"Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

It would seem that it is possible to say about this film such that no one would have never said and that it would be interesting to someone else, other than the author? I do not know. That honestly say - I do not know. But accumulated over the years in the soul tenderness to this film does not remain silent. I would like to confess to the most sincere love for "Irony ..." and say kind words Eldar Sanych
... Let's start with banalities ...
Every year December 31 Zhenya Lukashin, a surgeon and a good man goes with friends in the bath. The tradition they have such.
And every year on December 31 the whole of our vast country, in preparation for the New Year, turn on the TV on different channels in different time zones, once again looks the story ... a tradition in this country.
Ladies planed salads, men hurry to finish this year all the cases, someone hastily handing debts, someone runs into the store, remembering that in the refrigerator no champagne, someone drags home last, skimpy, with the battle reclaimed herringbone ... And almost all rare exception, if possible, and if e nce nearby TV, glance at the screen, at which point the trio in the sheets earnestly pulls about how "Under the wing of the plane about something sings green sea taiga ..." or watch how a good teacher Nadia pouring from the kettle sleeping on her couch drunk man ...
Why does this happen year after year, day to day? Every time a country falling into the festive euphoria, over and over again watching your favorite shots, he repeats the actors favorite phrases, singing along to your favorite songs ... Why is this happening? What is such a powerful magic of this film?
What's so special?
handsome actor? Well I would not say ... Barbara Brylska certainly very nice, charming and pretty, but still agree that it is - not a standard of beauty. Andrew tender - not too far from the macho women's dreams ...
Some sort of super-duper powerful story? Also no. Of course the plot of the original, do not say anything, but it is not one of those that shake the viewer's imagination with scope and grandeur ...
On some powerful special effects do not have to say, after so many years and no longer needed ...
But something the film touches the soul ... and heart ... and scratch tickles my eyes teardrops ...
Maybe this?
«Nobody is in the house ... in the twilight one,
yellow day in the through opening curtains undrawn,
undrawn curtains ... »

and you hear a soft male voice singing these words and unhurried guitar overkill Article un ... And you see how the snowflakes swirling outside the window ...
Or maybe this?
«On Tikhoretskaya composition go,
Caravan will begin to move, the platform will remain.
brick walls, the station clock,
white handkerchiefs, scarves white handkerchiefs white handkerchiefs
white, white handkerchiefs, his eyes sad ... »

text - zashib! But here you sit at the table, you cut (in the rhythm of the runaway wagons) sausage thin festive circles, smiling and humming, repeating after the actress, these numerous "handkerchiefs" ... And it is not even looking at the screen, you see a little fidget - Akhedzhakova in stunned Shubenko and unthinkable cap and surezno Talyzina - with a lilac handkerchief around his neck, with a glass of champagne in hand ...
Maybe this
«I love that you are sick is not me,
I like that I'm sick? not you,
What never heavy earth
ball not float away under our feet ... »

Same nschina, sadly smiling, singing amazing Tsvetaeva line ... A man with wide eyes looking at her, still not understanding the mind, but already feeling the heart, in front of him parted the whole world ... and foreboding inexplicable careless already in the air and fills the soul with hope ...
Or is it?
«On my street that year
There have steps, my friends go ...
friends my slow withdrawal
that darkness outside the windows is acceptable ...»

And is not noticing, as it happens, you will again remember their friends. Those who have gone from you too soon, so absurd, so senseless ... and rolls sadness because you will never let them see, and never will be those careless kitchen gatherings, and those evenings when a little room to collect a large company, and They took their seats all who are in the chair, who is on a carpet, one on the windowsill, and lit candles and sung their favorite songs by sostroennye together two guitars ... This will never be, because it went two of ours have gone entirely, leaving us to wonder and blaming fate of cruelty and nespraved ivosti ...
«I asked Ash: - Where is my favorite
Ash did not answer me, shaking his head ...
I asked poplar: - Where is my favorite
Poplar threw me in the autumn?
foliage ... I asked the autumn: Where is my favorite
autumn I said torrential rain ... »

