"Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Occupation" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The most popular hero of the Soviet cinema, Shura, returned to the screens in the third solo movie. Directed by Leonid Gaidai , after the success of "Operation" Y "," and "the Caucasian captive" decides how to become better acquainted with Mikhail Bulgakov's creativity and recycles his famous play in 1935 in the great fantastic comedy «Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation» . As before, the main role went to Alexander Demyanenko , for whom a return to Shurik seven years later, there was at least a welcome. Also complemented the ensemble cast stars such as Leonid Kuravlev and Yuri Yakovlev. In addition Gaidai once again worked with his well-known actresses - Natalia Selezneva and Natalia Krachkovskaya, with whom he established friendly relations. Having at its disposal a considerable by Soviet standards, the production budget and a difficult, but necessary in those years, permission to shoot, the famous comedian has put one of his best films, which became an instant classic. And let some details, invented Gaidai, and were not included in the final version of the notorious censorship, however, and the well-known result of effort the director can not be surprised by its simplicity and at the same time genius.
So, subject of the film takes us to Moscow sample of 1973. Districts grow the quarter, the formation of new road junctions, and plants like mushrooms frame the capital of the Soviet Union, symbolizing the inexorable advancement of technological progress in the masses. The main character, well known to all of us Shurik (Demyanenko) is no longer a student. Now he has sent all the forces in the promotion of domestic science to experiment right at home. During the years of absence from our field of vision, Alexander managed to start a family. Remember the nice girl-student in the second novel, "Operation" Y "," "Obsession"? That would marry her protagonist, forming another unit of society. However, to call the marriage can not be happy, because once the closest to each other people are gradually moving away. Zina lived in the world of cameras and spotlights, and Shura does not imagine his life without engineering discoveries. And one is not too fine day his wife leaves him for a colleague, film director Yakin (Michael Pugovkik). Unable to properly emote, Shura head goes to work and still brings to mind his most ambitious project - a time machine! Unusual unit initially only demolish the stone barriers, in connection with which the hero's apartment wilts charming thief George Miloslavsky (Kuravlev) and silly superintendent Bunsha (Yakovlev), and then the line between past and future is erased completely - a time machine opens a door to the past, and it is in the palace of Ivan the Terrible (who also played the role of Yuri Yakovlev). Due to the emergency situation created a real chaos in which Miloslavsky Bunsha and are trapped in the Middle Ages, and Ivan has to get acquainted with the realities of the future. But to leave the situation unchanged and Shura can not be forced to do everything possible so that the machine re-opened its doors. But did he have time to save the situation before Miloslavsky Bunsha and will not affect the country's history of catastrophic proportions .. And I can assure you - of course, will have time, because Leonid Gaidai never finishes his story on a minor note. So be prepared to the very real kaleidoscope of jokes, hilarious situations and great songs that made from "Ivan" legend at all times!
No doubt, the scenario created Gaidai based on the works of Bulgakov simply is full of wit and great finds, beat people in unusual adventure for them period. But it should be noted that the actor's works are no less successful productions. Surprisingly, Alexander Demyanenko in this film goes by the wayside, letting forth a brilliant duo of Leonid Kuravleva and Yuri Yakovlev. The first embodied notorious scoundrel with the habits of a European gentleman. George Miloslavsky by Kuravleva appears, like an ordinary cat burglar, but his style, wit and irresistible greed only decorates the overall mood of the narrative. And even if in the end the hero future uncertain and we can only guessing - the punishment will overtake him or not, we light-heartedly can forgive Gaidai departure from the canons in which scoundrels and rascals simply must be punished. And even if party officials allowed choreographer such "immoral" liberty, then we will certainly not snobs and even admire the courage Gaidai, constantly at war for the freedom of creativity. As for the fabulous Yuri Yakovlev, I personally think it is the main advantage of comedy. The actor had to play just two completely dissimilar roles. First - this is the image of the Terrible Ivan the Terrible, who was not accustomed to listening to others, but by chance have to depend on the humble Soviet engineer. Well, the second part is purely humorous. Minded superintendent Bunsha, spurred Miloslavsky trying on robes and temporarily pretend to be of the same Ivan. Of course comedy situations can not be avoided in such a narrative. Leonid Gaidai masterfully handles the updated history of Bulgakov and creates an action, which is simply impossible to break away. And while the spectator smile never left the face right up to the end of the show.
Technical innovation also always been an integral part of the creative director. And "Ivan" is no exception. The picture opens quite original. And it is in black and white, symbolizing everyday life, which do not have enough of a miracle ... And it comes, but in a dream, which is the main plot, the decorated in all colors of the rainbow. That is, all the events that combine Ivan the Terrible, Bunsha and other historical and fictional personalities are merely an invention of the subconscious mind of the protagonist. Leonid Gaidai's so uncomplicated method creates a bright and colorful fantasy film, in which however there is nothing supernatural. However, when we are leaving with a head in the adventures of favorite characters, then completely forget about the entry and in some cases even come to believe that this story actually took place. Despite the fact that we were introduced to comedy, having in its composition a good deal of slapstick and a pinch of absurdity. And like that says only one thing - Leonid Gaidai was a genius. And such creative genius is now the day the fire could not be found.
In the end I want to say that «Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Occupation», this is a movie out of time. No matter how many decades had passed since the premiere, the adventures of Alexander Demyanenko, Yuri Yakovlev and Leonid Kuravleva will always cause only positive emotions and a sense of a bright holiday for the soul. My advice to you - sometimes worth apart from trendy Hollywood blockbusters and primitive, and domestic comedies, too, and enjoy a truly great movie, clinically incapable of date. Enjoy your view!
10 of 10

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