"JFK: Shots in Dallas" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

"Keep silent - you get into executioners
keep silent, keep silent, keep silent ...»
A. Galich
film JFK (or «JFK: the shots in Dallas," as he is called in the Russian box office) is interesting by the history of its appearance. Oliver Stone grew up in a family of Republicans and conservative education received. And because the first time he heard the official version of Kennedy's death, he, like millions of Americans, did not even think to expose her question. Until then, until his hands have not got the book New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison's "On the trail of the killers," tells the story of the attempted murder of their independent investigation of Kennedy's in hot pursuit. The book was fun to write - an experienced director felt it dynamic potential thriller. Try to understand the essence of the story he was getting late, ready and learned a tremendous amount of additional materials ... It has turned his mind once and for all.
director of such masterpieces as "Platoon" and "Born on the Fourth of July" and used to say out loud that, what many preferred to remain silent. At the same time, it is well to be aware of the price they have to pay to release the film on such a subject. When, without waiting for the premiere, all central American publications as the team came out with headlines: "Do not believe the new Oliver Stone," "Three hours of selective lie!". When a Hollywood master with indisputable reputation suddenly turned into a very controversial figure, whose paintings since then has consistently criticized and doubts in their artistic value and historical authenticity. Well, he's always been able to take a punch.
America recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of the tragedy. if anything has changed today? The world has changed. We have become much more free to discuss any topic. Cold War ended. There was a mass of documentary films with different versions of Kennedy's death. However, the US government has so far not provided any official findings refute the Warren Commission. Apart from a little-known Executive Action (1973), one of the well-known directors and did not dare to remove the full-scale artistic picture, even questioning the official version. . No one other than Oliver Stone, who has removed his film in 1991. The film
about how the District Attorney of New Orleans could not live with convenient lies, and began, with the risk of their lives - their own and their loved ones - to dig out the truth without delay - in fact, not about who really killed Kennedy. This is not another film version, shot needful lovers of conspiracy theories. This film is about conscience. On the impossibility of living, turning a blind eye to the obvious by pretending that everything is hush-hush. This film - a rhetorical question, addressed to all of us: "What kind of country we leave to our children? What kind of world they come after us? Whether they live in lies and fear, or whether they are entitled to as citizens of a free and democratic country to know the truth about who killed the head of state, and why? "And more importantly, how this truth to live on? This is a film that is called citizenship and patriotism, and, in fact, is the true love of country, without slogans and beautiful words.
The film strikingly combines documentary authenticity and proper artistic value. Depth and comprehensive analysis of the events, their preconditions and effects and vivid acting work - and in addition to Kevin Costner is and Joe Pesci, and Tommy Lee Jones and Donald Sutherland and Kevin Bacon, and of course, Garry Oldman. Follow the certainty of their existence in the frame - a true delight! By the way, many of the guest stars have significantly reduced the fee for the opportunity to appear in the film. And this is also a kind of citizenship. The film is a fusion of art cinema, reconstruction of the events and the documentary chronicles 1963 - which gives the narrative tone of documentary and nervous, dynamic pattern, leaving the viewer with a sense of involvement in what is happening. As a result, the picture does not seem tight, although there is a more than three hours!
So who killed Jack?
It seems that in the near future that Americans will never know. All documents, including diaries Jacqueline kept secret until 2028 -. 2039
film ends with Hitler saying that a lie has to be incredibly large - so believe in it more. And it's not even the fact that in reality it is said Goebbels, and Hitler later only paraphrased - the symbolism is obvious finals ...
10 of 10
For courage. For a slap "status quo". For high professionalism and independence of judgment. For citizenship. For their willingness to go to the end. For passionate, full of pain and genuine love for the motherland final monologue Jim Harrison - one of the best in the history of American cinema. For real tears Kevin Costner during the execution of this monologue. Not provided script ...

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