Jacob may research paper second try Essay

There's a ton of types of offroading. I hope everyone at least once went off roading from being from rock crawling to mudding to trails and more types of offroading. They make parts and trails and tracks for this kind of fun. Their is alot of money into offroad machines. That have shows put on for those types of machines. People think it is retarded to put alot of money into those machines. Those kind of people think that they are just a hole you put money into and never get back. That ain’t true at all. They have comptisions for those machines and if you win and you get a handful of cash. It isn’t cheap at all.

Rock Bouncers

Oh their is rock bouncers that have so much horse power that they sling rooster trails 200 foot in the sky. (Rooster trail- the mud",dirt",and sand tht comes of the tires that gets thrown into the sky). The rock bouncers is a full body cage with a monster motor and big tires and those are built to climb hills and such. The rock bouncers run from 20 to 55 inch tire size on them. The horse power on the rock bouncers run from 200 to 2000 horse power. Their is different types you can add horse power to them. Their are turbos which is my favorite then their is prochargers, super chargers, N2O, and then blowers. Then their are different types of fuel their is methanol, alcohol, ethanol, and etc. this is a good way to boost power but, you can not use some combinations just because some of them use the air to make them work and so on and so on.

Rock Clawers

Most rock clawers are very slow because that are high geared to climb up hills and over rocks and go though alil mud some times mud but not very much. Rock clawers have roll cages and cages on the outside of the truck, jeep and a custom built rock clawer. The cage keeps the body panels from getting messed up or scatched up either. The rock clawers do not have as much horse power as the rock bouncers do or the mud trucks. Most rock clawers are jeeps but their are a few trucks and side by side(utv) or four wheeler(atv). The rock clawers are not cheap either they can make a very deep hole in the bank account but hey its for fun.

Side by Side(UTV)

The utv is built for mud, trails, climbing, and etc. The utv is also used for work on farms and ranches. Their is so many parts that you can upgrade to on a utv their is parts from sound systems, engine parts, to rims and tires, and lift kits and much much more. The utv has many purposes for its used for. Then the racing utvs they use for ralley racing and sunts and etc.


It is the cheapest way to mod them and have a good time on the trails and mud bogs and just riding out in a field and those are used for farm and ranch work also. Atvs have all sorts of sizes ranging from kids size to a monster size atvs that can easily climb on top a car with no issue at all. Those are the offroad atvs their is also racing atvs. Their is events for racing atvs that can you can win a good bit of money. Here is the problem with those that they can cost more then a brand new car. Nothing offroad is cheap unless your a country boy, or a redneck because we know how to drive theses machines to the max because we have been on them are whole lifes.

Sand Rails

Those machines have a good alil bit of horse power. Not as much as a rock bouncer but more the a rock clawer. Theses sand machines are mostly 2 wheel drive. They are alil tall but their suspension is very soft to take the speed and the bumps that they go though the desert or track. Those machines are alil cheaper then a rock bouncer but more money then a rock clawer is. They also have events like races and such in the desert or track they can do sunts and such. The sand rails can very from custom trucks, cars buggies, and utvs. Theses sand rails are only built for sand and track use only.

Mud Buggies

Mud buggies are only built for driving around in the mud and swamps and used for getting people from flooded areas. Mud buggies stand up to like 25 foot tall and sitting on tractor tires. These mud buggies are only built to go nothing can go though like deep swamps and rivers and etc.

These buggies are custom built these buggies are mostly used at mud bogs and mud events. These custom built mud buggies always run a big block v8 engine sometimes boosted. They usualy have around 400 to 1200 horse power. Most mud buggies have a water proof sound system on it.

Mud Trucks

The last and my favorite part of offroading. Mud trucks and jeeps and have gas or diesel, and etc. These machines have from anywhere from 200 to 5000 horse power. Their lift kits can go from no lift kit to a truck or jeep lifted so high the you need a 12 foot ladder to climb into the cab of the machine. They have regular tires to bigger then a big tractor tires. They also have events and such for mud machines like this and the cash pay out can something can buy you a brand new car. They also have bounty holes(bounty hole- a very deep mud hole that is close to impossable to cross. Then the money put into these machines is enough to buy a house. It isn’t a sport it is a hoppie that alot of people like to do. These machines have custom built frames that take many hours to build and money.

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