"Ip Man" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

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Kung Fu originated in the Chinese culture in the year 520 BC. e., when the Indian monk Bodhidharma settled in the Shaolin monastery. Local monks seemed to him physically weak and unable to withstand the ascetic life Buddhists. Then he invited the monks set of physical exercises to enhance the health and stamina of the monks. The exercises proved to be very effective, and the monks began to regularly done by the, bringing their skills to perfection. Gradually, on the basis of physical exercise, self-defense system has been developed. (Wikipedia).
I have always been fascinated by Eastern culture. It is interesting, versatile and quite different from Western. I never was fond of this kind of movie, so I decided that it is necessary to look.
In the literal translation from Chinese, "Kung" gives a sense of "power", "power" and "achievements" and "results" activities, works, "Fu" gives the value of people (Wikipedia). Thus, a person who has the skills of Kung Fu, has the power and strength that we see in the film. But as a man will use these teachings, and what it may lead, it depends only on himself.
Arts Master Yip Man, secured and at the same time a simple man, but he respects the city, all of it, and strive to be equal similar. He has not only physical, but also the inner, spiritual force. He is kind and honest. Just shows the quiet life at home. A quiet little town, family, friends and relatives. Sometimes he arranges sparring as a friend for fun. He is an honorable man, a man of honor.
But war changes a lot. I even colors. Saturated colors give way to the grim gray. Hunger, unemployment, death and destruction. For Yip martial arts for some time go by the wayside, and comes to the fore family, and trying to feed themselves in such difficult times of occupation. Therefore, an unexpected offer to fight for food is becoming very attractive for many. But on the horizon there is an old enemy who craves revenge for their humiliation in peacetime.
Although the action takes place in one particular city and further does not apply, I admired the colorful scenery and the atmosphere, first in peace, and then the inherent wartime . Though battles and do not occur in the fields of fighting (as far as I, man does not know much, I can tell) fights scenes are made and delivered perfectly.
plot, philosophy, the dialogues are simple and commonplace, there is some subtle directorial navorochek and scenario moves, but it does not in any way spoil the film. On the contrary, I followed the narrative with great interest. Again, as the films of this genre of martial arts I had not watched (Jackie Chan does not believe), for me it was unpredictable and chaotic causing interest in everything going on. If in Western movies I know everything in front, and I can foresee a lot of moves in advance, then each time wondering what would happen next. What will happen if our hero will win the main villain, how it will affect his family and friends. Not knowing the historical background, no idea what can and can not end the story of a strong man who is fluent in Kung Fu.
film is pleasant, a bit touching and dramatic, beautiful actors, the picture is forced to please the eye. Do you like or do not like these movies, it is worth a look, and maybe he will forever remain in the collection of your favorite movies.

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