"Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Occupation" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

a large number of films of different genres was filmed during the Soviet era. Basically, it was a movie about the war. Much less comedy movie was filmed. Some movies have been successful, some - not. But, in my opinion, in the cinema of the Soviet Union, there were two of the greatest genius that are the basis of the comedy component. Leonid Gaidai and Eldar Ryazanov. The only difference is that the Eldar, mostly filmed lyrical melodrama with comedy elements, and Leonid Iovich - insanely funny comedy, I would say - "effervescent." It is only based on his sense of humor, erudition and knowledge of cinema, I will mention the most successful paintings by Leonid Gaidai Iovicha. Operation "Y" and other adventures Shurik (1965), Kidnapping, Caucasian Style (1966), The Diamond Arm (1968), 12 seats (1971). But today, I want to share my opinion about the movie, which certainly takes the first place on my list of favorite Soviet, and Russian films - Non-science fictional, not entirely realistic and not exactly historical film based on the play by Mikhail Bulgakov - "Ivan Vasilievich . profession (1973) »
There are no such people in Russia who would not know Leonid Gaidai and his wonderful films, needs no introduction « Ivan. "- is a Soviet comedy production of "Mosfilm . Honestly, it is very difficult to say anything about this comedy. It is excellent! But, as the saying goes. "! We must, Fyodor, it is necessary»
So, start with the story . Brilliant engineer-inventor of a middle-aged Alexander Timofeev, or simply Shura, creates a time machine. During the test, the time machine connects the apartment of the protagonist with the sixteenth century, and it is - with the chambers of the Emperor, the King and the Great Prince of All Russia - Ioana of Grozny. In old Russia fall namesake king-retired public man Ivan Bunsha and a thief George Miloslavsky. But in the XX Century "moved" the great emperor. Damage to the machine leads to a variety of funny and unexpected events ...
The film is divided into 3 parts.
Black-and-white prologue, in which the protagonist creates a time machine, but during the launch of the car comes burnout jams at the entrance and an explosion, which resulted in, Shura, loses consciousness
Next part -. color. Vision Timofeev. All major The film takes place in this part. Shurika divorce from his wife - actress Zina, who leaves him to film director Yakin. Theft in the apartment dentist Anton Semenovich Shpak thief-recidivist Georges Miloslavsky. And of course the test of time machine on low power in the presence of the superintendent Ivan Bunsha, in which there is an acquaintance of the two actors. By increasing the power and restart the time machine, Shura opens a passage in the royal palace of Ivan the Terrible. That point C begins a very funny adventure Miloslavsky and Bunsha in the XVI century, as well as the Shura and John the Terrible in the 1970s
The final part -.. Epilogue He again black and white. After the explosion, Shura comes to life, but still does not understand what happened. A knock at the door of angry neighbors, and then return to the work of his wife Zina and talk with her, finally leads him to his senses and he realizes that everything he dreamed.
This year in September, the film marks the 44 years. I rarely can be noted the film, which has no minuses. So in my view, minuses here and there can not . So let's talk about the positive aspects of comedy, has not lost its relevance and beauty. The film is still hilarious and can even today evoke a smile, a laugh and a lot of positive emotions. Suffice it to recall the great dialogues of the main characters. After all, almost all of the film broke into sayings and quotes that we use in everyday life. «And you will be cured, and you too will be cured ... and I will be cured!», «Yes, you say, what wine to me, my lord. -. Tambov wolf you Boyar », « Oh, What a beauty! Lyapota! » . It's awesome.
cast is small, but it is so outstanding and chic! Alexander Demyanenko, superbly played Shurika (engineer and inventor), but unfortunately, remained in the memory of the people, as an actor in one role. Yuri Yakovlev, which is perfectly able to play just two persons - Ivan Bunsha (house manager) and Ivan the Terrible (Tsar). These are two completely different characters - a stern King John, who at the end of the film has a modern slang says: 'The police swept up, sew deal'; and the right-retired superintendent. Stunning Leonid Kuravlev, which was reincarnated on the screen in George Miloslavsky (thief-recidivist), and his character - a splendid humorous component. My favorite character Theophane, by Kramarov . I believe that this is an outstanding actor with little foolish appearance, which makes people only positive emotions. Very beautiful Natalya Selezneva, who plays Zina, his wife Shurik. Vladimir Etush, whose character - Anton Semenovich Shpak, constantly perturbed by their neighbors, trying to show that it is much higher than all, and in fact, is a liar and a sneak. Small role Michael Pugovkina, without which it is simply impossible to imagine this film Savelyevich Karp Yakin (filmmaker) always brings a smile. That only is his meeting with the king, "You boyarynya seduced? - Ya I AM. " Natalia Kustinskaya, who plays film director Yakin passion. Natalia Krachkovskaya, which is embodied on the screen the image of his wife Bunsha, Ulyana Andreevna, a kind of eccentric neighbor of the protagonist. And of course the master of Soviet cinema - Sergey Filippov, which played a small but memorable role as the Swedish ambassador. Here even say nothing. Again, but all actors -. Just great
Separately want to note Leonid Gaidai, which is also the author of the script and the producer of the picture. One of the world's few filmmakers whose films will be forever. Gaidai cost to erect a monument during his lifetime for his greatness. It should be noted the musical accompaniment of the film, which is responsible for the talented Alexander Zatsepin . Songs from the film are easily recognizable among all generations. Much of the film was cut, a lot has been overdubbed director of censorship. But then almost all the films were subjected to such actions. Oh, this was the time.
For me «Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Occupation" is a magnificent example of comedy of all time and for all generations. Here's how to shoot a comedy. The film is known and loved around the world. You should not only look modern Russian comedy (especially taking into account their quality), it is necessary to pay attention to world cinema classics. Such good movies make us a little kinder and always able to cheer up. Love the Soviet films, see Soviet films. This is our story.
10 of 10

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