"It's a Wonderful Life (1947)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I seem sufficient to show that among all the possible universe of ideas is the best of all, and that God did not fail to elect him
Gottfried Leibniz
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz was born in Leipzig, July 1, 1646, being the most common baby, and died in Hanover, November 14, 1716, being one of the greatest men of his time. He was friends with Peter I and argued with Isaac Newton, he built a whole bunch of amusing things - combinatorics, monadology, modern binary number system. However, his last years poor guy spent in anxiety and forgetfulness, a sad and lonely old man, full of regrets. However, even this unfortunate circumstance forced to rewrite their own elderly philosopher "Experiments theodicy" - Voltaire ridiculed fundamental work designed to prove that all the evil in the world does not deny the goodness of the Lord. Centuries later hardened American director Frank Capra movie took a similar content. The protagonist, a childhood dream of a million dollars and traveling around the world, receives neither million, or travel, but in the end life is still perfectly wonderful gift, Jesus illuminates all - let money to burn have spoiled child of fortune; simple, fun, honest folk it a hundred times richer! Dying Leibniz probably would have laughed at the local happy, sweetly cloying to, well, real life is not quite identical to the Christmas film, to ensure the impact of postwar America portion of opium consolation.
George Bailey from childhood was an exemplary little boy most altruistic inclinations. In his spare time from school he worked part time at a local pharmacy, protecting the hapless pharmacist from a lot of trouble on the basis of bungling. In spare time he worked lifeguard volunteer, earning a slight deafness in the name of the family solidarity. Over the years, Bailey grew up, but he has not acquired the mind remains the same cash cow. Father dies and asks soup, agonizing at the same time with the family business? George will take over the reins of degenerative office in their own hands. Idiots, investors need the money? George will give them a final and would not go on a honeymoon. Demonic antagonist offers twenty pieces of annual income? George indignantly refused and continue to supply the local trash-free loans under the program "Affordable Housing". Since the fatal moral choice knocks white teeth of the American dream pood weight of imminent bankruptcy, pushing disinterested poor devil to the edge of the abyss of suicide. There he is the God of the car (or rather, a wingless angel second class of the hole), the probability of fate unwinds the line in the final mimimishny with pink snot. World craved love? World quench thirst.
Needless leisurely first history suddenly accelerated and starts galloping kaleidoscopic impact half-hour finale, unified amalgam Encyclopedia of American life fusing Groundhog Day and the butterfly effect to life as a miracle. Devouring monochrome snowiness charms unearthly charm marvelous staging of antiquity. Angels read Mark Twain and bite, and Supreme scrolls Christmas titles, representing the main character touching prayers and biographical details. Thus Capra for more than two hours of hanging garlands edifying, stuffing cinema thoroughbred persons preachy trivia and genre pandemonium. And static camera name rare close-up detail shows the life of the heroes of a retrospective show, occasionally interrupting to still images, voiced dialogue about animals. And the tranquil tale and then invades the hallmarks of old Hollywood, where even not too strong in Charleston James Stewart famously danced so that somehow did not even own. Necessary, by the way, noted that Stewart is unusually good - and as a hero-lover, to lasso the moon, and as a capitalist counterpart Yevgeny Urbanski. Not to mention the days when George Bailey is experiencing difficulties and lowers his hands, briskly reminding whether drunk as a lord Bad Santa, or the silent actor Valentine, with his head in self-destruction of the past and zabuldyzhnichestvo
In general, the plot is simple. - old Frank ab imo pectore traveled from nowhere to happiness and sees the donut, where others only see a hole, old Frank prefers to perceive opportunities in every difficulty rather than difficulties in every opportunity. And that his ode to joy, surprisingly enough, not at all annoying. No annoying idiotic or optimistic nor boundless sweetly or dirty green pieces of paper, equivalent to human happiness. Perhaps the point here is that the director prefers to tell the biopic genre Sunday sermon, urging viewers to discard the alarm and appreciate this beautiful, beautiful, beautiful world. Do what you must, and will happen, that he was destined. What is the sense of life? Live, do not ask. And so on, and so on - there are no half-tones and shades of gray, and stately content plane alien to every volume. This, of course, a manifesto, a manifesto of life as it should be. Where the aid of every sufferer hurry a hundred friends and the messenger of Heaven, intellectually equal to the rabbit. Where is the hope - the compass of the earth, and good luck - a reward for courage. Where even the songs pretty one, so only the house in it sang. No, perhaps our world and in fact the best of all possible worlds, that's just who said that this fact ought to be stated with joy and not with horror? Misanthrope Schopenhauer seems to have been quite right - to preach morality is easy, that's only to justify her hard. After all, it takes time and hopes. To create them, first, to break them later.
Christmas, you say? Well, Merry Christmas.

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