"It's a Wonderful Life (1947)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Of all the American movies Hollywood filmmakers old age I have always particularly memorable works of Frank Capra. They lived like some unquenchable light and elusive spirit, who could every time breathe life into them and fill the black-and-white film with bright colors. Of course, like many, Capra filmed while mostly comedies, sometimes so effervescent that it was impossible to breathe from laughing and stop for a moment - a real jumble of humorous situations, phrases and gestures. I would even say that the concentration of jokes for a moment of the film sometimes rolls over. Good proof - the film "Arsenic and Old Lace ', where Cary Grant just annealed for a couple with their cinematic aunt. The result was a very successful way of sort of 'lunatic asylum', which is going to a lot of 'crazies' for every taste and amuse people with his leap. Therefore, as has been successful and the earlier comedy 'you can not take it with you. " But I'm much more like Capra for his paintings about a naive idealist, struggling desperately, almost alone, with all the bureaucratic and inhuman foundations of American society in the big cities. They are - a sort of political tales that have always known to be a happy ending, and justice always triumphs. They may seem funny in their naivety, but not stupid.
And so, in 1946, Capra reaches truly the pinnacle of his career, the director and removes' This wonderful life. " The film in the best tradition of Hollywood, a film that looks as good and naive, like 'Mr. Smith' and 'Mr. Deeds'. And so it is precisely be called a fairy tale in every sense of the word, and above all - Christmas. Stories that the Americans built in festive worship, as we our 'irony'. On the face of all the signs. Good characters - the inhabitants of the small town of Bedford Falls, clearly represents a collective image of all the inhabitants of American towns. They are honest and modest hardworking poor, but not downhearted, forced to borrow from the credit card company, whose owner - Bailey - very kind and generous man who seeks to help everyone build their own home in the city. Evil hero - a rich miser Potter, hates all residents of Bedford Falls, and dreamed of being the owner of each establishment in the city; it is confined to a wheelchair, but is looking down on people (even a chair for visitors in his office doing sitting in front of a small and worthless), and from year to year is becoming older and more and more greedy 'greedy spider'.
A good main character, noble defender of the city and the implacable enemy Potter's name is George Bailey. He - the young humorist and visionary, and yearns to travel all the cities in the world, to see all the wonders of the world, and then to become a famous architect and build bridges and skyscrapers stoetazhnye. But fate has prepared for him a different destiny - forever stay in Bedford Falls. Due to the endless coincidences family circumstances, he can not escape from the already become hated his native town, and eventually resigns himself to the fact that, apparently, always be humble servant and defender of the interests of their fellow citizens. Years of hard work lie on the shoulders of George breaking load, and one of the strongest moments of despair on a winter night, he comes to a bridge with only one thought in my head. And as well, that the heavens are always on the lookout! Angel Clarence George sympathizes with all his heart, and at the request of the authorities down to earth to save the poor and get their long-awaited wings (it turns out, there are wingless angel second class!).
And how wonderful idea to show people the world in which he was not born! At the end of all adversity brother George raise a toast to 'the richest man in the world'. 'Do not have a hundred rubles, a hundred friends' - great wisdom invested in these words the one who first said them, though, perhaps, he did not know about it. On Christmas night, George is the greatest gift: he manages to realize that he - the happiest man in the world, because he has so many friends, who, without it there would be a roof over his head, and some would not be, and is alive; that his house waiting for a painted tree, festive dinner, the children were practicing Christmas songs, and his wife with a lovely and loyal person-giving a sense of comfort and well-being. Great if a small miracle committed by Clarence? Undoubtedly, yes, just to give people a great happiness.
I think 'It's a Wonderful Life' is remarkable not only as a good Christmas story, but also as a good excuse for waking up in the person of the same feelings that are experienced George. It is clear that the story of the Bailey family has long been a broken record, but it is immortal melody and sounds as loud and well to this day. I think it is devoid of sentimentality and empty stereotyped emotions, although expressive faces American actors draw us complete their palette. In me the picture Capra is a rare ascent of the soul from the depths of the most light and joyful feeling to which a person is able only occasionally; it makes really empathize with the heroes on the screen and makes their happiness to the families and understandable to you; it causes a transient in such moments a feeling of regret that in our lives we can not just simply realize how much we have and how hard do not notice it in a goddamn force of habit. And to understand who he is and what actually has - the most important thing for a man, because he is blind most of her life, and sometimes -. And a lifetime
I understand that this film - one of many in a series of similar ( and yet filmed most talented), but its main charm and miraculous effects is to awaken your own feelings and genuine response. My words - just words, but feelings do not be fooled. I also understand that it acquires such a value is not for everyone, but I do not belong to these people. 'It's a Wonderful Life' is now safely nestled somewhere in a secret taynichki my soul, and I am glad that I can get it from there at any time. I think everyone has this taynichki and knows very well what I mean, and so will be able to understand my subjectivity into force only known to me the reasons to love this film. I do not know whether I was able to somehow bring them into my review. But, probably, it is obvious that it is profoundly positive.
9 out of 10

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