Issues of sugar industry in pakistan Essay

Sugar mills cartel:

The powerful sugar mafia is using propaganda techniques to get extraordinary benefits. It is disgusting to see a section of the media publishing big articles with dodgy headlines that promote fake news about sugar mill owners suffering losses. I challenge the sugar mill owners and the government to validate the data before printing any article or news for the sugar mills. Currently the sugar mill owners are claiming that they are losing money and might close their industry. But the reality is different. Sugar mills claim that they can convert only 8.5pc of sugarcane juice into sugar. But in reality the industrial average for sugar is 13.5pc while the industrial average for converting cane juice into ethanol is 8.5pc. It is estimated that more than Rs91bn’s worth of sugar produced is not declared every year. But the sugar mills have enforced a fake high price for sugar, while stopping the import of cheaper sugar from the international market. Even after establishing that the sugar millers have a formed a cartel.

Pasban-E-Pakistan President:

He said that mighty sugar mills mafia of Sindh has become a curse for the poor sugarcane growers of the provinces, while shameless patronizing of this mafia by the provincial rules is highly regrettable. He said it is an open secret now that who actually owns and runs the monopoly of sugar mills in Sindh province. He said that this deliberate delay only serves the interests of the miller mafia as the non-harvested sugarcane loses weight and its sugar content is further increased which both benefit the miller mafia. Moreover, the desperate growers are eager to sell their crop at any price offered to them by the miller mafia that mints billions at the cost of poor growers, he added. He asked where the anti-monopoly department is and why the FIA and NAB are not taking any action against the sugar mill mafia of Sindh province, whose true face is not so veiled now. He said the pasban would continue to support the demands of the poor growers and fight their case at very available forum.


Subsidy should be given to the farmers of sugarcane by the government of Pakistan`s own departments. Mill owner`s responsibility is fair dealings with the farmers. Most of the mill owners are belonged to political leaders and they are involved in great exploitation. Government must set up a plan of purchase and sell of the sugarcane in the market the most important fact that, no one can sells his mill before the payment of sugarcane to the farmers. For the development of sugar industry government should set up a system of check and balance in every field of sugar industry like price and subsidy for the farmer, and it is not only for paper work. The production of sugarcane is very fruitful for the sugar industry, farmer and also for the Pakistan and it is also the source of earning in international market and it will support in our Pakistan export, if Pakistan sugar industry think about these suggestions, it will fruitful and useful for Pakistan. It suggests that combined efforts of government and sugar mills are needed far adoption of high sucrose recovery varieties demonstration plots of promising varieties on farmer’s fields launching special campaigns of planting desirable varieties during department of agricultural extension.

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