Is homoeopathy effective in diabetes Essay

We all know diabetes as a disease entity with whole lot of research into its etio-pathogenesis and now let’s try and understand it using psychosomatic model, in other words let’s have a look how body exactly mirrors what goes on in mind. This model is true not only for diabetes but for every single disease which we deal. If you wonder the need of this deeper level understanding then without it I would say, you are sailing into an ocean without your radar and map. You might reach your destination by chance but it can never be a calculated journey. Psychosomatic model of disease is like a radar and map to help you sail in huge ocean of emotions thoughts and feelings. When you help patient too to realize these feelings thoughts and emotions in him which are disease producing his return towards his health becomes faster easy and less complicated.

Diabetes mellitus has two variants type 1 and type 2

Case 1

Mr. JKS was diagnosed diabetes 3 yrs.’ back. Owns a printing press has 2 sons earning well, returns are good, sons doing great in business. Always worried for his 3 siblings and their family. His world is limited to them. As a child was trained by mother to consider himself and his 3 siblings as his circle and everyone outside of this circle hostile. any worry in his circle would trouble him in form of continuous thoughts and anxiety. he has uncontrolled habit of eating anytime anywhere. Unconsciously he starts eating even if he has just finished his meals.

Case 2

Mrs. Kvn, diagnosed diabetes since 6 yrs after marriage of her elder daughter. After daughters marriage she started feeling her purpose of living which had only been her 2 daughters is about to be over. She feels I have done so much for them but I am not getting much in return. What is use of my life? I haven’t got love and respect I deserve ever since my childhood. Mothers love had always been missing in her life. issues revolve around it. She always pities herself though she has everything that a happy wealthy person would imagine to have. Still deep lacking of something and her being unfortunate has been her feelings throughout her life.

Case 3

Kalyanji mama

Case 4

Lalji premji gada

Case 5


Case 6

Harsha dedhia

Case 7

jyoti gala


1. Broaden the view of self by osho audios.

2. Get together for diabetes patient every 15 days with giving them art of living tips taken from audios. Encourage them for a better healthy life style.

3. Sac lac pills made from organic methi.

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