"Invisible Children" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

All adults were once children. Many of them have already forgotten it. Antoine de Saint-Exupery ...
Recently, I very much liked the movie almanacs. After watching a number of Italian masterpieces, I turned my attention to this film. Before watching, I do not doubt the quality of the film: that this film is strong enough said list of directors, and of course the rating kinopoisk
I had no idea before viewing what this movie.. In principle, it is not difficult to guess by looking at the cover, which shows the sad faces of kids, but guessing is not always effective. But after watching my mind embraced the chill, which still does not even think to go there. And it's not the end, and not in the last part on so strong and brilliant film opened in front of me ... He made me a lot of impressions, which I want to share with you ...
Tanzi. Adult Child. The first story is presented to the audience, it was the story of a child age 11-12, living in non-conducive environment of the black continent. He, like many heroes of the film, faced with the dark side of life since childhood. By age he did the kid, for the same mean, but look what his character. . As an adult male, who seemed to be all his life experienced and survived
entered not late at night in the school to blow it up, he meets all the things that he lacked: small pieces of childhood ... and to remain where familiar to every child, but not familiar to him to stay where some kids do not like to be. In the end, he does not dare to blow this place, going to bomb his black head. And what happened to the boy ... Nobody knows ...
Gypsy Kid will always be a thief a thief, as if he did not want to change their lives. This brilliant film by the great director of our time - Emir Kusturica, for me personally is the favorite here. . Amazingly, Kusturichny film, filled with characters, a wonderful sense of humor and subtle
This film, like many films Kusturica has a large number of characters: this is the beginning of the film, which before the colony for juvenile thieves found a wedding and a funeral and groom accidentally falls on the coffin, and it is the moment when a black cat crosses the street Roma, and so on. I want to see - it is the only film that puts a smile on your face. That's the whole Kusturica.
I would like to note that the actor playing gypsy far from Roma nationality. It causes a feeling of compassion for him. At the same time he does it is not the right thing: stealing, lying, fighting. But he is still a child who has no luck with those who it educates ... After leaving prison, he immediately comes back, thereby Kusturica shows us the essence of thieves, and what kind of life awaits him.
image of a Roma family built a brilliant. As all the same it was great to be given. Peerless thieves, teaching the craft to each other since childhood, two-faced people, greedy. All this is true ... I can not write about a time at the end of this mini-film, when gypsy stole the wallet out of the car, and the owner of the car ran over him, firing a Colt, the family ran to the other side, thus leaving his' son 'adrift ...
Blessed children of America. True America. This film tells us about a girl with AIDS, not on their own.
At first I thought it was something like the movie 'Kids' on the young American drug addicts and perverts (that was the image of the main character) but later we see the girl not the executioner, which itself destroys their own hands their fate and sacrifice, the fate of which was destroyed by the hands of their own parents.
Girl appears to us good, but unhappy. She loves her parents and they are very fond of it, but do not love each other .. Their love - it's drugs. Pure Heart girl with AIDS, dreaming of a dark-skinned prince, compared the hearts of its seats ruthless and heartless friends who hung on her stamp crippled ...
very hard and interesting social history will not leave anyone indifferent.
Joao Belo and The history of 'small' favell. Here we have the story of a brother and sister, are on a par with adults perform hard work to survive ...
impression that this life children can comprehend only in time of war .. But no. Director of the film - Katie Lund gives us to understand that this is not a time of war. Showing skyscrapers on a background favell we understand that this is a peaceful period of his life. Just people living in it are very poor and they can only survive holding side by side with each other only through their own ingenuity and resourcefulness.
Jonathan The Aftermath. Here before us the story of one man 30-35 years old who has seen, war looking through the eyepiece of the camera .. a brilliant surrealistic film from Ridley Scott
man came from the war. All he could think about it. He still hears her breath and winces from its sounds. Directed by comparing it with the child. He's like a kid with my friends went for a walk and goes through the trials of life: fog, war, love
Magnificent phantasmagoria of ageless Ridley Scott.. An integral part of this film.
Siro What do I do with these children? Beautiful film. Here we Naples. The most criminal city in Italy. In Naples, the criminals are from childhood. Starting with the fact that the stolen watch rich people.
Siro, a boy who has not seen since childhood love and affection. His mother never loved him, his father net.V his heart only anger and resentment. He has not a drop of love for people. Animal instincts inherent to this poor boy. Although there is. Remember the time when the boy runs away from the dog ... Hurry up, he knocked passers, and the dog ran after him, obbegat passers-by side. These subtle and sometimes imperceptible fragments lies hidden meaning.
And no one knows what to do with these children. Kill? No. Plant and prison? It will only get worse. Some questions and no answers.
Song Song and Little Cat The last movie. History rich girl who has everything and the poor, who have nothing
Both girls, in their own way are not happy:. In a rift in the family, are detrimental to it, the other nothing, no friends, no chance she prescribed a life of poverty. But overall they still have. They are clean and good children. Their heart is without impurities and dirt.
film, in the end of which there is a happy ending to give up hope. What? Each is different.
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