"Jigsaw (2015)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Once there was a cheerful and carefree girl named Riley. Every day of her life was filled with infinite happiness and genuine joy. Adored her loyal friends, loving parents surrounded her with care and attention. But once Riley lives changed dramatically. Parents packed up, put sleeping daughter in the back seat of the car and went to a new apartment in San Francisco. All went well at first. Riley tried to be all the same fun and naughty girl, despite the fact that she had to spend the night in a sleeping bag in the middle of the bare walls in the attic, but the new school did not manage to find her friends. But, once again, something in her heart turned over - it has ceased to smile, laugh and enjoy life ... Riley did not know that inside there is a huge world in which to live radiant, air 'joy', bile, weedy 'disgust', ever panic, bigeye 'fear', crimson-red shorty 'anger' and a silent and mysterious "sadness." They also helped Riley cope with all life's problems, and maintain peace of balance, which is under threat of serious danger when the 'joy' and 'sadness' ... were in the back of the subconscious. Now, before you get back to the control center and save the owner from certain mental catastrophe, they will have to go through the land of imagination, thinking and forgetfulness.
Cartoon, apparently, can be interpreted in a purely psychoanalytic way. Eleven-year-girl Riley is in 'transition' initiation to the reality principle, and on the border of the emerging consciousness. Painful intrapersonal experiences exacerbated due to the radical change of the situation that is perceived by the child as a symbolic end of childhood and happy life. Despite the current situation, she struggles continue to pretend that everything is fine, but at some point finally suppressed emotions really forced out of consciousness, and therefore in the mental life of installed imbalance, which gradually (backed by the failed socialization and the first in life serious conflict with parents) undermines the formative basis of personality and full face existential collapse. But, as a result, difficult painful mental process (and where only not visited, and who just is not met bosom bridesmaids 'joy' and 'sadness'!) Leads to the need to consciously accept the unity and interdependence of the positive and negative aspects of reality, and fundamentally rethink carefree childhood as an irreversible historical fact, and enter thus a new stage of development. In general, Riley all ends well, not like most people, whose joy and sorrow and remained eternal wanderer.
In general, it should be noted, that the child is in psychoanalysis most uncomfortable subject for research, as a stumbling block in this the case is just the whole teaching of the axis - namely, sexuality. One can only marvel at how elegant and highly artistic filmmakers cope with such a complex and multifaceted matter how the child's mind (and the situation is complicated by the fact that it is in addition to everything else and female). The team of "Pixar" has always been famous for his penchant for elaborate anthropomorphization everything. But at that time, it seems, managed to reach the final frontier, and inspire the spirit. The work done, as always impressive and stunning. All mental instance (even including the widely known subliminal censorship, figuratively expressed in the huge prison) are detailed and original cartoon representation. Topographic map of the inner psychic empire includes the following areas. In the center is a reference point that serves as habitat emotions team. From him in a circle depart rays, leading to the islands, which are based on the fundamental values ​​of life - family, morality, friendship, interests and ... tomfoolery. Behind them there are innumerable ranks of long-term memory, which periodically undergo cleaning and unwanted memories go straight into the "abyss of oblivion." It is also impossible not to mention the most important field of thought and imagination, from which in the "command post" regularly trains, piled high with thoughts, dreams and images. On one of those 'transmentalnyh' expression and try to get joy and sorrow that went "against the system" emotional perception of reality and together with the operational memories flew in long-term memory.
Generally, in the discursive relations, 'Puzzle', in my opinion the most developed and ideologically diverse cartoon of all that came out from under his arm animation studio Pixar. Director and screenwriter Pete Docker to their sixth full-length animated film reached, probably the peak of his professional skills. It is in the 'Word Search' semantic components - plot, characters, relationships, morality and history. etc. absolutely correlate visual design, which this time is much more than just a background and the very ideologically included in the fabric of the narrative. Ultimately, the entourage pictures rightfully become on a par with the action itself and looks even more impressive, which is hardly surprising when you consider what a fabulous money was thrown at his creation.
before reaching the screen (next), the Oscar-winning 'multblokabastera 'WALL-E (in my opinion the best cartoon after the' Puzzle ') budget studio Pixar patterns increases exponentially until it stood at around 180mln $ allotted to the history of the old robot with a good heart (it is known that such cartoons are usually no t Ore pay off at the box office, because they go to a whole family, and thanks to the wide range of topics and elegant picture fanateyut parents on such cartoons as much as children). The cost of 'puzzles' limited to the same amount. But I must say that the purely visual difference between the two is evident. Unlike the vast, outer, and various saturated world VALL space 'Logical' narrowed down to a rich, but is strictly limited and closed 'region of the brain. " Latitude replaced by deep, infinite variability (remember the landfill in WALL-E) saturated multidimensionality, impeccable and precise detailing slightly blurred, ghostly shades. In general, it should be noted that the "Puzzle" coloring (such colors I had never seen) and chiaroscuro game is a priority to structural prorirosovkoy. But this is not a disadvantage, but a conscious stylistic turnover, giving the cartoon dreaming, fantastic atmosphere.
Separately should mention the Russian dubbing actors who have appeared in all its glory (even shines K. Sobchak in a suitable role 'disgust'). But especially, in my opinion, stands Olesya Zhelezniak whose delightful kind of voice with a hint of gipetrofirovannoy fatigue and (so characteristic of 'sorrow') "cathartic", "encouraging hopelessness', as it falls exactly in rhythm with her character and the whole cartoon tone ( spoiler: sadness-and will be the key to unlocking the soul, but attentive viewers may have noticed that she dominated in the mother's soul)
So, 'Puzzle' is probably the best animated film studio Pixar, which is, I think, like everyone. man Nez isimo of age, sex or temperament. After all, in the soul of all these adventures take place in us every moment of joy ... and take care of it you have one.

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