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I generally do not particularly liking Chinese cinema before the looked Ip Man, a more or less worthy can be called 'Rumble in the Bronx' only, and even then - she (dismantling) is the product of a joint collaboration with the West. All Chinese films, which become available to the general public - and it's not like movies at all, it is an attraction stuntman, transferred to the reel. The local film industry movers and shakers do not particularly care about the moments that make the film art, and not just alternating frames. But a high ranking kinopoisk suggested the idea - what if? And I liked the movie as a whole, although the 'stocks' pile.
What is lacking absolutely all Chinese films and 'Ip Man' in particular? No acting absolyutnooo! Not one, not a hint ... You know, when figure skating under the old system changes (6: 0, 5: 8) Asians best jump, but the high places never occupied - the explanation was very simple - the second estimate for artistry has always been low - this is a feature of mentality, the natural restraint, I do not know how they play, though you burst ...
But any, even the masterpiece film has both disadvantages and advantages. The question of the quality of the film - in the victory of one over the other (which is important with any account). The 'Ip Man' in my subjective opinion the pros in a difficult battle still won deficiencies in the high jump by clicking their heels on the nose
Pros:. Well, of course the fight, very cool! In memory immediately surfaced childhood films - 'Mortal Kombat', 'Bloodsport', 'Kickboxer'. In general, the film is full of fights and diverse, especially 'clear' Fight of Yip Man against 10 Japanese. Jackie Chan routine fashion present Intermedia fights and Yumorok (slow punch in the nose, or after the gunman broke into a house vase: 'I zaplachu'- heh heh). Although I think they (the Chinese), remove the serious film on a serious subject, without grimaces and giggles, but with fights.
Still very much liked the ending, I will not retell, who can not yet see. But mostly pleased that it has not been copied from the American brothers of type 'Kickboxer' (initially 'good' losing, losing, but then suddenly gets up and one wicket ukatyvayut 'bad' - this will not happen). The ending is generally removed in osobomu- there is delayed frames, overlay frames on top of each other (person Yip Man on the background of the crowd bushueschey), crowd participation, lyrical music inserted. In general, the patient is more alive than dead!
Here are some reason it is not necessary sir, leave, if at the end of playing sad music, it does not mean to ideological underpinnings by award that the film has a profound meaning. Shrek won, too, sometimes frowns and complains Theon (probably here the director wanted to say ...) 'Ip Man' - a film-fun, colorful and vibrant, not the Sorcerer opus. By the way, if we talk about the Ip Man (well, if you really straight seriously, although this should not do it) - that for me personally it is not a hero, and in general a man pulls (started working when the rooster pecked - 40 years before thinking about the meaning of life, the money of their own refuse, when the wife dies of hunger (the pride of mortal sin according to the Bible, even though I am a Muslim, but I know), the boy in front of the residents did not live as he to it ran for confirmation of the veracity of his words (in a result, he drove for balabolov and went to the bandits).
overall a decent film, I understood . 9 avilsya me very difficult to obtain, but residents Fuashona joint efforts namahali on:
7 of 10

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