"Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Occupation" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Going to the cinema, we usually know that it will be a comedy, a la Sherlock Holmes detective, or something like that - that ...
«Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Occupation" - comedy. As they say - a classic. Now imagine, but it is super hard, that going to the movies, except for the genre, we know nothing. Monstrously difficult, but presented.
Imagine again difficult that the viewer that is not lived in the Soviet era. And much he did not understand, well, like this is some - that transistors can not be bought, "Wait - wait, what about them on the market is not really Savelovsky?»
But we digress. The viewer came to comedy. And she wants to laugh. Whether or not?
film sold on the quote. They are a huge number. And when referring to these passages, we often laugh machine. These quotes are sure to have heard even born in Russia, such as in 1992. And just smiled, then laughed, and laughed, and now
Miloslavky - Kuravlev:. "Citizens, keep the money in a savings bank! Of course, if you have them, hmm. " It is curious that the second sentence was not in the script, it is an impromptu actor. But you never know any more sayings of the movie ... Well, you can not remain indifferent, watching this movie.
entire cast a number of selected and lined up just perfect.
main actors. Alexander Demyanenko, Yuri Yakovlev, Leonid Kuravlev Natalia Krachkovskaya, Savely Kramarov, Natalya Selezneva. Each image is unique. Each phrase, uttered memorable artists
Yakovlev. "Taste you of my cup. Be sensible, my lord. Housekeeper did ... vodka ... bricked bricked up, the demons ... I was plagued by vague doubts ... Everybody Dance »
Demyanenko:" If you were my wife, I would have hung up ... »
Actor everything goes well on the super level! Mikhail Pugovkin, Sergey Filippov, Natalya Kustinskaya or Yuri Chernov (musician). Instantly memorable for a lifetime director Pugovkina. Or a policeman who said: "Tambov wolf you lord!»
It happens sometimes that even adapted the script is good, and all the actors in the field, but charged as - is not clearly. Or music is lame.
Speaking of music. The music here is Alexander Zatsepin, which Gaidai worked in previous films. What are the songs: "All of a sudden, like a fairy tale, the door creaked," "Ringing the January blizzard", "Maroussia silent tears pouring down." It's not just music, but they can be considered true even of individual works.
How filmed. At least the episode when Kuravlev climbed in medieval armor. And the helmet is understood and falls.
No mind-blowing effects a la "The Matrix". But they are not needed. But there is an easy, excellent and unobtrusive installation, inner dynamism, and even subtle hints in detail. Extension "3-62" phone number that calls George Miloslavsky when calling to work Shpak, is the price of a bottle of vodka in the USSR
Who -. It says about movie bloopers. Yes, there is a small dock not, but they are not essential. Any - any of them can be put to rest at all. Pessimists point out that in the police interrogation scene of Grozny to a question on year of birth says: "1533 of the birth of Christ." We pointed out this error. Yes, Ivan the Terrible was born August 25, 1530, and in 1533 his father died, Vasily III of, and Ivan became Grand Duke. It is not a mismatch, and the Terrible makes it clear that he was in this year "was born as a king." Chronology "by Christmas" was introduced by Peter the Great in 1700. Prior to that, in Russia conducted chronology "from the creation of the world." Like response of Ivan the Terrible I had to be: "Summer 7038 on the creation of the world." But this chronology have forgotten and would have had to explain almost everything. I have, but. Terrible led an active correspondence with foreign rulers, for example, the Swedish King Gustav I Vasoy, the Queen of England Elizabeth I, King of Poland and other monarchs. Surely Ivan the Terrible knew chronology throughout Europe, albeit it was unusual for Russia. Once in an unusual environment, like abroad, though not the territory, but the time, he could indicate the year of the European style. The inaccuracy of it or not - a moot point. Personally, I am sure that Gaidai specially made to Yakovlev - Grozny said: "1533 of the Nativity»
can say that the film is too lightweight.. And here and there. It is worth paying attention to certain phrases. But first, here is what - in Soviet times no where - ever, in party circles was the catch phrase: "No luck on the Russian tsars!". Gaidai film a vivid illustration of this.
According to Gaidai Russian power in the kingdom, the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union often come two categories. First - drunk crooks = = = swindlers scoundrels as miserable Bunsha. Thus "the kings, for harm milk should be given free of charge", and nothing more. His philosophy is clearly demonstrated in his expressions: "Kidney Man once the queen ... I demand to continue the feast!". The second category - the thieves. They are even in contrast to the first patriots. Miloslavsky - Kuravlev says Bunsha - the king: "What do you mean state-owned land to squander ?! That way no townships not impossible to satiate "the Orient they are quite vague," that war is no currently no »
Yes, the phrase:" They say the king - a fake "is also a very large meaning!?!. In the history of Russia, this question was asked more than once. Here are just two examples of one person. Once on the throne appeared Falsdmitry. Who was this man, who reigned just over a year, it is not clear. The school taught that it was a fugitive monk, but we were in school a lot of things inspire. Wife of Ivan the Terrible and his mother Dmitry recognized the man when he ascended to power. When he was killed, was forced to renounce her, she gave an ambiguous answer: "It would be asking me when he was alive, but now that you've killed him, he was not my»
Everyone who speaks in Russian, she loves to laugh. and at least a little - a little history is required for viewing. Yes, the film has a small minus. Sorry, but the most likely. foreigner new to our lives, and history will not be able to catch some of the details.
result. Laugh health
10 of 10

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