Jay gatsby: the truth of west egg’s mystery man Essay

West Egg’s most well-known young millionaire, Jay Gatsby was shot and found dead in his private pool October 3rd. Police confirmed his death as an apparent murder suicide caused by George Wilson, a garage owner from New York who had the purpose of avenging his wife’s death. Myrtle Wilson reportedly ran in front of the car as if she recognized it, but the car fatally hit her. Police later identified the automobile as being property of Mr. Gatsby. Thanks to Wilson’s murder, the driver who caused this tragic event remains unknown, as there were no eye witnesses that were able to recognize who was driving the car.

After Mr. Gatsby death, rumors erupted regarding his past and love life. The West Egg Times went on a treasure hunt to unravel more about the mysterious young millionaire’s true identity, origines and past.

Mr. Jay Gatsby’s funeral was held October 6th at 3:00 p.m. in his mansion. Surprisingly, very few people attended Mr. Gatsby’s funeral. The West Egg Times sent a reporter to the funeral who stated that a total of eight people attended the event including servants, a few friends and shockingly Mr. Gatsby’s father, Henry Gatz. Reporter Eric Woodbury investigated and sat down with Mr. Gatz, and asked him about his son’s origins and background.

“His name was Jimmy Gatz” said Mr. Gatz. He then proceeded to tell the story of his son’s childhood. Mr. Gatsby was born in 1882 into a family of poor farmers up in North Dakota, rather than into wealth in San Francisco, as he claimed.

“When he was only sixteen he started writing a schedule",” said Mr. Gatz, “by which he had the intention of improving himself. He said that schedule would lead him to a successful life”. It sets out a rigid timetable for each day, including such activities as study electricity and listed “General Resolves”, such as “no wasting time at Shafters” and “no more smoking”. “Jimmy was bound to get ahead. He always has some resolves like this or something” Mr. Gatz mentioned.

Mr. Gatsby ran away from home at the age of seventeen and a year later attended in a small college in Minnesota called St Olaf's. In order to pay for tuition, he had to work as a janitor.

St Olaf's College, Minnesota

He dropped out after two weeks of showing up to classes since he could not bear the idea of working as a janitor.

Next summer, he worked in Lake Superior fishing and digging for clams. One day, while he was out fishing, he saw a yacht heading in the direction of an impending storm, so he rowed in its direction to warn the owner. The owner of the boat, was a fifty year old self-made millionaire named Dan Cody. Mr. Cody made his fortune during the Yukon gold rush. Mr. Cody then decided to take Gatsby in and make the young man his personal assistant and taught him how to speak and act in a proper manner. Mr. Cody also gave Jimmy Gatz a new name: Jay Gatsby.

Dan Cody’s yacht - Hurrica V model

During their following voyages to the West Indies and the Barbary Coast, Mr. Gatsby's dreams of self-improvement and achieving success were only aggravated by his relationship with Dan Cody. He also became more passionately covetous of wealth and privilege as time went by.

When Cody died a few years later, Gatsby inherited $25",000. However, Mr. Cody's mistress, Ella Kaye, sued Gatsby, preventing him from claiming the money as his own. As a result, Gatsby once again became impoverished.

In 1915, Mr. Gatsby joined the army to fight during the Great War. In 1917, he was stationed in Camp Taylor in Louisville before fighting in the war. Gatsby met Daisy Fay, an extremely popular young woman amongst the military officers. Gatsby lied about his background to Daisy, claiming to be from a wealthy family in order to convince her that he was worthy of her. “When I first met Jay, I had no idea of who he truly was. I have never met anyone with such good manners and was such a gentleman… I guess that’s why I fell in love with him.” said Mrs. Fay when interviewed. “After one month of being together, Jay was called to go serve overseas. He was always such a hopeful person that he made me believe that we would be together and get married once he returned. So I promised to wait for him”. But in 1919, Mrs. Fay broke her promise, marrying Tom Buchanan, a young man from a family of old rich.

Jay Gatsby became obsessed by the need to be rich. He convinced himself that if he became rich enough to provide to her and to be part of her social status, he would win her love back. That was his vision: his happiness would be achieved through wealth. The problem with this was that how he made his money was not important; means did not matter, the point was to make it.

Determined to get her back, Mr. Gatsby worked in the oil industry, and later with Meyer Wolfsheim, a gangster that is rumoured to have fixed the 1919 World Series. While working with him, he gets into bootlegging and other criminal enterprises to make enough money to convince Mrs. Fay that he was enough for her.

“Gatsby is the single most hopeful person I have ever met, and will likely ever meet again”, said Nick Carraway, one of Mr. Gatsby’s closest friends and Daisy’s cousin. “He commitmented himself to becoming rich and bought a mansion across the bay from her house just to prove his worth to her. He loved her deeply and put her on a pedestal. He treated Daisy like she was the only person in the world who mattered. The fact that he brought himself from rags to riches was rather extraordinary. He grew up as a poor farm boy in North Dakota and turned himself into Jay Gatsby, with his huge mansion and having parties that went on all night. He was self-created. He invented Jay Gatsby. That is why I think that his true story should be known” Mr. Carraway says.

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