"Ivan's Childhood (1962)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

There, away from us, from the world away
vosled Wave is a wave on the beach to beat,
And in the wake of the star, and the man and bird,
and reality, and dreams, and death - wave vosled wave
Arseny Tarkovsky
huge fine lace spider web on a pine trunk, and her fair-haired boy with the face of the discoverer listens cuckoo and a second later a butterfly races, then suddenly stopped, and leaping children. laugh boldly violates the midday silence edge of the forest. And this gentle sunlight, causing luchitsya eyes and reflective glow of happiness on his face as from a mirror. And next closest and favorite person - Mom ... But again, automatic turn - she would always interrupt these beautiful dreams. Sleep. How many more such dreams will be Ivan? And always they are different. Always one thing - happiness that fills not only the soul, but the whole world around. And then, at the end of the war, the vision of a young scout, traveling along the river in the radiant distance, interrupt sad reflection Galtseva lieutenant. How many of them such daily during the war years were making quiet heroism and do not think about the awards and how to stop the enemy? But he was only twelve.
In its early years, Ivan has already managed to feel a cruelty. Cruelty and intransigence in relation to the enemy, seyavshemu destruction and death. Even games Vani are a reflection of his feelings and confusion. Alone with himself, he highlights a flashlight inside walls dilapidated church, covered with inscriptions of those who are no longer alive. «We were 8 people. Each no more than 19. After 3 hours, we will lead the kill. Avenge us! » His imagination is so strong that it seems as if these people are here, close by. And Ivan takes out his attitude to the invisible enemy in the German shabby overcoat hanging on the wall. "I like you for everything ... Yes, I'm ... You think I do not remember?" But his voice breaks into tears. This is because in contrast to the frantic ringing of small bells that sounded like a call to action, a few seconds earlier. Symbol of the will and the spirit of the Russian people. This symbol appeared not accidentally. In the film Tarkovsky no accidents. Even alder cones, pine needles, berries, spread out in groups on a sheet of paper, together with Ivan perform an important task, enclosed in a secret report to the headquarters of the Army.
metaphorical film language in this picture a bit straightforward. Then, in later works will be complicated images and metaphors subtlety. But even now, in the 1962nd, it is very worthy of execution. Tarkovsky was able to move into gigantic motion picture images of poetry, where there is space and exquisite lyrics and harsh war truth. Piercingly sweet dreams Ivan inevitably fail in the hazy atmosphere of war: the gloomy silhouette standing alone mill, destroyed a village where an old man of the house was only a skeleton of the furnace yes doorway blackened dry tree in the foreground of the sun-drenched shores of the river. The nature and objects talk with the audience themselves. dialogues reticence underscores this property is even brighter. But the camera ... Camera Yusova living life heroes: here it rushes along the edge with Ivan so that it seems as if the world is now tipped over, but - rhythmically swaying in the waltz among birches with Lieutenant Medical Service Masha. Then suddenly fall asleep, waiting for the enemy to be held, then slowly float on the water surface with trees reflected in it or starts to rush between the walls together with the beam from the flashlight, snatching snippets of human consciousness. The complete absence of "ragged" installation. Plans picture smoothly flow into one another, and only the play of light and shadow separates the two monochrome world: the happy world of dreams and reality. A very explicit scenes in victorious Berlin added to the historical authenticity. Again, there are traces of inhuman acts, leaving deep scars on people's souls.
This picture could not be in the form in which we know it. Indeed, initially the film based on a story by Vladimir Bogomolov "Ivan" was filmed by another young director. But the material was not fit anywhere, and on the first creative association "Mosfilm" quiet panic. Then Mikhail Romm advised his talented pupil Andrei Tarkovsky, who had already come up with the name of the film. It was born at once and remains unchanged. The young director has presented a literary script, co-written with classmate Andrei Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky, but credited authors were Vladimir Bogomolov, Mikhail Papava. Invited Vadim Yusova operator, which started to work together even at its first graduation film "The Steamroller and the Violin" and continued later in "Andrei Rublev" and "Solaris" and composer Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov. Chosen for the lead role of fifteen Nicholas Burljaeva and five months - that was a very brief periods at the time - made a film. Eleven years later, the director will respond very harshly on his debut: "All the pedal, all accented too, all too eloquently ... You know, that is aging? The method, language and imaginative search for truth. " But this is only the artist's dissatisfaction with his own work, that does not prevent comprehend the simple and important truth in its essence through painting "Ivan's Childhood" and now. It is no wonder that Wim Wenders called angel Andrei Tarkovsky film and dedicated to him his "Wings of Desire".

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