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Ip Man - Chinese soap. If it had not been the story a little all-weave based on the life of the real Ip Man (aka E Wen, Inglish vain blamed for the fact that Manchester aka Liverpool), if not the charisma of Donnie Yen, then sorry, Mona would reconsider the type of Fearless with jet Li, and no one-no one would have said that between the name is any difference. Huo Yuandzya liveth, former Chinese boy who Ljubivoje fight, but then suddenly bang character flaws! - and he does not sport. Ip Man: alive and former Chinese boy who Ljubivoje fight, but then came the Japanese, too, and all his sports. The real Ip Man just drapanul of them being civil servants on actual fact and fear to obtain from them for this Pendeli, and not show them kung fushny class from an excess of hurt feelings. And the Japanese, too, did not chase after him, shouting, "Seth! Seth, take me as a disciple! »
Another really cute in this soap that Yip Man was an evil wife. Along the way, it was her money, which her husband all day sitting at home, exercising muscle in unrequited wooden chumps and sipping tea during the breaks. Therefore, it is an exemplary nagged her husband because he was cut from time to time in their garden with Druganov in the "fish" ... oh, no, no, no, mahjong ... oh, no, no, no, in the kung-fu! And yet, what a difference his wife -. To "fish" or kung fu
And so everyone knew that Yip Man henpecked. And in his home periodically swamped foreign delegations and individuals to slander his hurtful words. And if the day before Yip Man and his wife have not had a row, he did face the ax and his wife to hang some noodles that, say, like, I Wait byrenko beat them and they will leave. Knew, experienced practitioner, which is still the Khan family harmony for the mere fact of the arrival of unauthorized persons and delegations, so what could be there, will be cut in kung fu.
And if on the eve of Yip Man and his wife quarreled, he silently endured every shame and reproach. Then the delegation and bystanders began to tease his wife Yip Man. And she ordered her husband zverela and thrash them .. .., even allowing for the rate of natural loss of fragile and prone bityu interior. And so, Ip Man, in both cases received chevo him and had to - cut in kung fu. And the hidden aggression of the only superficially happy family life to vent them on foreign persons and delegations. We really wonder how this person and the delegation did not understand such a simple thing as a policy of family relationships and the consequences arising therefrom, and continued to hang Yip for bruises.
Well, going back to the Japanese ... somehow they had stopped in Foshan and vosche in China as one big delegation Pts. unauthorized persons. And there's the wife of Ip Man and did not make a sound. Vosche something she was pretty, so she pikat was dangerous under the Japanese. Do not care what the real Ip Man drapanul from Foshan without his wife and family, leaving them to their Japanese - must, real wife Yip Man was not so beautiful as the Hong Kong movie star, and vosche Chinese actually wives with them not drag in the travel, it is the writers at west zakos. Well, because the cine Yip Man was not the police, but only lounging intellectual on his wife's money, he was like disappeared at some backyards and lived in luxury, and when they were over, he went to work - coal shipping (stale from Cinderella man, say! ). Of course, the genre and the law on dangerous corners of streets Foshan, glorious its coal, it still faced with the fate and fought with the Japanese - with a whole platoon. True, yapontsoff turned epileptic commander who is fond of Yip Man, and gave him food rations. Without delving briefly say that cine Ip Man ate only boiled potatoes, and from allowances proudly refused - and the value of such tricks we all know. In short, if it were not epileptic Japanese commanders kin would not be. On 15 minutes, all the Chinese people have done some shooting in the head with their kung fu, and all the cases. As it was the case in the samom-. Oh well, in a movie Ip Man showed the wonders of kung fu in the battle against the Japanese commander, and thus revolutionized the minds of the local population, which has ceased (type) die like flies against the Japanese in a single Foshan city and in turn inspired the whole of China to fight against the invaders! Ah yes, Yip Man. Rather, ah yes writers, samiznaetechi children.
Muzykantikam thank you for the music. Old tune ... in some cine I had already heard about ... Wong Feyhuna, whether that ... But is better and with comic variations.
and Donnie Yen thanks. As always, we dearly love him for what he is not on the ropes. That is, sometimes they all weave, but in moderation.
8 out of 10

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