Is Democracy Safe And Secure? Essay

The article considered in this case” Autocracies and Terrorism:Conditioning Effects of Authoritarian Regime-Type on Terrorist Attacks.” Authored by Mathew Wilson and James Piazza. The article highlights the understanding that democracies tend to experience more terrorism than the autocracies. However the understanding of this aspect is based on a very complex institutional difference that ho beyond the democracy and autocracy divide. The article thus focuses on examining the existing differences, linking institutions to strategies of coercion and co-optation. In determining this difference, the study sought to incorporate negative binomial regression estimations.

The study focused on autocratic type regime data for 161 countries between the year 1970 and 2006. The study was able to find that single party authoritarian regime experience less domestic and international terrorism relative to military autocracies as well as democracies. Party based autocracies thus have a significant consideration on a number of key issues, which help create a better understanding on the underlying issues, which make it very difficult to develop a better environment where it is very difficult for terrorists to exploit.

Therefore, the regime type play an important role in determining the rate at which a given country is likely to face terrorism. The assumption that was considered in the study is that autocratic regimes fewer rights place fewer restrictions on the existing administrative power and thus they are well engaged in provision of better counter terrorism efforts and thus tend to experience less terrorism compared to the democratic societies. The ability of a given country to deal with terrorism lies in its ability to put into focus important considerations, which are able to have an influence on their ability to deal with insecurities.

The twist

The twist that I would incorporate in this case would be to understand the underlying relationship between democracy and state failure. This is an important consideration aiming to determine if democracy plays any significant role in the ability of a state to fail. Democracy tends to allow individual freedom at a greater degree, which is likely to encourage some backward thinking among the citizens within a given political environment. There is significant likelihood to ensure that there is a positive understanding on what needs to be considered in creating a better understanding on whether it has any influence on the ability of a given state to fail. It will also help in determining whether there are more underlying, issues, which have a greater influence on how a state is able to either, operate successfully or fail.

In this study, I expect to find that democracy plays a role in influencing state failure although there are important underlying aspects such as law enforcement and the ability of individuals within the state are able to abide by the underlying laws that inform the operational environment under which a state can be successful or a failure. A failed state cannot be solely pinned on its democratic background since there is need to put into focus a critical understanding on the need to put focus on some of the key underlying elements, which are likely to have an influence on success or failure of a state.

The understanding on the outcome, which will be determined in this case, will provide a clear understanding on important underlying issues regarding the influence a democracy can have on a state as well as the underlying issues, which can have a significant impact on the ability of a state being a success or a failed state. This will help in positive reorganization where it would be much easier to have a greater understanding on what needs to be developed on the underlying issues in state operations.


The analysis that will be incorporated in this case will include linear regression, which will aim at ensuring that there is a better environment under which democracy influences state failure. Therefore, the dependent variable in this case is state failure while democracy is the independent variable that is being considered in this analysis.

The model summary shows that 0.3% of state failure is explained by democracy. The existing positive relationship between state failure and democracy shows that democracy plays a very weak role in influencing the state failure.

The analysis of coefficients shows clearly that there is significant relationship between democracy and state failure although the influence that is created by democracy on state failure is very small.


The analysis in this case has showed that democracy plays a role in influencing the overall wellbeing of a given state as well as the underlying important issues. There is more critical issues, which influence the ability of the state to fail or be successful although it is important to note that democracy plays a role.

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