Jet Age 21st Century: Innovation And Technology Essay


Discuss about the Jet Age 21st century for Innovation and Technology.



The Jet age 21st century is going with a great speed by crossing old barriers and limitations by building new and futuristic world with equal respect to every living thing. The world is getting shorter as innovation and technology reached greater heights. As one business or individual can connect to other place for any purpose, they desire. Every animal or human being kept with a good protection and care by using all means of source required for them. By the same way, every business can be operated at any place for its betterment by crossing its barriers and limitations of where it originated. Every business applies its various sources to come into the limelight of consumer that is by advertisement, distributing free samples or charity.

Business begins with a unique name and brand that represents the product and create its brand image, which is called as branding. In other words, branding refers to process that involved in creating unique name and an image of the products by using advertisement campaigns (Lake, 2016). Branding is from word brand that is symbolic of the image of the product. The Brand is symbol that keep product separate from other products in quality, shape, graphics and designs. It creates individuality of the product by giving a distinct mark from the rest of the products. When a company decides to have its own brand name, it must determine how it wants to be looked at the market for now and future. The main purpose of creating this brand is to leave a lasting impression on the mind of consumers. This process of brand or branding is construction of company image in the market.

Advertisement is an investment that concentrates on the brand awareness among the consumers by showing its uses of their products in their life. The advertisement is the main source of leaving an impression on the customers about the company and its product. The main key factor creates brand personality and persuasiveness, which weight the intentions of consumers for the brand and its purchasing behavior. With more liking of advertisement allows a strong image to the product in the market. Advertising not only creates awareness among the consumers, but it also expands the consumer knowledge by showing different products rolling into the market with its usage. For many years, researchers and practitioners have researched on advertising that how it leaves an impact on customers that make them interested in the product (Abbasi & Aqueel, 2012). Even the small market industry mechanism can be different from the nature of advertising. There are some factors, which are kept in mind while making advertising that is a sector, on which company is concentrating, expectations from the impact of advertising. Advertising can influence public in both ways; positive and negative. If measures and calculation of an advertisement company are correct for the market, then it can influence positively or it can give a negative image to the product.

Advertisement with ethics is an effective way of leaving a lasting impression on the minds of public as it attaches them to it. Ethics refers to moral values or behavior that is expected towards society and it gives society mark that shows how the product is better for them and their coming generation. Ethics in the advertisement refers to the set of principles that governs the communication between the seller and buyer. An ethical advertisement is that which displayed their products by keeping in mind goodness of society that is by not telling lies, does not make any false claims or promises. With the passage of time, advertisers have lost their way towards ethics, as advertisements made only by keeping in mind the expectations of the company and forgetting their role towards a society that is an ethical behavior. Advertisers are only in the mode of turning up the sales by not thinking what impact is leaving on people. Unethical advertisement is one which:

  • Gives the misleading information,
  • Contains offensive material,
  • Spreads false or misleading information,
  • Shows or degrades products of rival or its substitute.

These are the symptoms, which makes advertisement unethical for every product. Some advertisements are unethical from the beginning that is when advertisement made or displayed as they are bad for society or can never be good for the society. This kind of advertisement is called as ‘surrogate advertisement’ refers to a form of advertisement used to promote banned products that are cigarette and alcohol, which is banned in almost every country but still this country promote is different ways. For calling advertisement ethical this three should be available that are Truthfulness, social responsibility and upholding human dignity (Sawant, 2012).

After keeping in mind all the features of branding and ethical advertisement, I chose two advertisements that are perfect example of branding, construction and ethical advertisement.

Those advertisements are:

  • Like a girl- Unstoppable

This is the advertisement, which made by the P&G called as “Likeagirl-Unstoppable”. As from the ancient times, this tradition of differentiation between men and women is going on and maybe go further until unless some steps is not taken. This is for the female, who think they cannot do because she is a girl, and women or girls don’t such things or they have never seen any girl doing this like wrestling or saving anyone by fighting, which can be seen in the advertisement as girls tell about their feeling (P&G, 2015). Here initiative took by the Company for picking up the society from old traditions and breaking down barriers by providing awareness and education among girls from the lower age so that further it can stop. P&G not only used this advertisement for awareness, but also used its tagline “Like a girl” with every product to make them feel how strong are and what they can do by coming out from their old barriers and traditions. This company selling their product by spreading education and sense of accomplishment of yes, they can do (Gamble, 2016).

  • Cute Animals Being Friends

This advertisement of android operating software of Google that called as “Cute Animals Being Friends- Be together. Not the same”. The ad has been made very specifically for its rival that is Apple which is not expressed anywhere that makes them part of the ethical advertisement as it does not disgrace its competitor. In this ad, various types of animals who runs from each other are shown helping and enjoying with each other like a cat helping dog going out by opening a lock of the door, the dog is having a rest on an elephant and more by forgetting each other desires except helping and caring (Google, 2015). The main purpose of this ad is to show their software can be used anywhere in any device a person desire to use in by keeping aside any limitations. This is one of the best examples of ethical advertisement as nothing is harmed and animals who are not found to be together are shown together doing things which makes thing better. This shows how society can stay together by forgetting all hatred as in their tag line “Be together. Not the same”.

These are the two advertisements, which is very well suited to branding, construction and ethics. In the above given, advertisements not only promoting their products but also helping to become part of the society and its culture. This helps to remove the social barriers which are not allowing to move further which stopping them for progress and showing how to love each other by forgetting hatred and staying together by saying be together, not the same.

These are two different advertisements, choosing different audiences with their different purposes as in “Like a Girl” their target is to spread education and promotion of their product by educating them that these problems are not real barriers. So, this helps them by uplifting themselves socially and culturally. The other one is of “Cute animals being friends” here they showcased their software’s quality by showing them love of animals who are opposite means who stay away from each other. As their software quality of use in any device with the love of animals give the motivation to society of staying together by forgetting any hatred. This encourages cooperation and love for society, which gives them strong belief. These two advertisements do target neither the same audience nor any consistency, as one is of uplift of society and the other is cooperation, where one is daily product and the other is used as a technology. Hence, both are the different advertisements with different targets with no consistency.


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