"Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

It all started with the fact that last year her husband was against the traditional view of "Twist of Fate" with comments that you can not watch a movie that gives a distorted emotional setting for the entire year. At first I was indignant, yet reviewed (a tradition after all!), But thoughtfully, for the first time in my life. Suddenly ...
Suddenly, I, in my nearly 30 realized that her husband was right and the film "Irony of Fate", you should not look as "the creator of the New Year mood" .and that's why.
It would seem, what mental history: the good doctor Zhenya Lukashin took too much (because it has a tradition with your friends - and he's a good friend), and mistakenly went to New Leningrad, finding his unexpected and true love. About like many dreams, and thinks of himself on New Year's something like that, right? And my mom kind - go with friends allowed, and the bride Galya - bitch, from her can be seen seen (so she did not!), And Nadia - woman dreams all my life waiting for him on the street Builders
But if you look more closely. (Ryazanov and no fool - he is a brilliant director ostrosotsialnye genre) - becomes incredibly sad
So, what we have
36-year-old Dr. Eugene Lukashin, never been married, and when he tried to establish a personal life- all.. time hit the brakes and ran from the prospective brides at the last moment (it's in the Soviet Union, something which is still married at University). Lack of love? I do not think. Most likely dominant mother, whom Eugene pathologically afraid of, which makes it possible to manipulate, and which fully perkladyvaet responsibility for their lives. Classic sissy with the Oedipus complex. Mattress and oladuh, speaking in simple language.
At this time, the mattress was lucky and he got quite a prezentabnelnaya and socially prosperous Galya, much younger than him, who fell in love, apparently, in the bright image of the physician, attentive and caring, to cure her broken . And as it is - obviously she is not timid, and temperament is equivalent to Zhenya's mother, they have developed some relationships that might develop into a good to a family union with great comfort zone for mattresses (it carefully passed from one mom's hands other ).
But the problem is that Galya did not like my mother (like everyone else before her). And Jack is well understood, and since he is a coward, something in his head, obviously starting to scroll options how to please mom and stay for her favorite son, not to spoil relations. Galya did not like it so much that my mother, knowing what end binge drinking in the bath of the peasants, essentially gave carte blanche to his son and blessed him in the abominable act. She knew that Jack drunk New Year's Eve upset Galya, possibly to such an extent that the union of their disorder
One would think -. Which Zhenya wonderful friends, along with childhood, happy for his success in his personal life
The dash-to-two! Almost all - ordinary household alcoholics ( "I never get drunk"), - for them only there was a reason to drink. But Pavlik (Shirvindt) - so do Genin worst enemy, holding it long-standing resentment over the fact that Jack had once courted his woman, culminating in public recognition of Eugene in love at the wedding Pavlik. Such normal men do not forgive. And revenge, even from under Tishka hiding behind the guise of "we are the best of friends"
Pavlik -. Perfect analyst, it reads Zhenyu at a time, so got a great moral satisfaction from his love failures, and stayed with him for only one reason - contemplation. Ordinary vampire.
booze in the bath will not analyze long. I can only say that Pavlik apparently had resolved to break up with him to instruct the horns of his wife, and on New Year's Eve for her not to go, but as a joke sent to Leningrad to his sworn friend Lukashina.
Eugene is the basis of all above, I was glad to get drunk in the trash - it was the perfect occasion for the break in relations with Galya for reasons as above for him
Now a little about the Leningrad
Nadya 34 years old, a teacher, as a positive image
10... s Nadia met with a married man, "was alone on weekends and holidays." One may justify it, such as "everyone strive for happiness as it may," but 10 years to deceive someone to milk the family and another man - it is immoral not only for the Soviet era, forgive me for my opinion on things domostroevskogo
. finally, Nadia was able to break this ring Mobius and part with a married man. And life was so supportive to her that the way she met Hippolyte - positive, wealthy (! Lada), a man with a rod, and the only sober person in the whole film. Here the idea - take the guy and run down the aisle (such undeserved luck fell!), But the debauched Nadia is not enough. It lacks the psychodrama and suspense - it for those 10 years has developed a reflex, "a day without incident," and it instantly, for one night replays all that is possible - a kind of Nastasia from "Idiot" or Grushenka from "The Brothers Karamazov . "
As a result, the same justice prevails! Hippolyte and Galya miraculously go away from his failed second half with pronounced psychological problems. They really lucky, though prudent Nadia is unlikely to abandon the packed Hippolytus in the future. That is its nature.
Nadya and Zhenya found each other spontaneously, but not for long. Women who love "hotter" mattress soon seem tedious and unnecessary
A mattress is not able to pursue a relationship with her, because this time his passion did not like my mother ( "You think I'm giddy?" -. "Wait and see" ).
confirm these reflections of the second film, released in 35 years, according to which, Nadya and Zhenya broke up almost immediately, and Nadia did come back to Hippolyte.
I'm looking forward to, as the fans of the "whole of the New year" will begin to prove that I'm wrong and the film is wonderful
wonderful film -. but it is not about new odes and not for the New Year.

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