"Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Occupation" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

. A few thoughts about the film, filling our life mass quotations for all occasions, and his literary basis
«Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Occupation" - one of Soviet films, by definition, take up more space than just a popular film of its era. According to my observation, there is no other tapes, excerpts from which, sometimes quite unconsciously, we punctually be mentioned in everyday communication. Yes, biting phrases from other films also have this property. But I think very few people would argue that the third film directed by Leonid Gaidai of Schuricke in this regard - a definite champion
Drinking in good company, we are a no-no yes and attendant paste instead of toast -. «Well, sensible Bude, ! boyar » Getting acquainted with someone in a relaxed atmosphere, on the machine can issue: « Very nice. King » . And of course, seeing something extraordinarily beautiful, which did not expect to see, often pulling: «What a beauty. Lepota-aa ... »
Once again reviewing the trilogy about Schuricke Gaidai, this time specifically to write a review for each of the films, try to ride your favorite skate and evaluate the painting through the comparison with literary basis - the play of Michael Bulgakov "Ivan Vasilievich».
appropriate title at the beginning of the movie remember, think of all. But read this relatively neraskruchennyh, while the more well-known works of Mikhail Bulgakov work, probably not many. Who has not read - I strongly advise. Play is quite short, for an hour - a half relaxing, leisurely reading. And in the process you should not leave the sensation of how much care cost Leonid Gaidai with the original. The play is not just used as a basis as a plot outline, it is almost line by line moved on the screen. Amendments are made only in those areas that do not fit into the realities of a new historical period.
And by these amendments has won in the first place, the image of the thief George Miloslavsky. Maybe this is a subjective sensation, but in the play, he played a supporting role rather. Here, thanks to the excellent work of Leonid Kuravleva turned most charming villain, not inferior in this respect to Bender, the mouth is one of the most memorable jokes original invested (there are in the movie, but not in the play) - «Citizens! Keep your money in a savings bank. Of course, if you have them » and « Fie on you. Fie on you again ».
But the image of the superintendent Bunsha, on the contrary, from the timing differences has lost some flavor. Bulgakov Ivan - a former prince disguised persecution on class descriptions about the right social background. His resemblance to the king not to be explained by this, but the hint is given. Both kind of Rurik. Here the engineer Timofeyev deprived scoring jokes in the dialogue with Tsar Ivan Vasilyevich: «In Moscow, now there is only one Prince, and he says he is - the son of a coachman» . But the historical nuances of the writers tape, as they could offset the current social realities embedded in the mouth Bunsha-contemporary. For example, I especially like the phrase about «house of high culture of life».
Timofeev himself, in whose image this time appears matured Shura, too, of course, has a secondary character. Agree, every time in the process of watching the film there is a feeling that everything is fine without it. While in the frame communicate values ​​such as the Yury Yakovlev in the image of the king, and Michael Pugovkin as director Yakin, we seem to forget about Shurik. The same thing - in that part of the picture, where Miloslavsky with Bunsha trying to not get lost in the realities of the XVI century. And this too is a promise, most likely inadvertently resulting from the filmmakers. Shura - a simple Soviet man, who on charisma, of course, gives bright individuals from both his and of previous eras. But nothing, no one will not work without it. It is on these holds Shura and wonderful country, overeat «caviar overseas, aubergine».
Alexander Demyanenko, remaining a favorite actor Gaidai, played here, probably, the last brilliant role. Then nothing even remotely approaching the success of, the viewing to abandon memory among his works in the movie was not there. While he was shooting a lot. Probably, and Natalya Selezneva, not having worked it with Leonid Iovich two tapes of Schuricke we have today remembered quite rare. For these actors meeting with the director became a major chance in their careers, which they used with success. Do not get lost in the future, after working in a movie - it's a difficult task. And by force, it is only truly great actors - the same Yakovlev Pugovkin, Etush, Kuravleva. Or, if you take the previous picture Gaidai -. Vitsin, Nikulin
himself play choice for the film adaptation, by the way, perfectly meets the character Gaidai never boyavshemusya controversial decisions and often goes to the brink of the abyss censorship. It is the same today, "Prisoner of the Caucasus" seems harmless comedy, without which it is difficult to imagine the New Year in our country. But the film was on the verge to be on the shelf, and has undergone certain censorship revision. After an early is not the most well-known work, "The bride from the world" Gaidai all miraculously profession. This can be seen from the director dedicated to the anniversary of the podcast on kinopoisk. So it does not seem random choice for the next picture works of Bulgakov, whose creativity and life, and after the death of Soviet censorship treated with special predilection. When people are at risk, they understand that they can lose a lot, but good cards - buy more, invest at the same time his heart and soul into their work - the output is what is then called a classic, and even descriptions
For me, "Ivan Vasilyevich. changing profession "- the peak of creativity Gaidai, the same as it is for some of the actors mentioned above. Unfortunately, after the director of this great tape in the works I went on down. All of the following pictures, of course, also good. But remove something better "Ivan ..." it was hardly possible in principle. And this is not sad. After all, real happiness for any creator - to create a piece, the same heat treat that will be millions of people from different generations, even after several decades, when the window completely different times. The work, which will be a real beacon and symbol of the era.
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