"Invisible Children" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The problem of children in today's society - one of perhaps the most acute today. After all, children - the flowers of life, our future, our everything. They are defenseless in the face of pressing social problems and therefore it alone is simply helpless in this cruel world. This picture tells us 7 stories devoted to heavy children's fate. Her characters live in different countries, belonging to different social strata. They are united by only one thing - none of these children can not be called happy. Life has chosen for them difficult fate.
After watching this movie for a long time has been impressed by what he saw. Each short film is any emotion, whether sadness, sympathy and hope. One thing is certain - does not leave indifferent neither. 7 short films and talented directors of our time. 7 mosaic elements established by the end of the movie in one big picture. However, in order:
'Tanzim' (Mehdi Sharef)
story about the fate of the African boys who are forced to fight. They are fighting for their freedom and independence. They have no choice - they have to kill, are accustomed to it from birth. Little men with adult problems. These children simply can not live differently, but they want to. Certainly also want to live like other kids - happily enjoy life, to make friends, to love and be loved, to go to school, and just - simply have fun. After all, each of them in the shower - a small child who found himself in the whirlpool of adult problems
'Gypsy Kid' (Emir Kusturica)
history, telling the fate of the little gypsy kid, caught for theft in the colony.. After serving his sentence the kid Jackson is once again on the loose, that he himself is not happy. The boy realizes that his will is waiting for is the same as it was before the colony - the theft or, failing that, a bottle broken over his head drunken dad. You say there is no choice? Jackson shows us - the choice is always
'God's children of America' (Spike Lee)
most powerful and penetrating film episode.. History dysfunctional American family. Parents - HIV drug addicts, respectively daughter - infected from birth. The share of girls falls most suffering - in addition to problems with the well-being she suffers constant ridicule from classmates. No, it did not escape, but rather try to 'prick' as painfully as possible. This fate is not even the slightest ray of light - hope dies slowly ...
'Bilu and Joao' (Katie Lund)
story of two homeless children from poor Brazilian quarter. In them, we, on the contrary, we see some rays of hope - they are so vehemently trying to earn money for a living, that willy-nilly, there is a feeling that they will succeed. That these children are sure to turn out. Yes, even today they solve serious adult problems, but their souls still lives childlike - they enjoy each malomalskoy luck, dream about the future, and therefore live
'Jonathan' (Ridley and Jordan Scott)
history of. children - orphans, born and raised in a combat zone, told on behalf of the military photographer. We see flour protagonist, evoking memories seen them. He wants to run away from these memories, he wants to forget. In his heart, he - a real child who wants to hide from the cruel world around him
'Shiro' (Stefano Veneruso)
Another story of a dysfunctional family.. This time the action takes place in Italy. Realizing that the parents it is absolutely not necessary, Siro forced himself to make money. One method - steal. He steals an expensive watch directly from the hands of a wealthy citizen and gives them to the pawnbroker. However, the money spent on Siro attractions and entertainment. Boy-thief forced to solve children's problems is not in my heart is still a child who needs toys and parental warmth.
«Song Song and Kitten" (John Woo)
history, having got me most of all. A sort of interpretation of the 'Prince and the Pauper', only the main characters here are two Chinese girls. One has it all - great house, the sea of ​​toys and parents, but she was deeply lonely. She seemed locked in a cage, out of which there is no possibility. The other - an orphan, which picked up on the street a poor man. They have neither the luxury nor the toys, but there is the main thing - love. The old man loved a girl with all my heart and tries to do everything for her. Combines two girls doll, which threw one, and the second picked up. At the end of history is simply impossible to hold back the tears
'invisible children' -. It is not seven different stories, no. This is one big story about the difficult fate of the children in different parts of the world. Let some of them live in America, the other in Europe, and others - in Asia. They are united by one thing - because of the circumstances they have to stand alone against the world, they have no other choice. These children - the future. Our future.
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