Job Analysis Process And Management Essay


Discuss about the Job Analysis Process and Manage the Performance.



The job analysis process will help in processing the growth of the organization in proper way and it will affect directly to the profitability of the organization. The organization will take the information regarding the job and then will place the employees according to the departments they are taking care of and by this process; the organization will manage the performance of the employees and then can able to place itself in the global market scenario. In this assignment, the case will evolve out with the possibility that the organization will follow employee performance and development of the employees.

Job analysis:

The ongoing job of the organization depends largely on the process of job analysis and this method contains to gather information. The entire organization process greatly contains the basis of the employees work process as from the supervisor and the other employees by the help of their designation and knowledge (Morgeson et al. 2016). The organization will check the procedures that the employees are able to perform the job in an appropriate way or not and the abilities, skills are proper for performing the job within the organization. Not only about, the performance of the employees but the organization will also fulfill the requirements of the employees, as they are the key people for the organization. Information for the job is necessary for the organization, as it will help the organization to take further decision about the operational and other process. The organization will check up the possibility that how the employees are working and based on that how they can culminate the entire thing. The employees responsibility and their performance is closely related and for the better job process the organization will provide proper training to the employees and the operation process will continue to grow (Greene et al. 2016). With regards to, the environmental conditions the organization will gather the information for the further processing of things and with the entire things the employees will learn to take their own responsibilities and they will work according to that thing. Immediate effect from the employees are essential to get things done in a good away and following this system the organization will able to discuss the basis of the job specification and job description. The collection of different tasks performed by the employees and the management takes the responsibility to curve this process in a perfect way (Phuka et al. 2014). The proper assessment of jobs basically specifies the necessary outcome of the employee performance. There are two major impacts that job description and job specification put in the job analysis. In job description, the organizations after collecting the data proceed towards describe the job to the management and the employees. The contents of the job need to narrate properly to the employees and they will take the help from this small discussion and this information will help in solving any problem regarding the job, moreover when they will get to know about the job properly they easily can able to do their tasks in a perfect manner. There are various tools, other equipments are involved in the entire organizational job description process, and by the help of accurate supervision from the management, team they can easily fulfill the requirements of the organization and it will further help in organizing things in a perfect manner (Cates et al. 2015). The organization will able to solve the hazards of the working possibilities and conditions, other than that the employees will not provide any of the ambiguous data about anything. The job categories will help in spell out the comprehensive process to the jobs and the qualification of the employees will easily solve the matter that what do they need to perform the job. Job description will further help in describing the job that how it needs to be done and how much time it will take and most important concern of the job will be in future it will improve the condition of the organization (Starling et al. 2014). In job specification, the organization will specify each job in accordance to the employees so they can easily perform the job. In the job analysis the ideal job will be a marketing executive and as a marketing executive. Working as a marketing executive in the company will comprises of several tasks like creating a team, formulating marketing strategy, create plans according to the needs of the company and implementation of appropriate plans. The executive will take up the plans in an appropriate way and then they will highlight the possibility that how the company will deal with it so it can gain market attention.

Measuring Results and Behaviors:

The organization needs to maintain a strategic policy so they can create a positive base in the management structure and it will help them in measuring the performance of the employees. The employees need to put an effort for the organization so it can help to the growth of the business as well as in the personal level the employees get the benefit. The expected objectives of the organization meet to get fulfilled by the employees (Phuka et al. 2014). Measuring behavior of the employees is an important approach that is established by the organization in gaining organizational details and performance structure. It is important to assess the individual performance and such measurement will help in developing the organizational growth. Measurement of employee behavior will help in the assessment of competencies. It is important to keno the strengths and weak nesses of the individual so that the human resource manager be able to train them accordingly in gaining profit (Anitha, 2014). In order to appoint the responsibilities and roles the company needs to examine individual skills, talents and performance. In order to encourage and motivate the employees towards performing better, the human resource department needs to promote them to higher posts or regards them for this performance through offers and incentives. The company needs to formulate effective strategies that will adhere to the employee growth and development.

Marketing executive’s competencies:

Marketing executive needs to think critically:

It is important in the part of the marketing executive to think critically and analyze every situation in a detailed way. Executives need to assess and examine every stock, products and employee performance critically and report if there is any issue. Critical thinking is useful in handling tough and rigid situations like risks and threats. For instance, the manager will be able to analyze the source of the threats etc. critical thinking gives rise to creative outcomes and determines the validity.

Marketing executives need to have analytical skills:

Marketing managers needs to have analytical minds in examining the vast amount of data and evaluate targeted consumers and their behaviors. Besides, it is important to strategize the existing marketing approaches and practices towards target and consumer oriented profit.

Marketing managers as project managers:

The marketing manager needs to have the ability to train its individuals towards performing team work that will help in project management. Project management refers to the handling, evaluation and implementation of projects. It is the through eth proper execution and conduct of eth project the talent and skills of an ideal executive is projected.

Employee Development:

Employee growth and development result in the growth and profit of the company. Therefore any company whether small or large enterprises need to cater to their needs and demands. Employees are the important part of eth production process who come mutually help in performing better and meet the production challenges brought in by several external and internal factors like, conflicts, political and economic factors, economic fluctuations, socio-cultural affects, globalization and others (Harris et al. 2014). Employees need to meet the targeted set of goals under the policies of the company. It is the employee, who is the driving force of the company, and in the production process, it is the employee’s handwork and performance that help in gaining profit and increase cost structure. Employee training and development need to be assessed and fostered under professional guidance towards improving organizational production. Training and development help the individual to understand their weaknesses and work on them in order to implement better practices and perform effective production (Kooij et al. 2013). Employee development help the individual in learning and gaining important knowledge that help them in developing in future that result in the overall organizational production and profit (Noe et al. 2014). It is important to address the issues that the employees face in the production process that gives rise to internal conflicts. It is important for the customers to understand the methods of problem solving so that they can take immediate measures and actions in limiting such issues and be able to meet the challenges and changes.

Devolopment Plan:




Marketing executive needs to think critically:

It is important for the marketing executive in analyzing risk, threats, production and performance of the company. Need to have innovative and creative mind in order to implement the strategic marketing methods.

Growth and development within the organization and motivate performance.

Marketing executives need to have analytical skills:

Need to be patient and confident about the strategies being formulated and implemented. Examine the report of market structure, budget, social and financial crisis, external and internal factors.

Reduce and limit the existing issues and implementation of innovative and creative outcome.

Marketing managers as project managers:

Potential skills of management and controlling of individual within the team. It is important for the executive manager in being patient and confidently train the individual participating within the new project

Beneficial in strengthening relationships. Enhancement of team work. Organizational growth and motivation towards performing better.


From the above study, it is understood that the organization need to cater to certain aspects that involve job analysis, employee training and development, employee behaviors and preferences. It is these factors that help in developing organizational performance. Every organization needs to analyze the customer’s performance and skills and talents. Besides, eth most important is to maintain organizational safety and protection that will secure the customers from any external harm and hazards. Employee growth therefore leads on to occupational and production benefits and profit.


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