"JFK: Shots in Dallas" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

«Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country »
loudest movie of all that I have ever watched. Even difficult to imagine how resonant it was when just released in rent at the end of 1991. Due to the fact that Oliver Stone did not hesitate in revealing the truth, the White House initiated the decision to resume the hearings of the commission of inquiry into the murder of the 35th US president John Fitzgerald Kennedy
This film -. Perfect proof of how cinema can be. And as it should be. This is what I will write in more detail at the end, however, I note that Oliver Stone a perfect example of the director, who is not afraid to tell the truth to their audience. And in so doing, it is my great respect
«We will achieve peace, even if it means we have to fight." -. Dwight Eisenhower
After Eisenhower resigned his shift came a young politician who was very a different opinion about the future plans concerning the development of the military complex. Eisenhower was the initiator of the doctrine of "massive retaliation", which provided for an increase in aircraft with nuclear weapons. However, Kennedy, despite the fact that during his reign he had to strengthen its military presence in South Vietnam, made every effort to resolve armed conflicts and to improve relations with the Soviet Union. Such a policy is not very happy with the military generals who were aware that their activities have turned into a very lucrative business. Less than half a century of military spending increased nearly tenfold
«Farewell to his enemies, but never forget their names»
amazing how long ago happened this tragedy, which is rightly called the most egregious crimes of the twentieth century.; and how not extinguished interest in the disclosure of the truth of the US President being shot. On the moral principles and I will not write a word, that is. To. In the film, this time paying the lion's share. I note that a director's cut of Stone comes almost three and a half hours.
most interesting is that in five years will be declassified materials about the Kennedy assassination. Of course, any surprises should not wait, but it will be interesting to hear the official confirmation of the government conspiracy against the 35th president and the subsequent coup.
three years after the crime, District Attorney of New Orleans, Jim Garrison gets acquainted with the official report of the President of the Commission on Kennedy assassination investigation, better known as the Warren Commission. Interestingly, this commission was created by President Lyndon B. Johnson, who was sworn in just one hour after the Kennedy assassination that This means that the investigation took a very serious committee. And in the official report the error was not to be. However, after Jim Garrison (Kevin Costner) acquainted with this report, he found there a lot of errors and negligence in the conduct of the investigation.
After Harrison has approved its own investigation, he finds out about the plot, which involved high-ranking CIA officials, Secret Service, FBI, representatives of the mafia, the large defense industry bigwigs and personally US vice president under Kennedy - Lyndon Johnson. One Pentagon official says Harrison, that Kennedy was killed because of the desire to withdraw the United States from the Vietnam conflict and strongly weaken the CIA. At this point, Jim understands what he got mixed up. And here was his last chance to step back.
Harrison also recognizes that some of the media were involved in the conspiracy, t. To. In some newspapers it was reported that Lee Harvey Oswald formally charged. Although in reality, it was charged in four hours following the publication of articles in some newspapers. E. There has been a pre-prepared stuffing in the press about Oswald as the assassin of the president. Here Garrison realizes that Oswald made a scapegoat. Which then also publicly shot in the air, supposedly for revenge. It happened to my brother John F. Kennedy - Robert, who wanted to continue the policy of his brother. In fact, all Americans have witnessed a public lynching. And it is incredible degree blatantly.
The trial on charges of New Orleans banker Clay Shaw of involvement in the murder of John F. Kennedy, Harrison put forward conspiracy theories, it is fundamentally different from the official version of events presented in the Warren Commission report. The process on the murder of the president was the only one. Due to the fact that many of the materials on the case were kept secret, Harrison failed to collect the right amount of evidence. However, the Government was later rejected by the Warren Report. Official information will be presented to us only in 2017, when the term expires secrecy
. "Crossfire: conspiracy that killed Kennedy»
After a loud Harrison process was co-author of the book, "Crossfire: conspiracy that killed Kennedy", which formed the basis for this film.
in fact, this film is difficult to interpret as an art. It look like a documentary chronicle, which you show in the courtroom. The three and a half hours does not seem long, but after watching you to feel the incredible load of information that should be more to digest. Without a doubt, this is the best film of this subject. And maybe even the best of all that I have ever watched. This pattern is very important, especially for American society. Encouraged by the fact that there are such people as: Dim Harrison, his team; Oliver Stone and others who can sacrifice something in order to get to the truth.
I do not want to compare this film with any other. Although at first I wanted to make a comparison with a new picture of Clint Eastwood J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover early as November 24 (two days after the murder) in a telephone conversation with the new president said that he "wanted something that could be presented to the public to prove that Oswald was the killer." But in the film though it is attached importance to the participation of Hoover in cahoots, but not a single frame does not show himself. As no member of the Kennedy family, which is, of course, I was interested in the proceedings. And Kennedy's wife, who was an eyewitness to the murder, could well hear which side were the shots. Since Kennedy himself had heard the first shot, which was indicative and not to not hit. And of course, she would never have believed in the supposed "magic bullet" that struck just seven wounded two people.
He holds dear for the one thing he holds sacred ... the truth.

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