"It's a Wonderful Life (1947)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

As I wrote before, the main role in the family fantasy melodrama Frank Capra «It's a Wonderful Life» (1946) was the first prominent post-war work < b> James Stewart in the movie. Probably, for many know that today the film for the US is the same as the usual attribute of the New Year holidays, some comedy Eldar Ryazanov «The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your steam! » (1975) is seen on the the former Soviet Union . However, first things first
Plot:. Most Christmas Eve 1945. The inhabitants of the fictional town of Bedford Falls Provincial pray for the welfare of George Bailey ( James Stewart ) - the owner of unprofitable construction company that has entered into the most hopeless situation in your life (or at least so it seems to George). Moreover, he sees the situation so desperate that he even wants to volunteer to leave this world. The heavens decide to help the poor man by sending him Clarence Odbodi ( Henry Travers ) - not very capable second-class angel wants to get wings. And his dream can come true - the truth, for this it is necessary to convince George Clarence did not commit suicide ...
Unlike his current «cult status», at the time of rental, "It's a wonderful life» is not particularly popular nor the audience nor the critics, although it was awarded the five nominations for "Oscar» . It started with this «crisis» in the film career James Stewart, which will last until 1949 (what the conversation, though in a different time). Turning to the film's start with the fact that «... life» is removed through a small little-known story of a Philip Van Doren Stern «The greatest gift» ( «The greatest gift» , 1943), which, according to sources, much « expanded » and processed with the film adaptation.
i do not know how this story appeared in the paper, but on the « big screen » setting Frank Capra's has produced an ambiguous impression . Of course, those who read me now, probably, logically ask: «? Why» . You see, in the «the most inspiring American movie» (under the version of American Film Institute ) I did not have it «inspiration" . On the contrary, prescribed writers ( Frank Capra, Joe Swerling, Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett ) the fate of the hero James Stewart in the film gives more reason to get depressed than tune in optimistic mood
Judge for yourself. from early childhood, George Bailey was, in principle, it is quite feasible dream (subject to the application of certain effort and perseverance, of course) - see the world, to study at the college and become an architect. But nothing of this was not destined to come true, so George is forced to live with his wife and children in the city, from which so wanted to leave, but to work for the hated his work. In general, many of you probably know these details of his life - but, at the same time, how many people will call it «remarkable»
add more here and the fact that the main character in the film all constantly want something, in this case, it is not interested in whether there is George the opportunity to help or not. Even the angel Clarence discourages the poor man from suicide, guided primarily by personal benefit (a great desire to get the wings!), Rather than a sincere desire to help George. And that's not to mention the questionable way, the selected character Henry Travers, to convince the hero Stewart is that life still beautiful (though, these episodes «... life» removed is best).
general, absurd and unconvincing in the story of the setting Capra enough, and if desired, an this could be talking a very long time (for example, in the first three quarters of the movie and would like to ask a question «and it's all actually about anything?» ), but better focus on the positive aspects of «... life» . Commendable work Frank Capra (as a director), whose directorial manner in comparison with its previous pictures (e.g., «you can not take it with you» or «Meet John Doe!» ), there seems less ponderous and more natural.
Despite the fact that a special fascination first 1 5 hours of film can not boast (half of them safely could be cut without any harm to the overall result), some of the brightest and most touching moments are not without (such as incidents at the outlet and the recognition of the young J. Orji that he did not fulfill the order pharmacist because something was wrong with the drug). Visual component of «... life» also be commended, although at times it produces mixed feelings.
On the one hand, the town of Bedford Falls, its houses and streets in the frame look very cozy and nice (except for the last quarter of the picture, of course), which creates the impression of a colorful (in spite of the black-and-white image) «revived greeting card» . But, on the other hand, it is sometimes difficult to escape the feeling that the idyll and «postcard» in the frame is shown too much.
From this it seems that the story develops in a film like « fun » (as referred to above « alternative parts » statement only reinforces this impression, although it shakes the plot after the first 70% «. life .. » ). However, perhaps the history with elements of «Fantasy» This nuance is not so critical. Well, finally -. A few words about the cast, which, along with the director, and (partly) the visual component, and pulled this reel at a very decent level
Definitely deserved ( the third time in his film career) was nominated for the "Oscar» James Stewart for the role of George Bailey. Despite the fact that 38-year-old actor partly repeating their roles from previous roles, and are only partially showed new facets of its capabilities, he really showed his character, tortured "wonderful" life is the way it should, and show.
played from «perfectly correct" the wife of the protagonist, 25-year-old Donna Reed for the most part, only required to exist in the frame as a «background» for Stewart and does not fall out of the duo with the same. With these objectives actress, in general, to the right - and more of it, no one demanded it. Very color was Lionel Barrymore as «master of evil» of the city, a greedy rich man Potter, why not stop even then, that the characteristic of this character looked like frankly «written off » at Charles Dickens .
Like and Thomas Mitchell as the quizzically-scattered uncle of the protagonist. Also, you can select Henry Travers as a foolish angel Clarence (though his character is his constant lamentations about the desire to "as soon as possible to get the long-awaited wings" occasionally annoying) the future star of "noir" < / i> Gloria Graham a Violet girls as windy and X. B. Warner, which played a pharmacist mixed up drugs.
In conclusion, I note that it is unlikely «This wonderful life» I will review the every New Year , as do many Americans today. the film itself, as mentioned above, made a mixed impression on me. But because this ambiguity, mainly goes with the sign «+», the admirers Frank Capra, James Stewart and the other participants in the project, as well as fans of movies era «Golden age of Hollywood» , this reel, I probably will recommend to the overview.
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