"Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Most favorite movies Ryazanov, films which are reviewed with no taste of recognition and tired of boring memories, movies that have grown together, got used, intertwined, infiltrated under the skin ... akin to music. Though perhaps they have music, or rather, the song.
have Ryazanov surprisingly delicate taste, it seemed to be an innate predisposition to the most harmonious sounds, rhythms, poems, words. The basis of this taste - a sense of unity, unbroken connection. (Therefore, all that he filmed about distortions - thinking, consciousness, relationships, about people and distorted ways, it's hard to accept as something subconsciously resist, such as satire "nags" or mysticism "Predictions» ....)
My. Ryazanov is not prone to jumble and eclectic. The "Twist of Fate" all music tariverdievskaya in "office romances" - Peter's. And it really permeates and penetrates the unity theme, mood and outlook. All these verses in the monolithic films are very close in spirit, in a note, within the meaning of. And yet at the same time conceal the joy and sadness. Because, probably, in "Twist" is easy to confuse Tsvetaeva ( "The Mirror") with Akhmadullina ( "On the streets of my many years"), Yevtushenko ( "With me that's what happens") with Kirshon ( "I asked Ash") ...
Amazing integrity ", paintings of songs" Ryazanov, not only in the fact that one can not throw any note, not a word - so everything is in place - but also in that they are not ignored state and experiences, which are usually not made to advertise in good lyrical comedies. And certainly not in fairy tales for adults. It is no coincidence all the same Ryazanov passed through himself, appropriated and filled his senses creativity Andersen in his latest "kinoskazki". Andersen as no one knew that the sadness and loneliness can not be ruled out, throw and humiliate bravura heppiendami because, oddly enough, they are - and they also - given the fullness of life and meaning, and the answers, and the depth of that joy (only joy ) to never be able to.
Fulfilled should lighten unfulfilled. Success - failure. Laughing - crying. The block has a brilliant text on the true fullness of life:
you accept, failure,
and luck to you my greetings
in an enchanted area crying,
The secret of laughter - the infamous no
...!! shameful, no! Remember love "failed" Nemolyaeva heroine in "office romances"? Dreary monologue Hippolytus in the soul - soul cry ...
I reflect on this year for the first time on the meaning of the poem (song) "Twist". E. I pondered them, not just for the sake of aesthetic pleasure listening. And I realized that I was insanely happy fearless sadness of their ideas, their manly sorrow. Their main message:. Willingness to go through and take all ... so strong in their love of life
superhuman strength,
One winepress of mutilating,
superhuman strength
Earth thrown to the ground and
. nobody defended
away promised meeting,
And no one defended
hand, calling in the distance.
This poem was written by Alexander Kochetkov on the actual train crash in the early 30's ... so had to be in it . But surrendered ticket, delaying the departure of the three days, as was unable to part with his beloved.
Love saves, keeps calling ...
but sometimes loses, lets go ...
white handkerchiefs, scarves white
white handkerchiefs, sad eyes.
Life consists of separations.
whom I said goodbye, goodbye to someone I
whom I said goodbye, none of your business.
of loneliness.
But : One
devchonochka sit negrustnaya,
And only a crust in his hand watermelon
What will become of a girl with such a
caravan will begin to move, a carriage ride starts,
caravan will begin to move, the platform will be From separation started the path to himself. Fear defeated. Past eaten without residue, as this slice of watermelon. Life goes on. Perron is
... And even if
... again Volodina me
Last year's gloom ...
will be someone who you do not expect, and life will change ...
silence steps Meria,
You as the future will enter and stay

... And if you do not stay:
bless you, bless you, bless you
on all four sides
For love - it is all over... In forgiving farewell. As delineated by something very sharp circle of loneliness:
O solitude! As your character is cool,
posverkivaya compass iron,
How cold you full circle,
not heeding assurances useless.
... I know wisdom and sadness ... And
then, out of tears, in the darkness,
of the poor ignorance of the past
friends of my beautiful features
appear and dissolve again.
the solution ... because there is always the risk of losing, if something is stored, berezhesh, appreciate .
with nothing, nobody owns, so just live ... you see, it is easy. But why?
If you do not have a dog,
Its not poison the neighbor.
And another will not be a fight,
If you have a friend there.
If you do not have aunts
It you do not lose.
and if you do not live,
That you and not die.
live or not live? Like or dislike? To believe or not to believe? Lose or not lose? To leave or not to leave
these issues in the border situation novogodya ... really all about one thing: how to start a new life, and what is it? Maybe she's in the past forgiveness? The bliss of forgiveness?
friend you are my only, which is my favorite?
Tell me, where have disappeared, you know where it is?
friend replied, dedicated, sincere friend replied,
was your favorite, you had favorite
was your favorite, and became my wife.
In gratitude for being there?
Thank you heart and hand,
for what you have, without knowing it themselves,
So enjoy ...
And for something that is not
Because you -. alas! - sick is not me,
Because I - alas! -. Not you sick
in understanding, without which it is impossible to live? In osatanennosti from lzhezhizni from surrounding undead?
Oh, how many harmful and unwanted connections,
Druzhbe unnecessary.
in me already osatanennost.
Oh, somebody, come, violating
Strangers hearts
connectedness and disconnection family shower
Drama mismatches, which is written the text evtushenkovsky, -. it is a tragedy of cowardice. Be yourself and live your life just turns out to be very difficult. And the existence of thumb, by inertia - as a lifeline in the swamp. He pulls on the bottom ... only slowly. Discreetly ... So, how is life in which no explosions, crashes, breakdowns ... ups! And these, when for a moment or forever -. Matter
not Leave Your Lovers
not Leave Your Lovers
not Leave Your Lovers
whole blood to germinate in them, -!!!
And every just say goodbye forever!
And every time forever goodbye!
And every time forever goodbye!
when they leave for a moment!
I never understood until the end of these words Kochetkova. As to why in a New Year lyrical comedy must be so tragic-sounding poem. On the death, the love, the pain of loss. On the worst crash someone's desperate love ...
simple answer: Ryazanov wanted to get sad, podbavit subtle lyricism in a fun and witty drinking. It's not that.
He wanted to touch, stir. Hurt! ... really hurt. And to give a reason to really think about how little and how much it is necessary to overcome resignation to the impossibility of happiness, and with it - and soporific calm
little -. Forget to bring a portfolio with a broom
LOT -. To believe that you are loved. Are waiting. Looking. Found already…

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