to employees’ lives, and set up the standard of excellence. In this way employees can gain futuristic vision. They are certainly determining the changes that are taking place in the technology system (Daft, 2014). All These changes are intended to uphold organizational stability and arrangement. All these changes are incremental to the organization and takes place as a organizational strategy to gain market competencies The star model helps in delivering changes taking place in the surrounding by establishing an appropriate structure. Strategy helps in determining the process of achieving organizational goals. The game plan management helps in ensuring a sustainable position in a market that help in attracting clientele, participate fruitfully, and accomplish organizational objectives (Gibbons, 2015).


  • They are Growing PC & Datacenter dealing with innovative users
  • expand Intel solution to gain adjoining market segment
  • To produce variety of secured personal computing
  • To Care for people and the environment

The position of decision is important for the organization in meeting the objectives. This helps in empowering decision-making in a decentralized way. The purpose is to help in decision making process. This has a direct exposure to happening of the consequences and claim of approaches. With a better outcome, it is possible to gain competencies in changing market scenario (Gollenia, 2016).

New Web Culture

The decision making process Increase market share in chip hence helps in increasing employee’s contribution to the organization. It helps in decreasing the capital as well as operating expenses. In order to understand the existing situations, it is important to enlarge strategies to make good choices. These alternatives help employees in decision making and allow in looking for alternative to meet the end result. In order to expand their options this is the possible mean to improve the quality of decision making and to achieve desirable outcome. The company has established accountability and timelines for achievement and setting up a feedback cycle to monitor performance. By Paying attention to closure it is possible for the company is required to understand the current situations and to develop strategies accordingly. These alternative help the company in attaining good quality product. In order to remain compete tent enough in the market it is necessary to aid the organization to get closer to the goals (Palmer, Dunford and Akin, 2009).

Rewards help in encouraging employees and to monitor desired behavior the employment, selection, and growth of the right people. Employees are given a choice to demonstrate their talent to the organization. The Talent management software helps in implementation of organizational culture and aspect (Storey, 2007).

This assist in controlling infrastructure objective location and arrangement:

1) Successfully hold on to top performers of the company

2) Establish employee ratio in significant technology placement

3) To put the right person in an organization to gain competencies.

4) To determine the skill that is critical to the organization

5) To plan and expand an effective employment strategies for the company

6) To check employees efficiency (Turner Parish, Cadwallader and Busch, 2008)

In order to understand the competitive advantage, it is important to manage the organizational level, strategic communication in order to meet organizational goals. The purpose is to meet the effective communication strategies in order to meet stakeholder’s interest while collaborating more effectively. This will help in achieving strategic communication plan while collaborating with the organizational objectives. In order to gain competencies, it is advantageous to identify organizational goals, Dialogue effectively with partners and to identify the key strategic message across the organization. These strategies allow in Incorporating systematic feedback and help in measuring communication facilities to achieve its goals (Weiner, 2009).

Design Options

The statement given by the management is improving the professional lives, and it set the standard for their employees. By Setting clear and demanding goals for employees it is possible to achieve the goals to give a sense of direction. The Managers can provide feedbacks to employees in order to gain their goals. Intel is striving hard to become the pioneer of computing solution in the market. Through its holistic approach the company is providing with an effective business solution to individual and company around the world. This is proving to be supporting technology services (Armenakis and Harris, 2009).

Goals for Recent Change

1) They are Designing and developing unique technology to gain market goal

2) The purpose is to solve practical problem through personal technology

3) Intel is providing with fashionable life style in support of personal technology (Bargal and Schmid, 2012).

4) The overall purpose is to connect personal technology to cloud computing. This will enables communication surrounded by various technology devices (Dunne and Martin, 2006).

Change Vision

There are majority of changes taking place in the surroundings that need to be dealt with utmost care. The changes are classified in the article could be classified as first order and increm1ent. These changes involve adjustments in systems, processes, or structures (Boonstra, 2008). However these changes do not involve fundamental change in strategy, core values, or corporate identity. Intel can gain a competitive advantage by Incorporating Intel chip into various wearable devices. This will work as a smart strategy for the company. Wearable technology is one of the top-most features in the areas of consumer technology. The wearable technology will triple from $10 billion in 2013 to $30 billion in 2018” (Benn, Dunphy and Griffiths, 2014).


