"Invisible Children" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

One of my friend the writer argues that children and adults - are two different civilizations, so we will never understand each other. Maybe this is true, otherwise how do you explain that children are terrible things happen, and we adults remain indifferent to it. Well, not all.
project 'Invisible Children' united completely different, but certainly talented directors, to remind us of what we were angels, and make people think about what we get here.
Each seven short stories - a reminder:
'Tanzim' - a wonderful short film. Bright colors of Africa, jungle sounds, children running with guns blazing. 'Tanzi, why do you never remove their shoes?' - asks one of the children. 'Why?' - surprised Tanzi. Really, why? After all, at any time you need to get up and run away, for you will chase, shoot you. No one cares that you're a kid, you want to play, learn, do sekretiki to you instead of the gun in his hand was a slingshot
'blue-eyed tsyganonok' - a short story about what life is always funny and sad together:. Wedding and funerals at the beginning of the film - a symbol of a lifetime, as well, probably, as a prison and freestyle gypsy life. That's just so much whether it is free if it wants from the back to the 'cozy' prison, where there is someone to protect you
Kusturica -. A great director. Each image is organically inscribed in the artistic fabric of the work: and turkey, and a gypsy camp and a cigarette in the hands of five boys, and the director of singing, uttering at the beginning of the film a remarkable phrase: 'He's recently, I have not yet learned to lie. " And touching small for his age boy with his great tragedy, and the world does not leave him a chance. In my opinion, this is the best story in the whole anthology and its artistic form and content of the tragedy
'God's children of America' -. Very melodramatic story. Author pumps terrible atmosphere: the parents - drug addicts, AIDS patients, living in constant fear of violent children at school, beaten Blanca, roughly laughing at her, mother of one of the girls gang up on the child's accusations ... Too many things I want to say: enough. But, most likely, Spike Lee to it and sought. Judging from his other movies, is a creative writing author inclined to publicistic. Save all those teenagers who come in a group of patients with AIDS, so as not to be alone. They are so light that scatters the darkness of several
'Bilu and João' - one of the most light novels, despite the fact that the author Katia Lund always strives to emphasize. Sao Paulo - a city of contrasts, majestic skyscrapers on a background of slums . Bilu and João - children from poor areas who are forced to make the collection of scrap. They are often treated unfairly, but they believe that is wanted and to work hard and earn it and sneakers, and fries, and even a hamburger. Cheerful, charming, resourceful children. I wish that they were all well
«Jonathan" - a very brutal story. Renowned photographer takes pictures in the world's trouble spots. He does not save anyone, no one helped, but only shot, shoot, shoot. And now those who did not help, come and do not give sleep at night, do not give to live in peace. And then he decides to hide in childhood. But, unfortunately, you can not hide forever ... and conscience will torment until his death
«Siro." - one of the most poetic, as it is strange, short stories. Boy, endowed with imagination and flair, deprived childhood. Shadow play on the wall - childhood, slaughtered it. Modernity - robbery, escape from his pursuers, the dog - hunting for the character haunted boy communication with a fence ... And then the children's carousel, flashing lights - the crying of a bygone childhood, which was not
«Song-Song and kitten." - completely uncharacteristic for John Woo's work. John Woo militants usually takes, and here pure melodrama. Beating on the nerves of everyone who watches it. Two girls: refined, like a porcelain figurine Song-Song from a wealthy but unhappy family, and a round dumpling Kitten, just radiating joy. What is at Song-Song? Only a huge collection of toys, of course, expensive and sophisticated, but they are not alive, they will not listen, will not understand, will not regret. A mother is not up to it. That is at the foundling Kitten? A grandfather who loves, has a doll, though broken, but still beautiful, there is joy and loss. And most importantly, there is a kindness: and dolls share, and give a flower just like that, even if for this will leave hungry! And that she rescues Song-Song and her mother.
When we watched the film, the whole room, including a fairly adults laughed and sobbed aloud. Here it is the power of art! "What's he to Hecuba? What's Hecuba to him? And he is crying. " Maybe the tears will make us open our eyes and see the children, and help them understand ...

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