"Jigsaw (2015)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Girl named Riley from Minnesota are there tomboy - chasing hockey friends gets relevant, hates broccoli, often happy, but from time to time still manages to get her father and mother by his actions. Simply put, the main character of "Puzzle" is a type of an average child with his subjective position in life, endowed with the most common joys and concerns. With the direct participation of the drawn artless children of Pixar creators have decided to pay attention to how the remaining little-known as a non-trivial part of the human psychology, for greater clarity, populating head girls cartoons funny elements: purple slender Fear; red with anger, reminiscent squat stump with a penchant for periodic spontaneous combustion; articulated media barabakoy Ksenia Sobchak chrysotile green with disgust; Grief-rich blue with an insinuating tone, and sunny yellow, iridescent cheerfulness Joy. This is not always friendly, but a colorful team of pilots is responsible for the behavior of our little heroine, creating parallel bins in her memory curlicue of colored balls a la toy Zula. Living in an isolated tower, from which over a dark maw abyss of oblivion stretch hinged way to the islands of Friendship, family, hockey (where the same without him), honesty and mischief, five basic emotions tirelessly monitor and control the personality of its bearer, that about their existence I do not think at all. But one enterprising Joy and amorphous Sadness, two seemingly eternal antagonist, through the fault of its own rastyapistosti are trapped in the mind of his mistress, and will be forced to join forces to ensure that safe and relatively unharmed back to the usual habitat of the remaining three companions, who at the time of their return will have time to bloat cases.
the colorful mess "Puzzle" is hiding a serious underlying reason relating generous surprises themes of personal transformation, why watch cartoon it will be interesting for both children and quite a sexually mature individuals. Drawn creation, the original name of which sounds like «Inside Out» ( «inside-out" or habitual Russian ears "topsy-turvy") clearly and accurately shows that the human qualities set does not provide unnecessary or harmful emotions, and is an expression of emotion out of place . Once on the complexities of the threshold pop-puberty, Riley also experiencing not the best of times, the cause of which is organized by the moving parents from the usual microcosm of the American heartland in the noisy and therefore uncomfortable San Francisco with so-so the prospect of losing connections with serene past and "obyazalovka "new building, as required by the rigid framework of society. Fallacy of the original aspirations reveals its resemblance to a shaky house of cards, and when it turns out that the leading Frisco Bridge with fancy name "Golden Gate" is not made of gold, and the expectation of something iridescent and light is not always in a hurry to acquire the flesh of reality. Changes - whether it is a change of circumstances of time, place or manner of action - is not always beneficial, that does not prevent the viewer curiously watching them, extrapolating what he saw to his own life experience. Ahead of the course of the story, I admit that having passed the test of a kind similar to water, fire and copper pipes, Riley's emotions, before preservatives as orthodox-color, matched each of them, zulovskih balls will gain invaluable ability to be painted in the unique combination of these five color-tested symbols of emotions. Proposed feint designed not so much to entertain the children's audience an abundance of fabulous shades, as to show that continuous change - it is neither good nor bad, it's just another process that takes place inside every one of us regardless of our will. What's in the abyss of oblivion cartoon Riley, which is the prototype of every child, doomed to decay not only small, intermediate emotions, languishing in faded balls, no longer playing with bright colors, but also as it is a shame that once important milestones of her life - for example, an imaginary Bon each bin representing unknown Miracle Yudo of pink cotton candy, with a feline fluffy tail, elephant trunk and dolphin chirping, able to cry candy, which is prepared unenviable let touching, but unfortunately permanently to sink into l ETU among the rubble lost its relevance, the memorial (in the most literal sense) of trash.
here so here is uncomplicated, zashkalivayusche sometimes-amusing, sometimes-nostalgic defenseless (for holders of post-pubertal life) way "puzzle" emphasizes the truism, which states that all of us create a highly metamorphic - our on-businesslike ant cage daily and tirelessly to rebuild our personality, mercilessly cutting off the excess in the manner skulptorskogo cutter, according to the principle of the conveyor sending kaku th a part of our "I" to be destroyed scrap to give newborn memories manifest themselves in order to subsequently they also gave way to the new media experience. Considering the philosophical idea of ​​intrapersonal problems and triumphs through the prism adventures of a little girl in a big world and a core set of emotions in her hand-drawn head, a new successful creation of "Pixar" studio commemorates the scientific postulate that there is no more fluid and imperfect psychologically substance than human memories. They are whimsical and changeable, they can acquire a diametrically opposite in color depending on the situation and subjective characteristics of each individual. In the end, they are so unreliable and so suggestible that comparing them with brittle straw upon which our existence seems quite logical and correct. However, these straws are the most important link, to build our relationship with the environment, and without them, all mankind would represent a faceless gray mass, a kind of large-scale incubator brood, devoid of distinctive psychological traits. Two animated emotions as a spectator on the other side of the screen, will be travelers in kaleidoscopic realm of sections of the human body system, will visit a variety of interesting places, affecting the route covered and the area of ​​abstract thinking, and is under lock deadlock phobias, and the islands of stable attachments, and labyrinths accumulated memories, and even foggy city of dreams, where everything is possible. This series of drawings shows that it is our brain, if you approach it with the study is not a compound microscope and a pile of rigorous psychological testing, and by fictitiously-turretless animated approach. And this method is often more efficient in terms of impact on the minds of the audience, including the most immature. After all, whatever you say, every one of us is committed to in the bank of his emotions canary yellow balls, these gifts irrepressible joy was incomparably greater than anything else raznotsvetya.

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