The purpose is to ensure effectiveness in order to gain collective company change process.

Performance Management Software is a process that allows managers to employee capability and dexterity rating, goal, appointment, promotions, and salary percentage increase. This allows managers to line up with employee goals to the company’s goal. This facilitate the managers to expand workforce to Prioritize critical goals. The Employee can distinguish in an effective way in a better way. This allow in enabling goal to track specific team and department (Cummings and Worley, 2014). The Goal tracking is able to achieve each goal as its existing status. This is helping manager to gain competencies while reviewing the process. The Variable pay programs are used to enlarge employee answerability and arrange in a line employee reward package. The total plan allows gaining a diverse employee’s relationship to reach goals. This will help in Review feedbacks in gaining better understanding regarding the overall process (Goetsch and Davis, 2014).

This strategy helps in managing the strengths and weakness in an effective way. They understand the importance of performance appraisal in measuring employee performance. The feedback measure allow in managing the organizational competency. The assessments help in offering feedback in managing change procedure (Hayes, 2014). The reason is to manage the purpose to meet the goal and to gain competencies. The change management helps in implementation of strategy at work. The purpose is to implement change in order to analyze changes as per the necessity. The magnitude of change will help in managing segment of the organization. The change management allow in communicating needs to vibrantly describe changes in the better way. Intel has implemented the changes in an effective way (Huczynski and Buchanan, 2010). The change management is to gain competencies for employee personally. This is to meet the results in order to benefit the business. The purpose of the entire leadership team is to manage the change. The purpose of the new behavioral change is to ask employee to recognize and become accustomed to achieve individual accountability. It is important for the organization to gain competencies by procuring effective results. The leadership teams are encouraged to develop themselves as na active members of change. Every employee in the company actively give ideas, viewpoint, and act to bear the complete organization change. In order to facilitate lifelong change, the entire HR system, help in processing, organizational structures in a better way. This allow in supporting the change efforts and the goals (Rothwell et al 2009). The HR department has a strategy to develop competencies through the process of Performance management, professional development. This help in managing HR strategy in order to financial change. This help in creating meaning to employees’ lives, and set up the standard of excellence. In this way employees can gain futuristic vision. Intel has to implement the changes taking place in the technology world. In this way they are able to gain markt competencies. These changes are developed tp be incorporated in the organizational structure (Turner Parish, Cadwallader and Busch, 2008).

Role of Organization's Management and HR Function

The human resource department has a major role to develop competitiveness in the employees. It encourages the employees to perform well in order to gain competitive advantage. The products and services guarantee long term sustainable growth in the organization. competitor by developing better value. The human resource department has to implement the strategic value in reality through the strategic vision of the organization. The purpose of the strategy is to be focused in gaining bottom line competencies. Intel has to create copetetive advantage against the other global brands. This market strategy will allow them to stay at the top position. Macro environment is important for a business to take advantage of the situation. For gaining competencies it is recommended to conduct a survey to communicate result. In order to gain competencies this is evident to make certain application. It is an effective way to aware vision in order to gain better direction. The company lacks better mobile services which resulted in a decline in number of buyers. In the recent time the buying option of mobile device has increased. Plans and Techniques are used to solve the Issue taking place in the International Consumer electronics. The new division of Intel processor needs to feature effective measures by making various add-on features (Weiner, 2009).


To conclude, Intel has to develop effectiveness in managing the organizational change management. These changes will allow in gaining competencies in order to manage the changes in the organization. This report assesses places where Intel lacks. The company lacks better mobile services which resulted in a decline in number of buyers. In the recent time the buying option of mobile device has increased. Plans and Techniques are used to solve the Issue taking place in the International Consumer electronics. Although the company has an aggressive and anti-competitive tactics helped in creating a market position, mainly against Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). These strategies help in gaining a competitive market and to gain goal. On a long run, if Intel wants to grow, it has to develop better growth opportunities. The changes incorporated in the organization can be used to manage effectiveness in a better way. One can adopt the changes and to adopt better services. By implementing the change management models, it is possible to manage the changes taking place in the organization. In order to gain competitive advantage in the market it is necessary to grow as per the market requirements. This will allow the company in managing the changes on a long run. Intel is looking forward to implement an effective computing technology to connect people. All these changes are supportive from the point of view of gaining long-term market competencies. The change management practice is rewarding for the organization and cretes multifold opportunities.


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