"Jigsaw (2015)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Pixar studio is not for nothing is the flagship high-end animation. Its experts for several decades now and then amaze the audience into believing in the genuineness of emotions animated toys, the problems of the relationship between machines, sincere love of one robot to another, and the monsters out of the closet, which prove to be not as bad as we thought. Each new cartoon studio, it is a challenge to the creative team. Pixar rarely agree to develop sequels of its successful projects, because for them the vital creative development, thanks to which they changed the animation to make of it elite with a sense of fun for audiences of all ages. In the past, almost all cartoons studio described the adventure or neoduhotvorennyh items or eccentric monsters. And now it was the era of man, placed in the epicenter of the story. Relatively bad experience "Braveheart" has not stopped Pixar specialists and they are even more zeal undertook to conquer the challenge, knowing that in the end they will be able to remove the cartoon, which is not only fully restore their reputation and put another unattainable bar quality for competitors. One of the most talented directors and writers working at Pixar and able to overcome the highest obstacle remains unchanged Pete Docter, in his time to work on projects such notorious as "Monsters, Inc.", "WALL-E" and "Up." It is noteworthy that Docter's career is not a single passage of the cartoon, because he always puts in his story a piece of his soul. He does not always happen to occupy the chair director, but when he is given the opportunity to lead the creative process, he can not resist the temptation to over and over again creating a magical adventure, from which it is impossible to look away. Another work Docter, on which he worked with a full immersion in the creative process has become a great "puzzle", which has become not only great fun for the whole family, but also one of the most brilliant, intelligent and incredibly emotional cartoons in the history of Pixar. Following the latest trends in the studio, Pete Docter for the time set aside all sorts of monsters, robots and other creatures of his restless imagination, and focused attention on the person whose image is simply a limitless ocean of possibilities awaiting implementation.
Thus, the plot of the film introduces us a girl named Riley (original voice Caitlin Diaz). For the first time we see her immediately after birth, when her little head dominates only one single emotion - Joy (Amy Poehler). Opening her eyes, the girl, and with it the joy, opened this wonderful world and affects every detail. Seeing parents, Riley heart overflows with joy, but with time, when the world begins to steadily expand and show all his strangeness, his head appearing Riley and other important emotions. Following the lead Joy actions, aspirations and desires Riley arrived Fear (Bill Heider), sadness (Phyllis Smith) disgust (Mindy Kaling) and anger (Lewis Black). Reason girls gave them a huge control room, where emotions got the full power and instructed character in different situations. However, the challenge the primacy of Joy could not nobody, neither anger nor sadness, because without the guiding hands of the very first emotion the rest would be in constant stress and uncertainty in their own abilities. And the adults are Riley, the more responsibilities lie on the emotions. They have to comply with in her mind the delicate balance between all the senses, as the slightest deviation in anger disgust, fear or sadness threatens to girls with unpredictable consequences. Every day, under the Joy emotion lay impressions and memories, the memory is patterned and even change the tone of some moments, giving them the necessary emotional depth. However, at one point The long-lasting work of emotions flying into the abyss because of an unexpected move Riley family from his native Minnesota to San Francisco, where the girl is faced with problems, which until recently did not even think. The best friends were a thousand kilometers, the new house is a gloomy feeling, but the school is not in a hurry to take into its embrace brand new, waiting for her to make the first move. And to top it all of the emotional control center for ridiculous accident lost joy and sorrow, thereby disabling half Riley consciousness. From now on, the heroine is no longer similar to itself, and constantly gets himself into extremes. She urgently needs to return the key emotions, otherwise the situation is completely out of control, and who knows what will happen in the future.
Probably not the best way to penetrate into the inner feelings of a person and understand how they work, than watching a cartoon Pete Docter . In a playful, colorful form director reveals to viewers the mysteries of human behavior, borrowing scientific papers processed by talented artists. In the "Word Search" quite a lot of attention is given to concepts such as short-term and long-term memory, podkorok, imagination, abstract thinking, and many other components of our consciousness with you. At the same time the creators have managed not to overdo it with the facts and give them gradually, without undue haste and always in visual form. Particularly useful "Puzzle" is for children who are preparing to go to the relevant courses at the school. The lesson taught by Pete Docter will be understood by all, and in contrast to the dry pages of textbooks, it remains exactly in the memory for a long time. The very same story fed to us on the background of a long journey of return of two careless, but such important emotions in their home room. Once in the space of memory and memories, they slowly explores all corners of consciousness Riley, resembling a kaleidoscope of attractions, all sorts of adventures and incredible discoveries. Having at disposal a truly unique storyline, the creators of "Puzzle" made him an incredible fabulous tour with scientific overtones. He draws constantly something surprising and does not let go until the very end.
As for the humorous component "Puzzle", it has become an order of magnitude deeper than the rest of creation Pixar. Pete Docter and company at this time tried to get to the core of human behavior itself, making jokes gained a dramatic hue and cause mixed feelings, which is not bad. Of course, the traditional clown in "Word Search" and there was a place, so that in the crucial moments of a few defuse the emotional stress that can explode with fiery tongues of Wrath. In addition, the director was not afraid to saturate the history of a few jokes, understood primarily adult audience. Frank piquancy, naturally, "Puzzle" currently does not allow, but shows the relationship between the parents is quite logical. So do not be surprised that in the history of emotions will not only Riley, but also adults, her friends, and even pets.
In the end I want to say that the "Puzzle" is rightly considered one of the most resourceful cartoon last time and almost immediately after the premiere gained cult status. Cartoon is not simple, it is thoughtful, touching and incredibly sincere. This is really a true masterpiece.
10 of 10

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