"Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

My mom likes to say one sentence: "Do not make plans: to build life itself '. And it seems to me, that this phrase clearly describes this movie.
'The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath! " - this is truly a cult movie for the Russian-speaking audience. Talk about it something is already something equally bored, how jokes about last year's bread first of January of this year. This is - a great movie in itself, and a rare example of the type of the film 'in bottle' that shakes propisaniem characters and ingenuity of their dialogues. If you do not look, make sure you take a look.
I think in terms of oharakterizatsii how well this movie, you can on this and finish. And talk to otvlochonnye topics related to this film, because like with every viewing, even segmental born more. And this is, again, a sign of a great movie.
fact that I personally count themselves among the people in character and world view similar to Hippolytus (Yuri Yakovlev). We - a pragmatic people, trying as much as possible to abstract from the emotional approach to the adoption of certain decisions. For us, the mind and a logical approach - alma mater of existence, and therefore accidental finding happiness in the New Year's Eve in a completely different city, in which you turn should not have, is regarded primarily as a non-judgmental, and after and informed, the destruction of young family and a long time to build relationships. And thus already inside of me emerging conflict. What? More on that later. For the first, on what it is nurtured. This is - understanding Zhenya Lukashin (Andrew gently). What is in fact the main slack and Hippolytus? The fact that he is succumbing to emotions, not just learned, not learned properly or Eugene or his history. But a new look at the situation gives just this knowledge. After all, in fact, it turns out that Zhenya Lukashin destroys not that someone else's family, though by chance, but after all with a greater understanding of this fact. No. In the first place it by accident, but with the full knowledge, destroys his own family, which just had to happen. Much stronger than he experiences it in the background of the fact that once in his life he was already. Then - he was a master of the situation and did it deliberately. Now - it is purely a victim, on which, as if the sword of Damocles hanging bachelor life, which will collapse, but he tries to refuse it. And life itself seemed to save him from it. But he was tired so to live ... And what do you do? That is because the internal conflict is born
phrase in the title of the review -. It is the constant, which clearly expressed the writers, describing the extraordinary dialogue. The entire film - a performance. He kept strictly on a couple of characters and the development of their relations. Development occurs mainly within, just the same, dialogue. And these conversations - something. To write such a scathing phrase, without losing their vitality and in such numbers ... I do not know who should be, but to no genius dialog humor. Therefore, I think the phrase of Ryazanov's films so beloved by the people (though, remembering the same 'jellied fish', should pay tribute to the professionalism and actors).
'irony' is clearly divided into two parts, the first of which, I it seems to be looking to fight chimes, and the second - already after a few apathetic state. They and the mood this favor. While the first part - a search for the answer to my earlier question: 'What should I do?'. Second - to find it and follow not so much nobody Action Plan, as a blind man's command of the senses. The very feelings from which Hippolytus turn up his nose, but the same ones that were due to the peculiarities of the situation, which he did not bother to learn properly.
Such a situation would, as correctly noted creators, occur only in the USSR. She and why it happened - this poignant comment on the architecture of Soviet brutalism of those years. The identity of all that is taking place in the social life of a creative person, and what was Ryazanov, is unacceptable. And so clearly, and with the acupuncture to notice it, though still evade the omnipresent censorship and to make a movie on screens across the country ... I personally can not imagine, as soon as it happened, but very glad it still happened. So it turns out that the film, which tells about the personal history of New Year's Eve, is proving to be, and social commentary, and psychological analysis of human relationships in which love to hate - one step
Besides, as you know, to make a movie. " in a bottle 'interesting and entertaining for the viewer - a challenging task. Therefore, I also think that a genius like Emil Braginsky and Eldar Ryazanov pereinachili structure monomyth, vpihnuv her into so rare scenery and without losing the main fact - continued development of the main character, I mean Zhenya Lukashin. For this viewer watches and had earnest interesting, because every bit of history is responsible for barely noticeable, but important changes in the relationship between Eugene and Hope (Barbara Brylska) - between the living heroes who literally in half an hour proving the depth and conceived the viewer, and then the rest two o'clock felt like old friends for whom even I, a man more "Ippolitova" outlook on life has not turned out not to worry
repeat:. 'irony of fate, or Enjoy Your Bath! " - this is a great movie. Atmospheric chamber at the same time deep and, importantly, enriched with stunning music and songs. If you have not watched it, then take a look. And the more I think it is not necessary to say anything.
P.S. Thanks for your attention.

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