"Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

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New Year has arrived. Olivier salad stocks and other goodies have been completed. Refrigerator began released. Outside the window the snow. A New Year's mood still preserved. In this symbolic moment, I decided to watch one of the greatest New Year's paintings of all time. Of course, "Irony of Fate." To say that this is a truly great film, a masterpiece for all time and a brilliant creation, to say nothing new. The film directed by Eldar Ryazanov is a real classic of Soviet and Russian cinema. he managed to give the world a great number of worthy and really cool pictures. Which can be reviewed by several hundred times. But the pleasure experienced by viewing saved successfully. And the film is becoming more and more common with each repeated viewing. It is in this picture, can be attributed to all these words of praise. For Eldar I was still very popular to "Twist of Fate". But this film, brought him to the peak of this popularity. Why? Because, Eldar Ryazanov in the picture, was able to almost everything. From soft and pleasant tone of the New Year, to the excellent ensemble cast of the game. This film is surprisingly good so that with each new viewing, the film is like even more than before. Because it is truly native. For all the 35 years since the release of pictures, it was under this film we accompany Old Year and celebrate the New. At the same time, despite the fact that we had to memorize from A to Z, he always looks differently, and differently. Very lightweight and New Year film, which is able to bind the Christmas mood almost every human on Earth. And especially the generation that has grown up on this tape. Very funny. Very kind. Very beautiful. Very easy and simple picture. It is safe to say, that this tape is the apotheosis of creativity Eldar Ryazanov.
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This film can be set as an example for the creation of the great and eternal movie. Because this film, despite the simplicity of its content, which is often reduced to the elements of Soviet jokes, manages to buy almost everything. It is this simplicity, it becomes the main advantage of the picture. As in the proverb, modesty adorns the man. Perhaps he process of falling from one city to another, seems quite unrealistic, he becomes chief comic element of the picture. In that brought elements of comedy, melodrama and then inexplicably gorgeous. The picture perfectly captures the Soviet life. Mores. A life. People. In this connection, the characters of the film, Jack, Nadia and Hippolytus, are so vivid and believable that the audience empathizes with each of them. At the same time, taking them for their loved ones. Despite his timing pattern 3 hours of screen time, the film really is viewed in the same breath. Stories take place in the film, make you think, and have a good laugh from the level of positivity and goodness, which is full of film. Yes, and recall at least five movies that people rastaskali citations and successfully exploited in life
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ensemble cast is so amazing that each character pattern, it seems very much alive and present. At the same time, all the actors have created a complete image, a decent game ensemble cast. Zhenya Lukashin to be so realistic that Andrew Mjagkov has remained for me a man, very much like his character. Because he played Eugene in a very surprising manner. In his game there is no falsehood, and replay of something extra. He sincerely wrinkles face of resentment, suffering from alcohol intoxication and sad that unbelievably captivating. A usual charisma Myagkova, making Lukashina, a very positive, good and sweet. Barbara Brylska I created the image of a real Soviet Women. Which is not necessary to resort to unnecessary falsehood, do not look defiant and provocative poses recreate it became fashionable in our time. She captivates exactly what it is in reality. Which creates almost the image of the ideal woman. Magnificent and genuine game that merges both in a good and bold image Nadi Shevelyova . Yuri Yakovlev is just a separate issue. The actor and the play was not necessary. For him, everything made its appearance. Tall. Dark brunette. Stately. Serious and thoughtful. The game Yakovlev well done Hippolytus incredibly interesting character. That which is good in his anger under the phrase "it Uymi Nadia", that the influence of alcohol under the phrase "Oh, cushy went." The rest of the ensemble cast, the game exactly as it would not overshadow the trio of heroes. But at the same time, creating the completeness and integrity of the picture. Special thanks to Alexander Shirvindt and Leah Akhedzhakova . Well Eldar Ryazanov, for the excellent Kamei under the phrase "Need to drink less!".
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I rarely watch Russian movies. And yet, I have very rarely impressive music while viewing pictures. In this case, there is everything. Music Tariverdiev so magical and amazing that it is a pleasure to listen to. Music does not claim to supremacy in the picture, it only as much as necessary. That's why, even in ordinary dialogue scenes, it is possible to meet more silence than music. That conveys the depth of the scene, is much stronger. The music itself also creates an atmosphere of magic, kindness and warmth, Kojima nice New Year. Great game on the piano and guitar. D enialnye Pasternak's poems, Akhmadulina and other poets, made it possible to assess the incredible beauty of the songs (thanks to Alla Pugacheva and Sergei Nikitin for the vocals). Which should start playing, so we spectators, involuntarily begin to sing along with the main characters of the film.
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Truly, the greatest and legendary film in the history of the Soviet cinema. Masterpiece, which is already 35 years in a row, we look with great pleasure. Charged at the same time, incredibly beautiful and full of kindness, the spirit of the New Year. When there are "absolutely untypical story, which could only occur on New Year's Eve." Watch and review ...

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