"Invisible Children" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

All adults were once children. But few of them remember it. (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)
Children - our all. Our future, our hope, our life. And the remnants of a dream.
'All the Invisible Children'.
Seven directors assembled in non-random location in a non-random and non-random time objectives. Seven of them, nothing more and nothing less. They are known throughout the world and at the same time working for the benefit of the elite culture. They are here and now, to tell you about something that you may not have seen and will never see. But it is also quite likely that these stories will seem a mere trifle.
at a time to see seven different movies you can thanks to the above-mentioned persons, as well as by UNICEF and the UN program. Does it have any meaning? Unequivocally to answer this question is impossible.
Sharef Mehdi and his 'Tanzim' do not carry a special morality, but captured the picturesque scenes and simple but profound dialogue. African children on the brink of war. Who are they, terrorists or fighters? The decision passed on to the audience, and meanwhile, the director plays with images and makes it clear that, whoever they were, they are still children.
Emir Kusturica did not disappoint her 'gypsy'. Non-mutated architectural style sets the mood music and exciting inability to unstick my eyes from the screen. Children and family shows no passive-absurd, but very lively and emotional, with a characteristic directorial a hitch. Elitist European cinema in the face.
Spike Lee, unbanal disclosed in its "America's God's children 'subject suffering of children because of adult stupidity. However, the children in this part of the film are not shown as being immaculate. Whether the audience is an opportunity to reflect on the fact that people tend to defects not only in the adequate age, but also in the unconscious. The most clear example, which used the Lee - the cruelty of adolescents in relation to the one who is different from others. At this time in the role of pear made girl suffering from stupidity and narrow-mindedness of parents and excesses classmates, although she herself, as has been said above, not focusing on himself the ideals of human morality.
Katia Lund attracted attention in the first place Of course, gender, and the lack of widely known works. Using the time available in the film, it depicts in the 'Bilu and Joao' Sao Paulo (Brazil) on the contrast: here is miserable the shed, which barely reach the rank of houses, and against the backdrop of flashing skyscrapers filled with mods, the rich and hit the ceiling office workers . Brother and sister Bilu and Joao embody the image of the Brazilian poor, collecting cardboard, copper and bottles. Natural Selection depicting scenes in the market - who has a utility that and survive. However, because of the children's insolvency little heroes still can not quite protect their belongings.
Ridley Scott and Jordan were on the list with a 'Jonathan' is not accidental, and, therefore, they stood out with his creation, too, not by someone's mistake . Their piece of the film was "not quite in the topic." Jonathan - he was quite a guy, middle-aged adult, but still living my childhood, memories of him. They will not leave him alone until the end of his miserable existence, because there is hope on the contrary is given. Purely British of the film knocks pantalyku but tightens its stylized and clean skottovskoy feature, which gives as a part of the picture, as well as her own special style.
Stefano Veneruso tells in the story called 'Shiro' about a boy who has to fight for life, but the fight is not only to survive but to remain a child. Not the most thoughtful, but quite a complementary part of the film.
Well, and, finally, to our eyes the final work "Song Song and Kitten 'John Woo. The most picturesque and happened to be the last story of the director, from which this picture is probably no one expected. Again, the contrast: a girl who lives in a family of rich and respectable people - a girl-foundling; a girl who is not even pretty expensive porcelain doll - the girl who cared for a single doll with a broken hand and tangled hair. But the essence of the story is not at all zazhratosti rich. This story is most touching and naked, undisguised 'happy ending'. It gives hope for enlightenment, that the world will be happier than now. And we believe.
All parts of the film in their own good. Some really touched and memorable, some were only additional layer for the history of the series, but none of them disappointed. The painting draws its integrity, originality and humanity.
Otherwise, try to remove the better.
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