"JFK: Shots in Dallas" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

When to protest, but we remain silent, it is the sin of silence that makes people cowards. ©
Senator from Massachusetts John Fitzgerald Kennedy in January 1961 intrudes on the US presidency. He is the epitome of the new freedom of the 60s, identifying a change in the mindset of the American people. However, it goes through inheritance secret war against the communist dictatorship of Fidel Castro in Cuba. The culmination of this confrontation becomes which took place in April 1961 operation in the Bay of Pigs, the CIA organized and embittered Cuban exiles. Kennedy publicly takes responsibility for its failure. In October 1962, the world is on the brink of nuclear war, but the leaders of the two superpowers to find a compromise. According to the US it cancels the invasion of Cuba, and the Soviet Union withdraws its missiles there. Along the way, Kennedy followed the development of the conflicts in Laos and Vietnam. November 22, 1963 in Dallas during the journey presidential motorcade shot rang out. Officially, three bullets were fired at Kennedy. Rifle with manual recharging. 6 seconds.
news of the sudden death of the 35th President of the United States shocked the American people. On this day, the District Attorney of New Orleans Jim Garrison (Kevin Costner), a shame because he is an American. However, there are also some who do not much grieving for the death of a man who had condemned thousands of Cubans to the death and torture at Bay of Pigs, and also tried to equate the rights of blacks, supporting Martin Luther King. Guilty of killing Kennedy announced Lee Harvey Oswald (Gary Oldman), even though he said that because he made a scapegoat. Subsequently set up a commission to investigate the events in Dallas, led by Chief Justice Earl Warren. Since then passes 3 years
prosecutor Jim Garrison -. Perhaps the only man in America who read all 26 volumes of the Warren Commission th report (!). According to him, the Kennedy assassination investigation was carried out badly: reliable data were not taken into account, communication is not worked out, conclusions are selective. Then Harrison takes on its own investigation, which leads him to the largest in US history conspiracy involving the CIA, the FBI, the Mafia, the Secret Service and the military-industrial complex. The aim of the conspiracy was to kill Kennedy because of his intention not to invade Cuba and to withdraw American troops from Vietnam conflict and strongly weaken the influence of the CIA.
Kevin Costner gives here one of the most inspired performances in his entire acting career. His hero - naive prosecutor in glittering glasses who believe in justice and the law, and believes that he and a small group of like-minded afford to compete with the US government. Costner portrays Harrison passionate and tireless seeker of truth. Even when the investigation is complicated by family quarrels, mistrust on the part of colleagues, murders of witnesses, he still does not give up and goes to the end. The spectacular closing speech, in which the protagonist exposes the false power and calls for genuine democracy, not only is the voice of the Attorney Garrison, but also of how Costner nebezuchastnogo United States citizen.
Apart from the central star and Gary Oldman in the role of Oswald in the film involved many more luxurious actors playing historical figures. So, Joe Pesci turned into pilot Eastern airlines David Ferry, one of the supporters of Oswald. Tommy Lee Jones tried the role of a businessman with a different sexual orientation Clay Shaw, who, hiding behind an impenetrable wall of embarrassment, hiding his involvement in the conspiracy. The small, but bright as a secret agent in Washington who knows who is behind the assassination of Kennedy, made by Donald Sutherland. Auxiliary wife image of the protagonist, who feared for his family and marriage, took over Sissy Spacek. Kevin Bacon has agreed to play a gay man, are familiar with Clay Shaw. appear on the screen as Jack Lemmon, Michael Rooker, Sally Kirkland, Vincent D'Onofrio, John Candy and the real Jim Garrison as a judge Earl Warren.
The film script put the book 'On the trail of the killers' all the same, and Harrison' crossfire: a plot that killed Kennedy 'Jim Marrs. The theory about a plot can agree, but you can bet (for a more detailed study of the matter in it is found a number of inconsistencies), but in the process of viewing, thanks to a confident director Oliver Stone's hand, for a second there is no doubt in the authenticity of what is happening. Despite the fact that the tape contains not only accurate information, but also the author's assumptions, in her testimony is difficult to get lost. Since Stone is clearly passionate about the topic and do not want to be bored spectator, conversational scenes are delivered with the proper dynamics and sharpness, and information relating to individuals, names and dates are listed neatly in a little cumbersome, but a harmonious system. Even if you do not believe in the existence of the conspiracy, 'JFK' can be viewed simply as an entertaining conspiracy detective.
Visually, the picture looks very stylish. No wonder the director of photography Robert Richardson, and editors Joe Hatshing Pietro Scalia and grabbed for his work on the 'Oscar'. They managed to 'seamlessly' to mount a documentary and stylized historical chronicle shots in one piece the movie! The result of their work was impressive in the 1990s, and now is impressive. Garrison's investigation is always accompanied by flashes of black and white flashbacks, comments eyewitnesses, displays of 'archive' video and photos. Chaotic installation, with frequent changes of personnel, short-term transitions from present to past and back again, indiscriminate use of the zoom, as well as an ingenious work with lighting immerse the viewer headlong into the maelstrom of events that occurred before, during and after Kennedy's assassination in Dallas. The film is entirely saturated with the atmosphere of those years. . She is here everywhere: in art, interiors, costumes, tobacco pipes
Paphos final speech Garrison adults perceive with the understanding and the young - with enthusiasm. In whatever country you lived, for justice must be addressed. You can not bury our heads in the sand. To date, there are hundreds of documents that would help shed light on the murder of Kennedy, but the government or hides them, or burns. The truth will only through dozens of years, and the next generation. Stone's film does not reveal the secret of the Dallas offense. That, however, he does so it calls for the search for truth. For her, the main character as a true patriot, goes against their own government, because it has not lost faith in the Constitution, citizenship and democracy. It is not that the country can do for you and what you can do for her.

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