"It's a Wonderful Life (1947)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Oh, how beautiful this life! As it shines with its colors, showing a variety of colors and pleasing to the eye. A variety of pleasant moments as it presents many lessons, surprises. If to treat everything with a light charge of mood, then everything will seem the most-the most remarkable, and nothing else. Life - it is the largest and the main gift that could be presented to the person and to all mankind. But just then beginning to have problems of a different nature. What problems? After all, not everybody sees his own life as a gift of it. Due to the combination of circumstances, people are starting to take their lives in a negative way and even curse it that the most terrible thing in the world. And why is this happening? Here we must return to the surprises that have been referred to me somewhat higher. Yes, surprises can happen frequently and can sharply, but the fact that they are in any case not expected and not predictable, it is an indisputable fact. Some may surprise you to watch for so that it will be the final and finished off a shot. That is why sometimes life for some people becomes a constant view of the black band, that's when everything is perceived in shades of gray and are not pleasing to the eye, exacerbating the mental processes.
People are suffering, people do not know what to do, what to do to somehow straighten out his own position and the position of the people close to them. And then comes to mind is the most disgusting and wrong idea that just might come to mind - to get even with a life of its own, independent way to interrupt his way on this earth. But stop! Is it worth all this? Suddenly, all the illnesses after some time will take, and will be lost, suddenly, all evaporate in an instant, and every situation will only way. After all, life without problems and difficulties - it is, after all, is not life, it's some kind of paradise. If everything was always in order, then I am sure that members of the human race would have long since died of boredom. The problem - it is the test that every person must take place in his life, and overcoming them, or that the person reaches, kind of like the new level, expressed and accumulated in their own experience. And experience is able to mute already following ailments and find them fast reply, which, no doubt, help is much calmer and more receptive to the future, in the next times, moving away from the endless torment and suffering.
That's our hero, thinking nothing light in this life can not be longer, having decided that he takes the land from under their feet, he decided on a hasty step, which he believes will solve all their problems and relieve of his family problems. Here, he was standing on the edge of the bridge, ready to jump into the icy water just before Christmas. Incidentally, this is a desperate guy named George Bailey and, if you go back a little, to rewind time by finding George on this bridge to the quiet time, we see that Bailey - the owner of the credit card company in one of the American cities. George exemplary family man who has many children, and he madly loves his wife. George was always very kind person, always helped people, for example, he gave up a lot for the sake of his younger brother. The guy was always armed with a promising and ambitious plans for the rest of his life, and now he fell into such a state, which, through an instant easy to deprive him of his life. But we must not forget that now Christmas Eve and the gods in heaven, everyone can see, they are aware of all cases, it is now time to send the guardian angel, that he tried to settle all the tragedy unfolding on the ground with George Bailey.
"It's a Wonderful Life "directed by Frank Capra, it's like" irony of fate, or Enjoy Your Bath! "American production. That is, it is not intended that these two films are similar, not just that they are both traditional Christmas / New Year paintings in the tradition, and their annual broadcast on the eve of the new year, one in America and the other in Russia, respectively. "It's a Wonderful Life" made a typical Christmas movie magic and with the appropriate atmosphere, this tape has inspired many world directors at their New Year performance. Creation Frank Capra starts in the best traditions of light comedy film, offering us observe a few flighty, not particularly controlled and reckless behavior of the characters. Depicting life on the screen, the tape tells us that people participating film lived without much concern, following their own goals and desires, someone reaches the desired, and some do not, but always only one remained - all lived happy. Oh, and then, when, like, life has already taken place, all set to the correct wave that had problems, problems that are accompanied with other failures, all brewed in a greasy mess, which is divided into the ingredients are not so easy . What do you say, it's time for the manifestation of the Christmas magic powers that every year choose this or that person, just in need of kindness and care, and most importantly, that he deserved it all their lives.
leisurely paced action helps all shown ponder, understand all, rarely slowing down, slowing the whole picture. Perhaps slowness, it's only a tiny flaw in the work of Frank Capra. As for the rest, all performed at the highest level, making us fall in love with this movie. "It's a Wonderful Life" is good by the fact that, despite their impressive age, she looks great, and in our time, including at the full speed of its trump cards and an unforgettable atmosphere. I liked how their tasks coped actors James Stewart and Donna Reed, and others. Artists roles have proved that they are diverse and can cope not only with the genre of comedy, but drama. "It's a Wonderful Life" makes look at the current situation, the situation around with different eyes, eyes that can put forward the view that simply force to love everything around and make love your greatest gift called - life.

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