"Jigsaw (2015)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Perhaps this is another example of when to pay tribute to the English language - the original name of 'Inside Out' expresses a greater extent all the highlights of the cartoon, which, alas, could not pass the Russian translation. Multidimensionality of primitivism in the language sometimes causes downright surprised.
Initially, after watching the trailer I was expecting some sparkling comedy with a bunch of jokes like those flashed in the trailer. I would even say that he was sure that the whole movie is comedy. But ... By the first quarter of the movie, it became clear that it is not so funny moments in the script appear more like razbavka the main plot, which is itself close to the greater drama than comedy. Am I disappointed? Not at all. Cartoon, of course, turned out to be not what I expected from him, but he was much more. Cartoon was released at the same time philosophical and instructive and motivating the audience to which it is aimed primarily (children), and looking at some points in the film came a strong feeling that the script working people who have advanced knowledge in the field of psychology, physiology and memory (and a whole brain). Of course, to convey all this in a cartoon, designed for children's audience - a difficult task, but I think the creators of the film is more than possible. The relationship of emotions and their consequences - interesting shows. While thinking how to start this review - I decided to read some already written here before. People's thoughts are clear, but I would look at this cartoon deeper. Despite the fact that he did for the children - things in it skips quite interesting for older children. And in general very surprised angry responses of adults in the children's cartoon) But the main observations of the film was 'Why only 5 of emotion', 'Why is the joy of such a bastard', 'Why emotions COX parade', 'This is not a comedy', 'lack of subtext' and etc. I will try to soften the paint. Let's start. We are talking about the colors we're talking about a thousand different colors? This is mistake. In reality, only 3 colors - red, green and blue. All three colors, and the rest are obtained by mixing the three primary colors. That is, people who cursed the film for a small number of emotions did not bother reasoning on the subject, that some emotions - is also a manifestation of other mixing emotions. I want these people to recall that the main types of temperament at all four. It is still less than five. Live with it now. Joy - selfish. In principle, so often it turns out. It can not be something absolutely enjoy, if not close our eyes to life's troubles and the garbage that surrounds us outside. Absolutely happy man - a man in pink glasses, which to the outside world, and probably do not care. Joy in its purest form - is really a selfish bitch, this will just have to accept it. Why emotions they rule? No, they do not they rule - they are more direct. And if you think about any of our actions - it is an emotional reaction to external stimuli. At the same iq choleric and sanguine will be absolutely different ways to solve tasks, t. To. They are different emotionally. I think some people think the brain, but the motivation for action often becomes just emotion. Can you imagine not admit it, but that emotions cause you to do most of the work - to make someone seems not to seem not like others, contrary to break out of the total circle, etc. That emotions determine our interests and desires, and analytical and creative ability of the brain - it is rather a tool to achieve the goal. About the adequacy of disgust - meaning in this. Every human emotion - is the mechanism required to guide human actions. Yes disgust goes too far, however, it is in itself a feeling of disgust for anything - this is a safety controller, developed in the course of evolution (and fear). The same disgust, fear, or even anger - a mechanism aimed at preserving security (practical application - an analysis of what can cause harm (ANALYSIS), escape from what may harm the (fear) and the ... protection of that can cause harm (rage -, respectively)). So the logic of disgust justified - it is one of the think tanks of man, many, alas - a very neglected. Not a comedy - it's true. I also expected at the outset that the whole film is from jokes jokes, which actually turned out to be extremely small. In this sense Pixar know (still remember WALL-E, which made a mistimed challenge someone's throat almost without words). Well, no subtext. What else to say, cartoon - that is what the cartoon to be viewed first and foremost children. Many psychological moments in the film have been simplified, many philosophical - are omitted, but the cartoon will be more than interesting and somewhat useful for a children's audience. Yes, it is useful because it has a moral, some preparation to scientific data and findings, providing an answer to the question 'what would happen if you throw to hell all the responsibility and do just as you want. " Not necessary in children who had come to shove rasslabona universal wisdom that their brain has to understand is simply unable to (or be able to, but after seeing the 'light children's cartoon' is in a state of 'mild cognitive dissonance'). In the cartoon all in black and white, with no extra subtexts, all lucidly and directly, but the sense of it not become less. Some 'criticism' attacked the children's cartoon, but did not mention the films on comics, which are made all the same with the expectation of an adult audience. And it is worth to compare where sense anymore ...
Although drip honey, and in a spoon of tar - the plot itself zachinka (family relocation and the complete failure of the rails) is pretty formulaic and primitive. In fact we have the plot revolves around a single cause, the consequence of which - the sheer bedlam in the head eleven girls. However, the essence of the movie - that's what is happening in her head, not that 'outside'. Personally, I did not have the interaction of different 'people', or rather of the puppeteers. We were shown only once the actual interaction (in the trailer). And more 'bun' at the end of the movie that the plot have no relationship. IMHO, this is a clear nedorobotki, ie. To see in one place I wanted to see the real response and the other did not happen to.. Fragment from the general narrative canvas. It costs or make an absolute focus on one person, or the same show repeated interaction with other individuals. This, unfortunately, I have not seen. But otherwise I got a lot of pleasure from watching a cartoon. From me he deserved applause.
9 of 10

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