and lonely woman walking on snow-covered night town and meet her stride dim lights, and escorted her? eye bridge and cathedral ... and vyuzhit wind ... and shivering flocks of pigeons circling over his head, flaps its wings ... and a lone ship, staring naked mast in the sky, standing on the moors, Named first snow ... And tears in his eyes ...
«I want the mirror, where turbidity and sleep Tumanyan,
I elicit - where you the way and where I see shelter
: mast of the ship, and you -. deck ...
you - in the smoke of the train ... The fields in the evening the complaint ...
evening fields in dew on them - the crows ...
bless you in all four directions "
is it possible to choose the exact words to the miracle that is happening on the screen? Is there at least one normal person capable of calmly and cynically to talk about the lack of semantic load film and compositional shortcomings, when he sees this miracle?
Although it was me? There is not one! And kicks directed not just once or twice for this film. Critics carries it to smithereens. Generation of critics had replaced several times. Grown young, even more so brazen cheek. They need to declare itself in all throat. So they are swinging hurl good name Ryazanov, ohaivaya even the best of his films. And ordinary people are watching a movie and smiling, and experience, and laugh, and cry together with loved Zhenya and Nadya. Yes, and do not care about these critics with a high bell tower! The country is like love "Irony of Fate ..." and will love
And more: I really do not understand those people who are discussing the film, saying: "Well, even the first series can be viewed. Not bad. Cool. And the second part - tyagomotina ". Here I want to approach the person to look into the eyes, knocking him on the forehead (lightly so as not hurting) and say, "Hippolyte, well, what you stupid !!!»
Well, how can they be separated from each other, these two series ? Well, because that's the beauty of the film: that beginning as just a fun silly comedy "Irony ..." turns into a relationship story of two people, the two solitudes, two halves, the story is touching, sad, somewhat melancholy-wrenching and leaves I hope ...
this Ryazanov talent - to be able to see the fun in a sad and sad ridiculous. So play on thin chord of the human soul that I want to laugh and cry at the same time
you just remember this:.
correctly and beautifully squeaky on the teeth, elegant, like a piano, in the shoes with thin soles, Hippolytus G. over hards who at first just genuinely fun that jealousy disturbs, and at first you just amused at his angry frazochkami "Na-na-na-na-Nadia ...", that's the most Hippolyte suddenly, in an instant change. And changing the attitude towards him.
Quite unexpectedly for the audience, he suddenly stands drunk, in an overcoat, in the shower, weave something unintelligible «Rub my back, pozhalysta ...» And you already look at him different eyes. And you see the unfortunate man who loves her ... Well, so, in his own way, but he likes. And it is with the other. Celebrate the New Year. And the other has shaved his razor, eating salads, hugging his woman for him. And in general, where that other brought their misfortune with Nadia ??? Hippolyte hurt by this. But he changed nothing can. These two have found each other. And he - just yesterday a close and necessary today -. Has only odd man
Hippolyte ceases to be a comic character. His character - a dramatic and profound. And the audience just now understands it, and sympathetic, and just like a human regrets. Hippolyte words to his wife and hope - is bitter, but they - His reality, sad, but that's him, Ippolitova, drama, Him and His only true
And it is so shrill, so sincerely, that lump in my throat
.. who then will be able to convince me that Ryazanov - director mediocre? Nobody. For it is not so. Ryazanov - a brilliant director! Thin, deep, strong, interesting ... And add here another hundred excellent epithets, and everything will be enough.
Sorry for the rather chaotic it. I wanted to share my thoughts about many things. Like the best, but it turned out ... Well, so how come
I just love this movie, and I will love you forever, as one of the most expensive and native things for me:. As a mom associated fluffy scarf as photos and grandparents, as their first in life plush rabbit ... It's in the shower. And it's for life ...
you remember it?
«Do not part with your beloved,
whole blood to germinate in them,
And every time forever goodbye,
And every time forever goodbye,
And every time forever goodbye, goodbye
When a moment ... »

P. S. What we happy country, because we have here such has its own destiny. And such "Irony ...»
And a light steam you people! And a Happy New Year!
Do not part with your favorite movies! Do not betray them.
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