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If you like Hong Kong / Chinese movies, and your friends that love is not shared, then it's time to tell them to the movie 'Ip Man'. On the one hand, this is such old-school, where there is nothing that would not have been, say, a kung fu netlenku Shaw Brothers studio. The same evil Japanese noble hero - a master, not looking for fights, but if something happens to stand ready "for the faith, for the king ... ', sorry, for justice and brothers-Chinese; selfish and prideful negative character, which is bound to be humiliated and morally crushed; ambiguous hero, like helping the invaders, but then getting up on the path of correction ... It has been more than once or even ten.
But! All these seemingly dies are made in such a level of quality that other to such a high bar never jump. It is felt that the creators have reviewed all of the classic Hong Kong cinema and took out all the best, recreating an unforgettable national color with the help of modern filmmaking technology. Therefore, a feeling that you watch something old-good, but in a modern bright and stylish.
On the other hand, the film is clear to everyone, regardless of nationality and preferences in movies. Human values ​​- friendship, patriotism, honesty, self-sacrifice -. It was and will be relevant at all times
Donnie Yen seems to have been born for the role of Yip Man. Before I saw the film, it is considered a good kinoboytsom Donnie, nothing more. But only for one scene where his character is to fight ten Japanese and the viewer sees on his face at the same time the bitterness, rage and determination, you want to get up and a standing ovation, and at the same time to give someone Jena Oscars bag.
Other characters also emerged that necessary. Despite their archetypal, actors breathed into seemingly formulaic way of life, put the soul, if you will. Sometimes there is a feeling that they do not play at all, and just live on the screen.
little caricatured came only Japanese general-karateka, so ugly grimace behind him Colonel. The latter is particularly shocking, the creators clearly wanted to create the most repulsive way. But this is probably just the echoes of '70s,' Fist of Fury ', but hundreds of other films about the bad Japanese. A whiff of propaganda is still felt, but it is virtually invisible. The Japanese invaders were so brave and noble image of the Chinese people, opposing the aggressors should cause the latter pride for their country and people. And it is really good at, because even I, a Russian, in the course of the film the feeling of deep respect for these people. Here's how to remove a patriotic movie! Learn fellow Russian directors.
Fighting. Oh, yes, I fight. Films of this genre, many watching it because of them. Well, after Yip Man's entire collection of old melee fighters want to throw in the trash. Fights in the movie, set the notorious Sammo Hung, delicious so that every frame - even printed out and framed on the wall. Filigree setting. Donnie Yen is not just fast, it is hell, supersonic! Plus the installation of a competent, excellent music. Dynamics and dramatic places simply mouthwatering. Do not spoil, and even reinforce the impression of a few 'rope' tricks. Generally, it is useless to say - look, look and revise
Separately music.. Miracle as well! much talent of the director is to emphasize the drama of the individual moments, make them more shrill, and so careful application of music is very important. Here with this perfect order. A time when we are shown how to end the peaceful life of the town of Foshan and the war begins, truly magnificent.
To summarize, the movie "Ip Man" is recommended for all without exception.
10 of 10

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